Design And Construction Of RF Based Remote Controller For Electric Lamp

Project and Seminar Material For Electrical Electronics Engineering EEE

Design And Construction Of RF Based Remote Controller For Electric Lamp


This project work deals on the design and construction of an Rf based remote control for an electronic/electrical device say electric lamp with the aim of switching on/off of the lamp at discretion and from a distance. It also eliminates the inconveniences associated with manual switching of lamps. This electronic system is designed in two functional units; the transmitter and the receiver using radio frequency (RF) communication wave band.

The transmitter is a hand-held remote control while the receiver consists of a tuned radio frequency receiver, clock generator, delay circuit, flip-flop and a driver circuitry and electromagnetic relay which actuates the load (lamp). When the remote control button is pressed, the lamp comes ON and remains ON until the remote is pressed again – it goes OFF. Many advantages are accredited to this design in terms of robust, durability, cost effectiveness and components availability. The result being the simple design of a system easy to operate and maintain. A miniaturized design of it will be a reliable, robust and rugged consumer electronics that will sell like a German burger.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the study

Electronic communication has gained a holistic approach in the world technological growth. Apparently, no modern electronic system is capable of fascinating the society without an aspect of telecommunication. This trend is so progressive that most remote control systems are designed with RF.

In recent times there has been a lot of advancement in the area dealing with the lighting control systems. In particular, stage lighting has been in limelight since 15th century when there were theatres which were the stage for enacting plays of many great artists. Till todayit is popular worldwide, the process might be a never ending. So basically the beauty of the act performed mostly depends on the way the lighting is focused on the actors, performing on the stage. Since we know that science has certainly developed a lot since the beginning of 15th century till today, we see that the stage lighting control systems are routinely being developed to make things more sophisticated and the performance more realistic. Technology invaded our lives in mid 19th century and since then there has been drastic increase in efficiency and modification of lighting control systems. Ever since the discovery of electromagnetism, the technological area has gained a tremendous momentum. Slowly the real time applications of EM waves started and it has wide applications in lighting control systems too.

1.2 General description of the project

The above-mentioned development motivated me to embark on a project research work on the design and construction of an Rf based remote control electric lamp. This electronic system is designed with a handheld remote control realized using frequency generator and modulator coupled into a tuned class-C amplifier. The amplified signal is radiated into the atmosphere through a tank circuit at a particular frequency. The receiver is realized with a tuned radio frequency (TRF) receiver coupled into a transistor static switch. These solid state switches are used to clock a D-type flip-flop through a delay circuit. The output of the flip-flop biases a driver circuitry realized using a Darlington pair transistors which drives the relay to switch ON/OFF the lamp connected to its normally open contact, whenever the remote is pressed.

1.3 Objectives of the study/project

One of the objectives of this project is to design and implement an Rf based remote control for electric lamp capable of switching ON/OFF of electric lamp from a maximum distance of 200m at convenience.

It is also aimed at exposing the graduating student to electronic system design using random logic. It is also aimed at familiarizing the young engineers with digital system design involving telecommunication systems. Another objective of this project is to ground the young engineers in engineering design which is indispensable in engineering professional practice.

1.4 Significance of the Project

This project work signifies a lot in telecom, computer and electronic engineering. It is very useful in a number of domestic places like in bedroom and security lamps in the compound. A project of this type if modified can be used as a gate/door opening system, car immobilizer and for industrial process control. Another vital significance of this system is in the control of Air conditioner and refrigerators and other lamps in modern buildings. This system can be used to start and stop a power generating set from a distance.

1.5 Scope of the Project

This project work covers the following: tuned radio frequency transmitter and receiver, flip-flops, Darlington pair transistors and delay circuits. It also lays great emphasis on passive and active components used to implement the system. It x-rays the mode of calculation of the basic circuit parameters and other areas of application of the system.

Chapter Six


This system can develop new inventive idea for electric lamp with multitasking system. It consists of advanced technologies which offer high efficiency and reliability. Energy efficiency is obtained by LED electric lamp which is high energy efficient and uses renewable energy source hence it would-be cost-effective system.

This type of electric lamp can be used in various performances. This system is flexible, extendable and adaptive to new technological needs. Various effects can be inculcated accordingly. Advancement is on progress to find newer ways every day to improvise and sophisticate the lighting system which is the main platform for arts and scientific innovation.

As there are advancement in technologies far better ways to increase the range of stage lighting applications are tested. In near future there is high probability of wide range of electric lamp control systems, seeing the pace of advancement in last decade and so. Using technologies like this one day we might be able to ease all the human efforts, comforting lives and making them look beautiful.

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