Design And Construction Of Wireless CCTV Using OTP

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Design And Construction Of Wireless CCTV Using OTP


With the rapid increase in the proportion of single households, vulnerability to crime is emerging as a new social problem. Especially for single female families, the anxiety of stranger visitors is known as the biggest problem. In this paper, we propose an OTP-based IoT monitoring system to enhance the security of an environment. The system consists of a CCTV camera with features such as OTP password generation, image storage and live streaming, and a smartphone app with features such as real- time video monitoring and event logging.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Project

Today, we face a lot of threats in bank safes or even in our own houses. Even though we have deployed CCTV cameras, we are still unable to stop many mishaps. To work on such situations, a system may help to enhance our security and safegaurd our belongings. There are various technologies available such as GSM and OTP, which comes in hand to enhance the security of traditional CCTV based system.

The traditional CCTV cameras in the current systems are utilizing significant amount of memory, which makes them very inefficient and costly. These cameras record even there is absolutely nothing happening in front of them. The proposed system has capability of initializing as well as stopping the recording of the video at the appropriate moment.

The users today are also not being notified about the status of their environment, or the safes in the house. There must exist a system which will keep the user’s end posted to have a 2 step verification which will have the security of the system hardened over the traditional way.

The proposed system is capable of sending the OPT to access the security concerned area. If the user denies that he is the person accessing it, the system will automatically start the recording, will have alarms raised at the exact moment and will also block the unauthorised person from exiting the premises.

The performance of the proposed method is found to be better than the existing systems as it enables the user to take immediate action to prevent from unauthorised access while it is in progress. The registered user can alert police authorities if required.

1.2 Problem Statement

Today we find that wireless CCTVs are installed at many places e.g. banks safes, jewelry shops etc. But the CCTV cameras continuously record the situations. Due to this, there is unnecessary memory wastage if there is nothing happening in front of the camera. Also the CCTV does not provide alerts of burglary happening at the particular time. So system is proposed which would record the situation only if there is some movement happening in front of the camera and sends the alerts to the manager as well as the police along with the user.

1.3 Aim of the Project

The main aim of this system is to minimize the wastage of memory and provide advance security with generation of OTP and GSM technology to send SMS.

1.4 Purpose of the Project

The main purpose of this work is to increase security thereby reducing crime by apprehending the criminal at the point crime is committed.

1.5 Scope of the Project

In this paper, we apply OTP (One Time Password) technology, which is against the password leakage, and the real-time monitoring function using the camera module to the password- type digital door locks, enabling to prevent the crime and relieve the anxiety to unfamiliar visitors.

1.6 Objectives of the Study

The objective of this study is to install CCTV in our home or offices that will help to:

  1. To help reduce the fear of crime.
  2. To help deter crime.
  3. To help detect crime and provide evidential material for court proceedings.
  4. To assist in the overall management of any organisation.
  5. To enhance community safety, assist in developing the economic well being of the New Forest area and encourage greater use of the Town Centres, shops, car parks, community and Tourist facilities.
  6. To assist the Local Authority in its enforcement and regulatory functions within the environment.
  7. To assist in Traffic Management.
  8. To assist in supporting civil proceedings, which will help detect crime.
  9. To reduce incidents of public disorder and anti-social behaviour.

1.7 Significance of the Study

  • Crime Prevention and Detection: The primary need for installation of a closed-circuit television camera (the CCTV camera of full form) is warning and deterring burglars, thieves and other criminals in homes and offices.
  • Taking Care of Elders, Children and Pets: Many families that install cctv use closed-circuit television cameras in home to keep track of elders, children or pets. After appropriate setup, you can check in CCTV cameras if elders fall down, children arrive home safely or pets eat food on time.
  • Record Valuable Moments: The beautiful moments of life won’t be missed out or blurred over time, CCTV cameras can always witness and record something unbelievable, memorable or even crazy.
  • Business Use: Monitoring of critical areas such as storefronts, offices or warehouses mainly requires the system of closed-circuit television (the CCTV long form) to take care of your properties or improve employees’ productivity[5][6].
  • This system allows single-person residents to relieve the anxiety caused by the password leakage and unforeseen visitors, making solve the growing social problems occuring in single- person households.
  • The performance of the proposed method is found to be better as it enables the user to take immediate action to stop the crime while it is in progress.

1.8 Application of the Study

Wireless security cameras are becoming more and more popular in the consumer market, being a cost-effective way to have a comprehensive surveillance system installed in a home or business for an often less expensive price. Wireless cameras are also ideal for people renting homes or apartments. Since there is no need to run video extension cables through walls or ceilings (from the camera to the receiver or recording device) one does not need approval of a landlord to install a wireless security camera system. Additionally, the lack of wiring allows for less “clutter,” avoiding damage to the look of a building. A wireless security camera is also a great option for seasonal monitoring and surveillance. For example, one can observe a pool or patio

1.9 Limitation of the Study

Setting up a surveillance camera in your properties may cost huge amount of money. It also need to have 24hrs power supply system, which means the installation of the system becomes a problem for areas or countries where power supply is a challenge [7].

Wireless security cameras function best when there is a clear line of sight between the camera(s) and the receiver. Trees that are in the line of sight of the wireless camera and receiver may also impact signal strength.

The signal range also depends on whether there are competing signals using the same frequency as the camera.

1.9 Research Questions

At the end of this work student involved shall be able to answer the following question:

  • What is the purpose of CCTV?
  • How does wireless CCTV camera works?
  • Does Wireless CCTV interfere gsm?

1.10 Methodology

To achieve the aim and objectives of this work, the following are the steps involved:

  • Study of the previous work on the project so as to improve it efficiency.
  • Draw a block diagram.
  • Test for continuity of components and devices,
  • programming of microcontroller
  • Design and calculation for the work was carried out.
  • Studying of various component used in circuit.
  • Construct the whole circuit.
  • Finally, the whole device was cased and final test was carried out.

1.11 Project Organisation

The work is organized as follows: chapter one discuses the introductory part of the work, chapter two presents the literature review of the study, chapter three describes the methods applied, chapter four discusses the results of the work, chapter five summarizes the research outcomes and the recommendations

  • CHAPTER TWO: The chapter one of this work has been displayed above. The complete chapter two of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” is also available. Order full work to download. Chapter two of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” consists of the literature review. In this chapter all the related work on “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” was reviewed.
  • CHAPTER THREE: The complete chapter three of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” is available. Order full work to download. Chapter three of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” consists of the methodology. In this chapter all the method used in carrying out this work was discussed.
  • CHAPTER FOUR: The complete chapter four of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” is available. Order full work to download. Chapter four of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” consists of all the test conducted during the work and the result gotten after the whole work
  • CHAPTER FIVE: The complete chapter five of design and construction of a “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” is available. Order full work to download. Chapter five of “design and construction of wireless cctv using otp” consist of conclusion, recommendation and references.

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