Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Scrabble Game

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Project

Scrabble is an old classic board game, with game rules that are not very complicated. Compared to other classic board games, such as Chess, there are more factors to take into consideration when making a move in Scrabble. Apart from anagramming and generating words, there are other crucial decisions to make. A player would probably find several legal moves in one round, and then would have to decide which one to place. Choosing the move that generates the highest score is not always the ideal way to go. It could be that making such a move would create a situation in the next round where nothing could be done, or let the opponent score highly.

Making the choice of which move to use include many factors, and there are several different techniques and strategies one can follow to make the decision easier. Hitting the bonus squares can generate an extremely high score, hence one strategy is to try to always hit the bonus squares and prevent the opponent from doing the same. Another way of being successful is to prioritize using letters with high score, since they would not only generate a high total score to the player, but could also create difficult situations in the future if not used as soon as possible.

Scrabble game is a simple game played by four, three, two even one person. Scrabble game is also played with tiles and encountered on a special and well-designed board. The game can be played with a board disserted with a cross-like path. In between any of the two arms of the cross path is a center square calved out as a square box, which has a symbol of star.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Because scrabble game is played manually, young people do not have much interest in it. But making it computer based will make young people to enjoy it.

1.3 Objective of the Project

The objective of this study is stated as following:

  1. To make scrabble game join the most other games in computer “world”
  2. To handle cheating in scrabble game and to standardize the game.
  3. To simulate scrabble game using computer.

1.4 Project justification

This project is justified because making scrabble computer based enhances learning.

1.5 Scope of the Project

The scope of this project is to design a computer based scrabble game.

1.6 Project Report Organization

This project is organized into six chapters. Chapter one is the Introduction, chapter two is the Literature Review, chapter three is the Methodology and System Analysis, chapter four is the System Design, chapter five is the System Implementation and Testing and chapter six is the Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Anchor square:

Vacant board square adjacent to a placed tile.


Tiles that have not been drawn by players.


Balance on rack player.


Bonus square player.

Cross check set:

Set of possible letters on an anchor square with regard to adjacent word going vertical from named square.


Directed acyclic word graph.


High score word player.

Vowel Ratio:

Ratio describing how many of the total number of tiles are vowels.


Game is any activity which is executed only for pleasure and without conscious purpose


The act of instructing a computer to do your bidding

Center Star Square:

This is a start square n the board that doubles the word.


Organized store computerized data.


This is a condition that is considered favourable


The act of taken and replacing.


Piece of practical formation.


This is a type of game choose in scrabble

I spy:

This is a game played by order children.


Instruments used in playing scrabble game.

Play Now Button:

A command button that make the game to start.

Premium Square:

This is a start up square, which double the words.

Quit Button:

A button used to terminate the operation of the game.


A device that holds the tiles in a scrabble game.


To win or obtain a point in a competitive activity.

Scrabble Game:

A game played on a board covered in square in which player wins point by combining letter.

Scrabble Dictionary:

A device in the scrabble game where words are listed


Often to give an appearance of activity when nothing useful is being done.


One persons game e.g. word game.


This makes the letter to be permanent on the board and also score the player.


A piece of plastic used in playing game.

Triple Word Score:

This triples the number of word on it.

Triple Letter Score:

This triples the number of letter placed on it.

Chapter Six

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

6.1 Summary

At the end of this project work, the software that can successfully simulate scrabble game was developed. The graphical interface was beautified, and the logic simulation well structured as to maintain a high level of accuracy in game scoring and declaring of the winner.

This project work also will serve as a stepping stone for people who wish to research more on this topic. The procedures for developing games are difficult, but has a lot of fun attached to it as there are so many things to benefit from playing computer games, especially the scrabble game as explained in the earlier chapters.

5.2 Conclusion

The development of computer games involves many phases. The approach used is a top-down, one concentrating on what first, then how and moving to successive levels of details.

The first phase started with a detailed study of the problems and rules for playing games. In the course of this project, many problems were discovered to have hindered the effectiveness of the existing system.

These problems, information needs, and activities were documented and later used as the basis for system design, which immediately followed the first phase. The design phase was concerned primarily with the specification of the system elements in a manner that best met scrabble game rules. During this phase, strict adherence was made on proven software engineering principles and practices. To implement this design, a computer program was then written and tested in the visual basic 6.0 programming environment. This software product is designed to run under the Microsoft Windows operating system environment.

It is hoped that effective implementation of this software product would eliminate many problems discovered during systems investigation. This will no doubt result in improved game simulation and catching of fun among players.

5.3 Recommendations

The following recommendations are made:

  1. Playing of scrabble game should be encouraged as it helps to build students logical reasoning.
  2. Scrabble game should be simulated and marketed so as to gain popularity among computer games.
  3. The use of computer in playing games helps to reduce stress and should be encouraged.

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