Design And Implementation Of An Android Based Student Voting Application

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included

Computer Science Project Material with Source Code Included


Student campus election has been a major challenge in tertiary intuitions across the country. Voting is the process through which citizens convey their opinion and they have the freedom to elect a leader to run various offices to signify and address the student’s problems. In today’s innovative knowledge age, computerization has widespread and taken over all phase of humanity. E-voting is one of these innovative knowledge and it is capable to deliver appropriate, less costly, fast and secure services. The aim of this research is to develop an electronic voting system (EVoting) to be used by any University or tertiary institution student’s electoral body in need of an e-voting system to solve student voting challenges. A lot of security measures were integrated into the E-Voting system in order to achieve a fast, speedy, secured and accurate performance. The computer software application is designed and developed using JAVA JDK and SDK and MYSQL, a relational database management system in designing the database; tested and found to have produced the expected results.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

All over the world, higher institution of learning are required to have free and fair elections for a democratic of the student’s Union. Elections on campus allows the student populace to choose their student representatives to express their feelings and grievances on issues on campus. Thus, the accuracy and integrity of the election process are crucial to the integrity of the democracy itself.With the advancement in technology and the development of computers, security and fair exchange can be done electronically which includes voting which is becoming a popular trend brought by innovation. Our Universities, in Nigeria are also trying to stay updated with other prestigious universities across the world using e-voting instead of the traditional ballot and paper voting method saving universities resources and time. The deployment and implementation of a secured electronic voting system is very essential in every higher institution of learning for their students’ union government, to provide a high level of security to students (voters), which is the main goal of the campus voting system for students to cast their votes with minimum effort and less stressful. There are many properties that are valuable that have made the student campus voting system secured, they are:- Security: The proposed system uses the most secured web technology to prevent the system against hack or malicious attacks to prevent missing data or results.

No Multiple Entries:

The system is fortified with students trying to cast a vote more than once.

Real time Results:

No incomplete result is obtainable as results are updated from the database in real-time.


Students can’t show other student who he/she voted for to prevent bribery.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Traditional voting system also known as ballot paper voting system is a method by which recording and counting votes are carried out on paper cards, this method of voting has been proven to be slow with a lot of irregularities which include: student vote buying, student among each other, voting only in one particular voting center. All these various challenges has affected the integrity of the process with this method and there’s a need to improvise and adopt the e-voting method for smooth and real-time student elections.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The aim of this research is to design and implement a student campus voting system for voters’ (student) in various University across Nigeria which will be a tool used by Student Union Government to conduct a free and fair election using computers. To replace the current inefficient manual system of voting inUniversities. To ensure a secured, fast and safe elections which will fight against vote buying, waiting to vote, preventing double voting and many more. This system when implemented will also help universities reduce the huge costs of running an elections.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The implementation of a secured student campus voting system is very critical in every student’s union electoral body. The main goal of e-Voting is to provide voters (students) a good environment so that students can cast their votes with minimum cost and zero efforts during the electoral process.

1.5 Limitation of the Study

During the period of the research, Finance was a major challenge, going from one department to another in search of elections executives for relevant. Another major challenge was combing the research with my other academic activities.

1.6 Definition of Terms


An election is a formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office.


A student is primarily a person enrolled in a school or other educational institution who attends classes in a course to attain the appropriate level of mastery.


A vote is a choice made by a particular person or group in a meeting or an election.

Campus Voting System

Electronic voting technology that can handle student voting activities.

Chapter Five

Recommendations and Conclusion

5.1. Recommendations

For the University of Ibadan to have a better and very effective data manipulation, storage and retrieval system, computerization must be highly advocated for. But still the following factor affects the computerization of (Android based campus voting) Ibadna, Nigeria.

  1. The power holding company of Nigeria (PHCN) is grossly unreliable therefore the institution already have an alternative means of power supply (mobile phones) these mobile phones must have back-up spare parts in cost of breakdown. In addition an interrupted power supply (UPS) system must be installed and it must interface between the power supply from the (PHCN) and the mobile phone charges.
  2. Adequate spare parts and maintenance personnel must be available. This is very important because many computer users in Nigeria have a better experience in the delay in faults rectification on their computers by the maintenance components major contributing factors to these are usually lack of adequate spare parts and lack of enough experience on the staff of these companies.
  3. Adequate training must be conducted of the student, so as to make them conversant with the with the system.

5.2. Conclusion

It is crystal clear that the invention of computer into the society has greatly lead to more greater and accurate means of data processing in almost any field of human endeavor. With the use of computer, things could be alone easily within a very short time interval and with greater and more reliable information achieved.

Though, many organization firms, small scale business do still use manual method of data processing. There is an absolute need for them to change from the manual to the computerized system. This will go a long way to improving their services.

This project work, once it is implemented it will not be possible for the organization to revert to the following benefits.

  1. Readily available, neat and accurate information
  2. Enhanced agricultural research analysis results.
  3. Greater scope of data processing
  4. Significant increased in patronage by scientist, researchers, genetic engineers organization
  5. Simple and neat offices

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