Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Database Management System (A Case Study Of The Nigerian Cement Company Plc, Nkalagu Personnel Department)

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Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Database Management System (A Case Study Of The Nigerian Cement Company Plc, Nkalagu Personnel Department)


The world in its development has gone through three evolutionary stages- The Stone Age, The Jet Age and Currently the Computer Age.

The Computer Age is a stage that is geared towards reducing the utilization of manual human labour in work places. Amongst its aims is the reduction of paperwork in offices, that is, the creation of a paper-less community.

The manual processing of large volume of data proves way for scores of errors due to the instability of human accuracy; kills a lot o time; and most importantly makes file loss and misplacement incidentally high. These factors pose a great problem to the successful running of offices and large firms of which THE NIGERIAN CEMENT (NIGERCEM) COMPANY PLC, NKALAGU, EBONYI STATE is not an exception.

This project deals extensively with the design and implementation of a computerized information storing and retrieval (as well as manipulation) system, for employees and customers of the above mentioned firm.

This system is centrally at one thing- facilitating the company’s tasks. A lot of materials relevant to the topic were used during the course of this project’s compilation including questionnaires and oral interviews. The system can also be put into use by other cement manufacturing companies and related firms with little modifications.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

In many offices, records are traditionally kept on paper and in file jackets. However, as the amount of records increases, the volume of paper work involved also increases. This will in turn result in problem of storage spaces. It becomes generally more difficult to manage such a system. Also retrieval of information becomes cumbersome.

On account of these shortcomings computerized information storage and management is fast replacing the traditional and methods which NIGERCEM will not be left out.

Personnel department in NIGERCEM, they compile and keep records of its workers and customers. The issue of host worker is a problem often faced by NIGERCEM. This problem can be reduced by the use of a well-designed and implemented data base management system.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

This project deals with the development of a computerized data base management system with NIGERCEM as a case study. A lot of companies in Nigeria especially those that encounter direct correspondence with numerous customers are computerizing their operations and NIGERCEM being a firm that fits into the above description will not be left out cement companies like Dangote, Portland cement and Eagle Cement Port-Harcourt have recorded a lot of improvement and considerable levels of efficiency in dealing with customers and other operations due to effective computerization.

Record processing in NIGERCEM Nkalagu is done manually while the records are kept in files. The personnel department handles the workers’ file while the finance division handles the customers’ files.

Workers’ files and customers’ file are so large that to say that offices are not spacious enough to contain them would be an understatement. Most of the time when references is to be made on these files, it will be found that some of them are already damaged due to physical constraints as excess heat or moisture. Others are left at the mercy of vermin’s like mice, cockroaches and termites. A lot of relevant information is lost in this way.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

The purpose of this project is to develop and implement a safer way of keeping these information and to keep a breast of the latest technology in vogue and to enhance performance. Also, to carryout a research on transforming the personnel department of NIGERCEM Plc manual record keeping into a computerized system. The implementation of this system would neither bring about workers’ redundancy nor deny them benefit but will enhance efficiency and proper storage system.

1.3 Significance of the Study

The design and implementation of a Data Base Management System (DBMS) for NIGERCEM Plc will do the following among others:-

  1. Save time in information retrieval
  2. Prevent data from corruption and destruction
  3. Help save useful space that will be otherwise used to store volumes of files containing records.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The areas covered by the project are the data bank handle by personnel department and a part of the customer records handled by the finance division. Other areas like fiscal transactions, stock taking and quality control are not included in the scope of this project.

1.5 Limitations

There were some short coming that arose during the research of this work, such as the staff of NIGERCEM refusing to disclose certain information that is supposed to improve the work. My class schedules made it difficult for me to spend much time on the related works, and to visit many Cement Company was impossible due to some financial and time constraints.

1.6 Assumption

By the end of this elaborate documentary, it will be assured that NIGERCEM Plc will indeed adopt a very indispensable and near infallible procedure to solve fracas involved in manual file organization.

1.7 Definition of Terms

Note: Definitions used are made to fit the context of this project and may not suit that of other books.


Information made for and utilized by a computer program.

Data Bank:

Center containing comprehensive file data


To feed data into computer

Magnetic Media:

These are devices that contain a thin polyester ribbon (tape) coated with a magnetic material and is translated by a read/ write head


The result of a processed data


Usually classified into output and input, they are devices that aid the computer’s efficiency by acting as interfaces between the use and the computer.


The transformation procedure of data fed into a computer.


Act of regaining possession or recovering of information.


Bring record up to date.

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The development of this software package- Gto-Basic for record assessment and keeping in NIGERCEM Plc Nkalagu, has not been a piece of cake although useful ends were achieved.

This software package automatically processes input data and safeguards. It in a sophisticated data bank unlike manual method used by the personnel department. The documentation of this package to the company will enhance the time of looking into the customer’s file and cut the sections these records will pass before approval.

Automation of Gto-Base to NIGERCEM Plc will in no way reduce the workforce of the company but will sometime and avoid pieces of paper filling everywhere. On this, I therefore recommend the implementation of this software package to the company.


It will be significant to mention that the problems encountered during the compilation of this project where worthwhile because the computerization of the NIGERCEM Plc, Nkalagu would go a long why in enhancing production and the output capability of the company. It would also pave way for greater innovations in terms of Information Technology (IF).

The system might initially cost a substantial amount of money, but if well handled, the advantages will nullify the disadvantages.

Finally, I hope the management of NIGERCEM will find this system useful as to motivate workers.

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