Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Scheduling System For A Transport Company

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Design And Implementation Of Computer Based Scheduling System For A Transport Company


This project work is all about design and implementation of a computer based scheduling system for a transport company.

A computer based scheduling system for a transport company generates optimal luxury bases and driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario. It is a stand-alone windows based application with extremely user’s friendly interface.

It consists of data management and scheduling modules.

This project work with vividly deal with the impact of computer based schedule system for a transport company.

Organization Of Work

This research work takes a look at the application of a computer in scheduling in a transport company, that will generate optimal luxury buses and driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario.

  • Chapter one introduce the statement of the problems, explains the purpose of the study and the aims and objectives of the research work. It gave the general overview of the conventional method the extent it will cover (scope), its limitations and definition of some terms related to scheduling.
  • Chapter two reviews the related literature.
  • Chapter three described and analysis the existing system. Fact finding method used are also discussed. It explains the problems of the existing system and finally justifies the new system.
  • Chapter four deals with the actual research work done, designing of the new system computer base scheduling also highlights the system requirement.
  • Chapter five discusses the actual simulation of the new system.
  • Chapter six contains the system documentation user manual.
  • Finally, chapter seven briefly summaries concludes the project & recommends the user of the new system.

Chapter One


Statement of Problem

A scheduling situation in a transport company develops when buses are expected to dispatch effectively.
Scheduling needs the dispatch and general information about routes to generate optimal transportation resources schedules. Lack of management and scheduling modules have cause a big problem for most transport companies. As a result of these problems, these transport companies have not been able to present charts and text reports for these companies.

These transport companies can not export solutions as text files in MS Word or MS Excel.

Lack of scheduling algorithms have led to lack of generating of the different resources schedules.

Lack of near-optimal resources schedules generation have prevented benchmarking an existing solution. Existing routes along with resources assignments can not be imported into the system “as is’ and calculate to reproduce the benchmark solution. The solution can not be generated and compared to the benchmark solution. The two solutions cannot be compared in the form of reports and Grantt Charts to identify opportunities for better resources utilizations.

Route data can not be imported in the form of ASCLL files.

There is no data import wizard that will guide user’s through a set up process for importing route data into the system. Lack of data view to enable user’s to sort the routes based on different criteria (route ID) Departure Time etc).

Purpose of the Study

This research work is meat to find out whether the above mentioned problems can effectively be eradicated by employing computer system to control the scheduling system of a transport company. In other words, to find solution to these problems mentioned above using a computer system.

Aims and Objectives

The aim and objective of this research work is to come up with a more suitable scheduling system in a transport company. (A computer based scheduling system) that can eliminate completely the above mentioned problems using a computer system. For instance, to come up with a scheduling system that can generate optimal buses and driver schedules for a given dispatching scenario.

Perhaps, the new system will not just eradicate the problems which will automatically improve the schedules.

Scope of the Study

This project work covers every area of scheduling activities where a scheduling tool generates optimal buses and drives schedules for a given dispatching scenario.

For instance, this tool provides an estimate of required number of buses and drivers for a particular dispatching scenario. It also generates resource scheduling that can result in significant cost reduction by using the optimal number of resources required.

Limitations of the Study

In the cause of this study, this project work has some limitations among which are: –

i. The Materials:

It is not located in a particular place

ii. Time Constraints:

Time was my greatest enemy as I had to copy with my class work, assignments and the project work at the same times.

iii. Financial Constraint:

Finance was a major constraint as I do not have enough fund for running around in search of materials.


  1. It is assumed that any type of computer could be used scheduling system for a transport company. In other words.
  2. Is assumed that scheduling system of a transport company could be made in all series or mode of computers.
  3. It is assumed that data collection terminal can be via computer high level written programs to suit organization requirement in the area of scheduling system for a transport company.

Definition of Terms

i. Microsoft Word:

A word processing package used for electronic production of documents like letters, projects, reports, memos etc.

ii. Microsoft Excel:

A spreadsheet package used for scientific and mathematical operations. It is an accounting package.

iii. Route:

It means a way to go or send from one place to another.

iv. Route Data:

It means that we can use it to execute any kind of programs do to its nature.

v. Dispatch:

To deliver a good or product, by one of its writers, esp. from abroad.

vi. Algorithms:

An algorithm is a step by step procedure organized in the correct and logical sequence suitable for solving problem that can be transferred to the computer.

vii. Bench Mark:

Means an example, which is used as a standard or point of reference for making comparisons.

Chapter Seven

Conclusion and Recommendation


Based on the following findings, the following conclusions were reached, the implementation of this simulated scheduling system for a transport company will be a big relief for scheduling specialist and statisticians and all computer users. It has been proved and concluded that the implementation of this system will cause the following major achievements to be realized in our organizational systems.

  1. High processing speed of the computer in the needed information or analysis to the users beginning from the simulation stage to the output display stage.
  2. Despite the above mentioned achievements of this simulated scheduling system for a transport company. It is on substitute for scheduling specialists and statisticians as scheduling system depends largely on experience and development in the field, it has the potential to improve their performance or augment their brain power. Therefore, computers have had profound effects in our lives. We should better get ready for it for we are in the midst of computer revolution and live in the computer age.


Without shadow of doubt, much light has been shed in the design and implementation of the scheduling system for a transport company for scheduling model problems.

It has therefore been proved that a well programmed and simulated scheduling system for a transport company can analysis and calculate better and faster than the manual methods. Therefore users that specialize in scheduling system should report to the use of the scheduling system for a transport company for their work.

This scheduling system for a transport company as a system is generally recommended as areas where there are scheduling specialist including stratifications. Since the benefits and potentials of computer in scheduling and statistics has not yet been fully explored, especially in Nigeria. A service wide education campaign should be organized to instruct scheduling specialists and statisticians as to the potential of computer in over systems of different organization. Government should help in this aspect they can start by purchasing and installing computers in all government organizational system.

User training by computer analyst/ programmers is essential so that electronic tool can become familiar through to the user. Because of the time constraint the researchers were unable to incorporate other scheduling models. So, the future researcher on this work should incorporate more scheduling model like probability of the number of the items in the system etc.

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