Design And Construction Of Office Complex For School Of Environmental Design Technology

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Design And Construction Of Office Complex For School Of Environmental Design Technology


As students of Building Technology Department in School of Environmental Design Technology in Federal Polytechnic Nekede we have gotten to the level which our faculty needs an office complex block like other faculties in other technologies. This office block contains Dean office H.O.D Chief Lecturers Senior Lecturers other Lecturers Security office conference hall toilets stores and other important things.

This is to make sure that all the staffs in this faculty will be in one office block for easy location and easy to pass information. Also to unite them as one faculty. The integrated project in the design and construction of office block complex for School of Environmental Design Technology was successfully carried out with strict and close supervision of our supervisor. We recommend that the block work should be laid in stretcher bond with cement sand at the ratio of 1:6 and the hollow of concrete block should be filled with weak concrete to ensure adequate strength and rigidity.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Building Technology is a department in School of Environmental Design in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, located in Umuerim Nekede, Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State.

As students of Building Technology in Federal Polytechnic Nekede, we found it necessary and important to have a complex building, which will contain the Dean, H.O.D’s and all the Lecturers in School of Environmental Design Technology. This is to make it possible for our school or faculty to be at the same level of technology with other Environmental and Design Technology of Polytechnics in some developed countries of the world.

We also found out that due to the versatile nature of this our faculty of Environmental Design and Technology, it is very difficult for both Dean of Environmental, Head of Departments, and Lecturers to get all the needed offices, rest room, conference hall, stores and security office which will help this faculty to be experts in this field they have chosen. We therefore deem it necessary to build a complex building which will contain the seven departments that makes up of this faculty as a school of its own.

1.1 Aim and Objectives

The aim of this project is to make sure that all the staffs in School of Environmental design and the staffs in School of Environmental Design and Technology comes together as one faculty, and have there own building and conference hall.

1.2 Objectives

  1. The objectives of building are to unit this faculty.
  2. This is to create more offices to the staff of this faculty.
  3. This is to make easy delivery of information.
  4. Also for the students to locate the office of their lecturers.

1.2 Significance

This work will benefit so many people, the people who will benefit from this work are: it will create offices for the Lecturer, and students will not find it difficult to locate there Lecturers office.

School of Environmental Design Technology will be in this same rate with other Polytechnic in development countries.

1.3 Limitation

Limitation in the cause of this project work, on inadequate fund to effectively carryout a through and comprehensive study of the study.

Time constraint also hamphered the effective study of the topic.

1.4 Feasibility Study

From the background report, the Dean of study, Head of Departments and Lecturers of this faculty, find it difficult to have there meeting in this faculty and is also difficult of there lecturers because of the non availability of conference hall and officers.

This feasibility reports has made it so necessary to have a well constructed office complex with a conference hall for the School of Environmental Design Technology Staffs and in conjunction with a good and standardized structure that will have enough facilities such as a well H.O.D’s office room, security, other lecturers offices, conference hall, well constructed toilet and observed that the site is suitable for the construction of this office complex. The topography of land, the accessibility an services into the area are okay.

1.5 Working Drawing

The production of modern office complex for the School of Environmental Design Technology with facilities is written in our competence having studied Architectural Design and Drawing during our course of study.

We spilt this into three with the mandate for each person to produce a sketch. This was done in two days and we consulted our supervisor with sketch, after the consultation some corrections were made and the best option was reached.

The production of the Architectural Drawing, structural drawing, Electrical Drawing and Mechanical drawing including the calculations were delegated to members as a team respectively for the production. This was to be done in one week.

We collected the works and consulted our supervisor who after going through the work approved its final production. The end production of the work enabled us to proceed with the writing of the construction process, taking off and production drawing as produced by the group.

1.6 Site Investigation Report

In this process, the working drawing has been approved and a visit was made on the project site to know if the site is accessible. Hence an access road which linked the main road was constructed and in a much manner to make the transportation of materials to be close to the site and easy for the workers to access routes within and around the site was also constructed.

1.7 Setting Out

Setting out is the process of transferring to the ground what is in the working drawing, floor plan on the surface of the earth taken note of the dimensions on the building plan.

There are many ways of setting out, examples, they are: 3, 4, 5 method, the use of builders square. Before we set out this building we took precautions of number of factors, we also considered the building line.

The first step was to establish the building line that demarcates outer face of the front of the building. We determine the building line by establishing a measurement of about 8m from the back of the public footpath.
The builder’s square method was used in setting out this building and the tools used are, builders square hammer, pins and lines. The materials comprises the front part of the building from the building line along the road and a peg A is established. A builders square was placed on the peg with the help of a nail at centre of the peg and a ranging line stretched along one end of the square, just by the side at the square and another peg is established with the correct dimension of the proposed building which is 41714mm which is the width of the proposed building. The line is stretched through the corner of peg A where builder square is placed and to touch the second side of the square at the required distance which is 43800mm and a third peg C is established, which create a corner of angle 90. Another peg D is established with the corresponding dimension of the building above which is 41714mm and the builder square relocated to peg C and same operation above were repeated, with their corresponding dimensions taken, profiles were erected outside the building marked on the profile with the help of the building line. Space of the blocks was marked off on the profile as well as that of the apartment along the profile and the size of foundation trenches marked off as well.

The profile was spaced 1m apart as the dimensions from the plan marked on the profile was translated to the ground.

Precautions Taken
  1. The building was accurately erected at the right position on the plot of land.
  2. The proper reference was made to local building line, with the existing buildings on both sides of the site since it is found in between existing buildings.
  3. The building was well oriented i.e. faced the right direction.
  4. All the procedure found was taken carefully.

1.8 Equipments Required

The equipments or tools required for this project are as follows:

  1. Bulldozer
  2. Wheel barrow
  3. Hammer
  4. Spade
  5. Mixer
  6. Shovel
  7. Machete
  8. Rake
  9. Tape
  10. Digging mattock

1.9 Materials

The materials used in this project are:

  1. Cement,
  2. Fine Aggregates,
  3. Coarse Aggregate,
  4. Water,
  5. Blocks,
  6. Boards,
  7. Zincs,
  8. Nails,
  9. Tape and
  10. Shovel.

Chapter Three

3.0 Conclusion and Recommendation

3.1 Conclusion

The integrated project on the design and construction offices complex for School of Environmental Design Technology was successfully carried out with strict and close supervision of our supervisor with limited time and resources at our disposal, we were able to accomplish this project on time.

The project will provide a good workability services and better management policies which was drawn out from a good working skill and techniques observed in construction industries. All the items written about are measured, strictly comply and conforms to the building regulations, code of practice and conforms to building regulations, code of practice and standard method of measurement.

We believe that this structure is put in good use, it will serve the purpose of its construction and reduce maintenance to the barest minimum.

3.2 Recommendation

We recommend that the block work should be laid in stretcher bond with cement and sand at the ratio of 1:6 and the hollow of the sandcrete block should be filled with weak concrete to ensure adequate strength and rigidity.

The office complex should have all the necessary facilities which will help the health of our stuff.
While carrying out their project, the student should adhere strictly to instructions by their supervisor for effective production.

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