Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Image Transfer System In A Wide Area Network

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Image Transfer System In A Wide Area Network


Computer image is the acquisition, processing and display of using computers. The main purpose of this project is to design software of image transferring in a wide area network.

It studies visual basic as an object oriented language, which has found a wide application in networking both local and wide areas. This project has been specially written and presented in a concise manner to cover the necessary background information i.e. the system, its functional specification and the programming language adopted for implementing the image application.

A new computerized system is designed and implemented. This system is made to reduce the difficulties experienced in the old manual system. It is easier, timely, more reliable and efficient in work or image transfer.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Computer imaging can be applied in different ways like technical image processing, medical imaging, remote sensing graphic art, desktop publishing, document imaging, digital photography industrial inspection and video process and consumer application. The imaging technology, image processing modules is designed for image analysis and machine vision application such as industrial inspection and optical character recognition. The hope of thousand of application developers and commercial software suppliers is to be able to write and compile code once and run it or any of target hardware platform.

A lot of synergistic things have happened in the internet and enterprises in the past few, more than merely a series of software products and extents has shown how fast the Java technology has grown. The technology is a major computing environment now, “a river that has flood his bank” and is now crossing just about everywhere across industries and enterprise. Coupled with the power of networking, the visual platform is helping computer users to do many things that are unimaginable. For example user can securely access their personal information and application when they are far away from office by using any computer that is connected to be application from a mobile phone based on the visual platform.

The technology will soon be integrated into many aspects of life; incentive internet services will be available not only on personal computers but also on appliances through out the household and on the road. Think home banking, internet, shopping, international games, access to business system, away from bark even personnel ATM that let s one download funds into smart cards via the phone.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

Many business firms have not seen it as necessary to embark on internet services. There should be the pressing need to let business use the internet to secretly connect to their customer’s supplier and partners.

The problem of transferring images or video files to the web has been with us for almost asked loving as the web itself.

It is usually difficult to transfer images from one place to the other, most especially on digital form, this at time leads to improper identification of images or the images being brought to the user views because of this problem associated to image transfer some important facts that needed to be transferred are not properly decodes by the recipient.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

This project study is intended that the programming language (visual basic) which has to be developed should be used in wide area network. The result should be made to confirm the applicability of visual program in image transfer on wide area network.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

With the visual basic technology the internet and private network becomes a computing environment coupled with the power of networking the visual basic plat form on helping computer users to do things that computer imaging enables the user to benefit from the powers of the computer to process and display pictures and photograph. The scope of the study is to look into the basics of Visual Basic and the basics of applet writing with a view to using this language to incorporate images, which is an applet.

1.5 Limitations of the Study

This owing to the lack of time and resources, this study is limited to wide areas network, which is concerned with information transfer and processing on a form of image (i.e. transfer in the web).

1.6 Assumption of the Study

It was assumed that the users should be conversant with networking and especially internet, computer hardware and peripherals.

1.7 Definitions of Terms

1. WWW

World Wide Web

2. Visual

Is an interpreted language which is used for programming.

3. Multithread

The multithread application have several threads of execution running independently and simultaneously, this thread may communicate and corporate and appear to the user as a single program.

4. Class Viariable

They are variables that hold data that will be shared among all instance of a class.

5. Instance Variable

They are variable that holds data for instance of a class.

6. Image Manager

This is a flame grabber and modules of information processing.

7. Image Technology

This is a method of communication on human serialization.

8. Computer Imaging

This is the acquisition processing and display of picture using computer. Here information is concerted into a form reasonable by computer and as image representation is turned into digital image.

9. Digital Image

This is a digital representation of a continuous value or analogue image.

10. Pixel

This simply means picture element. it is a two dimensional element.

11. Image Transfer

This is the process of transferring an image from one digital form to another.

12. Image Rystation

This is of interest on image application such as image registration and correction for saner mistakes.

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A fundamental fact of life as we are in the 21st century is that software is pervasive. it influences on lives in evermore complexity of software, object oriented programming was invented with this programmer finds it easy to comprehend manage large more complex programs looking into visual basic which is the context of this project in a very large language that covers a lot of aspects and interesting feature like its language structure which includes classes, methods and variables who’s sits users helps business connect easily to existing computer system. With the visual basic technology the internet and private networks become a computing environment and couple with the power of network the visual basic platform in helping computer user to do a lot of things.

Today the visual basic platform is widely available it is built to ten of million of popular web browsers and can run application on very modern hardware architecture. This ends if visual basic business application and small web-based programs (“applets”) are also available right now. many large enterprises are using visual basic technology and network today is integrate their existing computer system to extend their business to customers, partners and vendors on the network. The near future promises evermore; internet screephone that user the visual basic technology will be available on stores. Soon the visual basic platform is expected to begging appearing in bedroom and living room on high end to set top boxers built by TCI the world’s largest telecommunication company.


This project may not be perfectly without recommendations. I hereby recommend paralleled change over. This is the newly developed system will be used concurrently; this is to help the management appreciate the new system and gradually adapt to changes.

I also recommend that more scholars’ probe into this subject matter for further enhancement and a workshop to be organized to educate people concerning the new software. It is expedient that skillful operators which are computer literate be employed. To this end, I recommend visual basic especially for business communities and also to provide an end to end basic computing system.

Also I will recommend that needed machinery as stated in the system requirement be put in state to ensure smooth take off on that project and that the software installed should be reviewed periodically.

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