Design And Fabrication Of Mobile Deep Freezer

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Design And Fabrication Of Mobile Deep Freezer


This wrote up is a detail of the processes for the physical realization of the design and construction of mobile deep freezer.

It is divided into chapters which discussed expensively the practical refrigeration cycle with rull attention given to design factors working principals and choice of material.

Also considered were fabrication assembly and safely requirement


Firstly refrigeration in the process of removing heat from a substance or space in order to make it cooler.
A mobile deep freezer is not different from all other refrigeration the only difference is that it can be moved easily by wheel or rollers to different places in a given time with less force applied to effect the movement.

In refrigeration the three mode of heat transfer is employed causing heat to flow from high temperature regions to low temperature regions. The substance used to carry heat in the refrigeration is known as the refrigerant.
Refrigerant is the cooling agent in refrigeration. It makes indirect contact with the substance to be cooled. It is circulated in the refrigeration circult and the attendant change of state from liquid to vapour brings about the necessary cooling that is required in the system which also involves INTENT OR SENSIBLE HEAT.

Refrigeration is accompanied by various method such as the vapour compression system absorption system and steam jet refrigeration cycle.

Refrigeration contributes greatly to the raising of living standards of people its uses can not be over emphasized in this book. The most common used and one that is readily recognized is the preservation of food. Most products in our homes businesses industries laboratories hospitals farms etc are affected by refrigeration.

Its application is also extended to other areas apart from food in medicine it is used in blood banks for antibiotic for making ice for compression and low temperature surgery for presenting certain tissues that pathologist work on. It is very essential in genetic engineering to preserve sperms and eggs or longer years before they work on them to bring life.

Deep freezer is an Electro- mechanical appliance which maintains the temperature of substance space or material as requires by the user it produce artificial cooling. It operates on the principal of reversed cannot cycle that is to say that it absorbs heat from a low temperature and rejects it to a high temperature region.

The compressor provides the conversion of energy that is used in circulating the refrigerant round the circult.

The crankshaft drives the piston through the connecting rod and it’s moved by the tongue produced by electric motor. The pumping effect of the piston produces the high pressure on the refrigerant which sets it in motion. In the causes of circulation and attendant change of state the refrigerant returns to the initial state and ready for another cycle.

In a deep freezer the condenser performs function similar to that of the radiator in an auto mobile. It cools the hot refrigerator gas by giving out hear to the dryer which traps moisture that can block the metering device. The liquid refrigerant passes through the metering device which expands the liquid into the evaporator pipe which is of large cross sectional area.

The pipe is laid on the inside of the deep freezer

A lot of insulation is done to isolate the refrigerated space from the surrounding its heating effect.

What Prompt the Project

Looking into the present situation of things the menace caused by road side craftsmen who tends to spoil other progress in pretence to repairing or constructing of deep freezer so that they will enrich their pocket and then gives out fake freezers that will last for few months we then decided to embark on this project.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose or objective of the project is to achieve the following

  1. Designing and constriction of a portable domestic cooling equipment that would improve on existing design taken into consideration.
  2. Designing and constructing a cooling / freezing system that is efficient with little or no complexity in maintenance.
  3. Improving the designs and construction of cooling freezing equipment with a reduced weight.
  4. To design and construct a cooling equipment that will be mobile economical and cost that a common man can afford.

Importance of the Project

The project is designed to accomplish a fast freezing system without destruction of bottles at very low temperature it is designed in such a way that the freshness and nutrient of food material is refined.

It is based on reduced weight cost fast freezing techniques compactness longer life span also to improve on existing designs.

Benefit of the Project

Road side craftsmen that enrich their pockets instead of satisfying the consumers will be eliminated food stuff can be preserved for a very long time.


It is note worthy that for one to undertake or focus on engineering design freezer it is expedient and important to acquire a broad background and knowledge in both material sciences design and manufacturing processes. considerable emphasis should also be placed on computer sciences and automatic control system..

We were able to visualize the whole of the constructions in the correct perspective from the basic component materials and tools through to the step by step operational and planning final assembly finishing inspection and presentation. The report on each of the chapters is limited to the scope permissible by the available design informational refrigeration considered along side which in-cludes the first and second lows of thermodynamics and material choose relative to the limited outstanding purchasing power.

However with the few available material and funding from various sponsors the practical actualization of the design and fabrication of the unit to meet the required specification and need was realized

Finally it can be conveniently concluded that this project is tasking and the processes quite rigorous. Moreover it is quite interesting as well as inspirational as we have been able to get basic further research on design


There is no doubt that in the process of this research that a lot of discoveries were made some other items and important details which had been hidden were unvalued in the process of this project execution.

However the truth remains that recommendation for further research and study be carried out in the execution of this particular project we used rivets joints (via rivet nails ) to join the parts we recommend brazing be used for further and large developments hence it has been proved to be more airtight and durable than the rivet nails as it can pull out due to fatigue. We also proffer that hardened foam (chemically treated foam) is highly preferable (to the local foam and polyphone which we imployed in this project) due to its quality durability and excellence in heat resistance when used as a lagging material fibres are also good as these two does not soak water easily.

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