Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Resource Allocation System In A Dynamic /Variable Resource Utilization Environment

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Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Resource Allocation System In A Dynamic /Variable Resource Utilization Environment


As computational recourse become for use over the internet, a requirement has emerged to configure reviewers to an optional allration to cope with an unpredictable flow of incoming jobs this project describes all architecture that allows the dynamic reconfiguration of severs to process incoming jobs by switching severs between concept . the system makes use o heuristic to make close to optional switching decisions. Decisions. A prototype system which holds on existing resource management software had been developed to demonstrate some of the concept which are describe.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

There have been considerable activity recently aimed at developing a computing grid – which can be defined as a distributed system on an internet scale that supports collaboration, data sharing, resource sharing across disparate domains and platforms

  1. To enable the submission of jobs to remote sites in a transparent fashion, technologies such as generic dyterm of describing John and defining service level agreements, relating issues such as security, poyomance and quality of service.
  2. A resource management system offers facilities that collectively allow users to run John on the pool of computational resources it manages.

The pool may be made up of donated resources not being used by their owners at a given time, on resources allocated to the poll on a full-time basis. The lay out of more resource management system (RMS) the involves a central manager that monitors the state of all the machines in its pool allocates submitted Jobs to resources using scheduling algonthins and holds gueves of Jobs. Other resource management depture include job prioritizationlocal resource configuration and accounting. The scheduling facility elects the most suitable computational resource description obtained from the pool individual job requirements. A resource management system (RMS) may be used to run jobs submitted by users in a local domain or jobs submitted by user from remote sites working in a dynamic environment.

Here in this project allocation of service to pool in fixed, changes in demand may cause some quewes to become very long, while other servers remain underutilized. This is clearly inefficient it in desirable to develop a policy whereby servers may be re-allocated from one type of service to another

1.1 Statement of Problem

Cyber café in Nigeria would have been experiencing difficulties the operation and maintenance of resource utilities. The adverse effect on clients or customer and the staff management of the company would work hander to maintain each of these resources and also attend to each different client in other to meet their various needs to ensure that clients and customers are satisfied.

Therefore the introduction of a computer based resource allocation system in a dynamic resources utilization environment has been of help to cope with the number of clients or customer that would work with this materials to ensure that each of the hardware resource we properly shaved

1.2 Purpose of Study

The work is designed to enable the user to practically participate and use a resource allocate system to enable the management of the café to so we these problem it encounters during the allocation of its resources.

A computerized cyber café, can destitute its various resources to all the clients of workgroup in the cyber cafe efficient in its allocation by making sever that the hardware that needs the resources most user it.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this study is to design a computer based resource allocation system in a dynamic resource utilization environment

Another objectives of the study is to design a computer based system that will ensure that cyber café get their resources well allocated. It needs an appropriate percentage suitable fro them without any delay,

Another objective of the study is to design a computer based system to enable cyber café work dynamically in reler to allocate its various resources to punler, work groups etc.

1.4 Scope of Study

This project work of resource allocation system in a dynamic resource utilization environment is centered on the cyber cafes lie. Allocation of resource to different sections or hardware in the café

1.5 Limitation

This project work encountered many limitations. Such as:


This was the major linderancce to my movement in the resource of gathering fact


This is another constraint to my undertaking a more comprehensive fact finding. Suie the period for this study was too short compered to the actual work

Lack of Textbooks

This is also another major constraint in the course of carrying out this work. One had to move from library to library in search of textbook

1.6 Assumption

In the course of this study, the following assumption were made

  1. That all the data collected in the process of this study were correct and the program is the best of my ability able to perform the purpose for which it is installed.
  2. That the staff to handle the system (computer system) we assumed to be computer iterate for efficient handle of data, through the program which will be user friendly.
  3. Computer as a fact machine will make cyber café accept it for the allocation of its resources in a dynamic environment.
  4. That the management of cyber café should b able to put all the necessary facilities for the installation of computer system at also train staff

1.7 Definition of Some Terms

Unauthorized Access

Unauthorized access is the use of an account owned by another user to access a system

Types of Information

Any information stored online in open to the threat of theft, a password file might be stolen to run a cracking program against the file at another computer


Is the ability to protect the contents of internet manages one can use a message security which uses a recording method to decode the message.

Chapter Seven

Recommendation and Conclusion

7.1 Recommendation

Based on the findings and effluence of this project work. 1 recommend a direct change over because the manual method of sharing resource allocation has been found inefficient in several ways. There is a great need of stopping the manual method and staring using the computerized system. Having commend a computer based allocating and resource sharing in the cyber café. The experience and information gathered in this course of this project has exposed the researched in no small so we further recommend that the indigenous cyber café should adopt a aid planning management operation and that projects as challenging and expiring as this should continue to be arranged to customers. Furthermore, I recommend more probe on darning more of resource and allocating systems for companies and other cyber cafes.

7.2 Conclusion

This project presents a method of reconfiguring servers in a resource – limited hosting enrolment in a close to optimal fashion to cope with varied and upperedutable demand. By allocation servers in clusters to conceptual pools and applying a heuristic policy to past and present system information, decision are made to reallocate. Servers to different pools to cope with demand. 4 system architecture has been designed to collect data and use switching polices to act up on the data conducted to make switching decision

A demonstration system has been developed to show how a close fo-optinal allocation policy an be applied to parts of the system to make real-time data obtained from varies parts of the system to make reallocation decisions. The system then performs the decisions. The system then performs the decisions on servers between pools in a charter to achiever an efficient allocation of servers and a higher throughput of jobs. To produce more detail that may be fed into switching police. The data could include the average amount of time for which particular resource are idle and how often resource are switched with defiled information, a system for providing provisions to enable quality of servers quarantines may be developed.

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