Design And Implementation Of A Computer-Based Telephone Directory System

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Design And Implementation Of A Computer-Based Telephone Directory System


Reason for a telephone directory in to have a guide or what we can call a director. Subscribers of the telecommunication industry of may not find it very easy to locate information on a voluminous pages of a telephone directory, take an instance where we have over 70,000 subscribers, it will take a whole lot of time before one can easily trace his/her information (A Directory contains information like Name, Address and avacodes of subscribers) because of this time wasting and inflexible way this time wasting and unflexible way this manual approach act, computerization become a meant do activities that must be carried out on directory system.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

One of the most exciting aspects of the information technology revolution is the combining, telecommunications with computing. This allows information to be processed by computer and then transferred down telephone lines to the recipient computers. The speed at which this can be done surpasses more conventional communication techniques. The process is no longer limited to telephone.

The combination of computer and telecommunication technologies has heed profound effect on the way computer system are organized.

NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunication Plc) is one of the organization that gives communication services to subscriber (Although there are presently other private driven communication services subscribers.

NITEL has the list of all its subscriber in a book where they keep records of each subscriber in a unique way. Periodically when new subscriber come in, they update the book let it become a routine when a subscriber comes in or leaves to update the booklet.

This way of producing information or producing of this booklet will always be hindered since manual operation is involved and most time, it be can become error prone and then misleading people.

This booklet is known as TELEPHONE DIRECTORY which is the fulcrum or pivot of this project. Since computer revolution involves and covers all works of life just as we have said earlier, when adopted and it replaces the manual method of processing, there is indeed going to be a complete revolution in the system.

Using of key fields for searching and retrieving of any viable information of any subscriber will be easer and fast.

Statement of the Problem

Many people lacks the will to read books either of small or large size. Unfortunately, the telephone Directory in a voluminous and it become tasky to search through such text and moreso it involves lot of time.

Inflexibility of this manual system is nothing to write home about hence computerization of the system becomes imperative and nothing to ignore because it is not easy to modify or update information.

Finally, another problem facing this system is the cost of production. It is always involve much money to produce booklet of telephone Directory. The maintenance also involve using the money and they all are carried out periodically.

Purpose of the Study

Having states the problem of this work (The system in review) than what my reason or reasons of going into the study?

The system is defectize and does not belong to a Millienia generation like ours where computer have taking he entire of the stage and the world is now in what is called “Jet age” (Word or phrase associated with speed).

To uplift the standard of telecommunication in Enugu East Local Government Area, Computerization of their system becomes a must. Another thing is flexibility, as stated in the problem that the manual system is not flexible, avoiding time wasting in such system communication automation must come in.

Aims and Objectives

One of the aims of his work is to produce a computer based system, that will be able to carry out the operations of the present system effectively and reliably. Another thing is to produce an less expensive system that is easy to maintain and update. Finally, good work is commendable, so when this work is successfully completed I believe the society and people around will appreciate my work.

Scope of Study

This study is concerned with the Telephone Directory Operations alone the searching, updating and editing are only to be carried out and nothing beyond this in the work, but there is always room for improvements so whoever wish to start from hence, it is a good idea to be welcomed. This method helps and encourages improvement.

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Chapter Seven

Conclusion and Recommendation

7.1 Conclusion

Enugu East Local Government Area which is the case study of this project is one of the many communication organization existing in our society (Nigeria) today. The need of this organization cannot be over-emphasized to the society. This is because they are providing the people with the necessary information about their environment and their boundaries through communication.

The advantage and the need of the information system in the organization cannot be over emphasized in providing the necessary information requirements for running the organization and producing the output. An introduction of the computer system to the information system such as communication, to automate its process as a tool for information processing and storage and retrieval is a breakthrough in he information processing of the organization.

Though there are a thousand and one advantage in the introduction of the system there are still some problems associated with it. These problems may include the loss of job by some staff whose jobs have been taken over by the new system. The fight with the resistance to change by workers due to personal fears and biases. The need for an expert or trained personnel in handling and maintaining the system. Extra cost in acquiring the system and provision of the right kind of environment. In Nigeria power is also a big problem since the system needs the electric power to function. But with all the associated problem the new system when outweighs the problem associated with its introduction.

7.2 Recommendation

The system was developed to meet the information needs of the organization NITEL in Enugu East Local Government Area with significant system as earlier stated is one which provides the information required both to run the organization and to produce the organizational output (Telephone Directory).

Consequently, it could be modified to the information requirement and introduction of a new information requirement which will lead to an upgrade of the system. It is strictly recommended that for such an upgrade, the programmer should consult the programmer specification of the hardware and the system requirements for necessary guide of the software already developed.

After thorough analysis of the existing system, the information needs of the various department of the organization were outline. Due to time constraint not all the information requirement of the entire system were outline. Due to time constraint not all the information requirement of the entire system were designed in the new system.

Therefore, in further studies carried out in the field, it is recommended that the other information need of the system be treated, to increase the scope of the automated system. Furthermore, to upgrade the new system consequent to the review of the information requirements or an introduction of a new requirement recommended to consult the information analyst for a detail explain of the such information.

To fully achieve the benefit of the new system, it is recommended that the management of the system occasionally hold seminars and workshops on the computerized information. To protect the new system the database administrator or information manager or the management of the organization NITEL in Enugu East Local Government Area is advised to provide an environment that is tolerable by the system. Further they should as provide measures to check the use of the system and accident events such as fire outbreaks.

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