Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Library Indexing System

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering


A library system is an information system that serves a population of users. The term “Information system” is normally used in situations where an organization is considered as a whole with respect to its information requirement and information utilization.

In a library environment, “indexing has remained the means of text and document identification. Comprehensively, indexing is a term, which is applied to many compilation and arrangement of text and documents which is either in alphabetical order, chronological or numerical order.

Igbinedion University Okada Library is a standard Library. The computerization of a standard library is the use of computer system to implement its manually based operations. However the introduction of computer systems with a view of proliferating information technology has gone a long way in extending its technological handshake to all spectrum of life.

Similarly, IMT Library is not left out. This project is embarked to improve this limitation such as security, accuracy and reliability of inventory and speed of service et cetera. The principal objective for this research work (project) is to identify a number of problems that are inherent with the use of manual method of indexing and cataloguing in IMT library. Hence, proffer solutions to the identified problem through computerization alternative.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Computerization in IMT Library is seen as a special effort of this project work. However, computerized library indexing is a directed effort towards improving the existing system services and development of new services rather than just maintaining a “status quo”.

On the other hand, the introduction of computer systems as the height of computerization does jot only aim at replacing the manual method of library indexing and cataloguing system but equally aims at overturning all the inherent constraints that are associated with the use of manual system in IMT Library.

The cumbersome arrangement of text, document and other library materials which inhibits the speedy accessing of desired information and its solution requirements are the main focal point of this new system. Similarly, the structure and format of the index in this project work includes such mattes as the arrangement of the entries, the physical layout and sizes and styles of types which should be planned to provide maximum ease in scanning and discriminating among individual entries.

The computerization alternative of this new system do not stop at phasing out the existing system of the manual approaches to get about indexing and cataloguing in IMT library but also take into consideration the nature of material indexed, the variety and complexity of the subject matter, the nature of user and the technology structure to sort library materials or entries, assemble, duplicate and infertile entries or to assign index terms.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

Computerized library indexing is the desired system in Igbinedion University Okada library, Edo state, but because of their present method of indexing which is manually operated, a number of problems where identified. These problems in question hampers the realization of goal of the existing system.

The problems are itemized below as follows:

  1. Wrong filings of the indexed materials
  2. Time consuming
  3. Mutilation of library materials
  4. Poor security network
1. Wrong Filing Of The Indexed Materials

Fundamentally, the problems of wrong filing of indexed material is an inconsistent arrangement which do not define the exact positions of a desired text. An inquirer who wishes to reference a text after having consulted the “Call number” of such a material may easily be misguided.

2. Time Consuming

The manual approach to library material indexing in IMT Library significantly or traditionally reflected time wasting. The consumption of time as one of the major identified constraints can be seen in the task definitions of indexers such as to sort, assemble, duplicate and interfile entries or to assign terms.

3. Mutilation Of Library Materials

This is another lapses that were discovered within the existing system. Researchers or inquirers and the library users are always in the habit of making away with some of the parts of the texts it makes the affected documentation incomplete or even useless.

4. Poor Security Network

Inadequate statistics and personal data of who come in and goes out of the library room were not properly taken.

Hence, such negligence leads to carting away with some important library texts and relevant material.

1.3 Purpose Of Study

The purpose of this project work was to probe into the library indexing and cataloguing system of Igbinedion University Okada with a view of creating awareness of the use of computer in I.U.O Library indexing system.

With due consideration of this new technology advancements, the topic computer based library indexing was put together.

1.4 Objective Of The Study

Primarily, the aims and objectives for this detailed and comprehensive project work was to understudy IMT library indexing system, in order to know the level of efficiency of the existing system in carrying out its tasks. It was also in the context of this study that I looked into the prevailing problems that are inherent with the existing system, mutilation of library materials, poor security network just to mention but a few.

It became the cardinal objective of this project work after discovering the manual approaches in their library indexing/cataloging system to design a computer based library indexing system which will reduce if not completely, eradicate all the identified problems and develop a total dependency on infallible memory.

1.5 Scope Of The Study

The research work do not go beyond IMT Library indexing system, though the method of their cataloguing and indexing is according to the dictates of the library of congress (LDC).

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