Design And Construction Of A Digital Timetable Display

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Design And Construction Of A Digital Timetable Display


Classroom usually has a timetable plate embedded on the wall near the front door. However, the only purpose for displaying classroom’s timetable cannot fulfill the future digital classroom requirement. They need more automatic, integrated, and intelligent functionality in the classroom environment. Besides, the vision of future smart classroom is to select sustainable technology solutions that have the possibilities of dramatically improving the instructional delivery process and to engage the student in their learning experience.

Therefore, the aspiration for providing more intelligent capability will go back to the improvement of classroom environment itself. Within the classroom, how to create a smart space is our goal. By means of introducing smart timetable plate, we can create a new use case for the application of smart classroom. The creative model not only bring the new style school living but also encourage the reform of traditional classroom environment.

Digital timetable displays are used to communicate timetable information these days, facilitating our need for accurate and on-demand information. Digital displays have become a powerful tool for reaching a moving students.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Digital timetable is a large outdoor advertising/displaying structure, typically found in school, high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Digital timetable present large information to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large figures and letters, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas.

Digital timetables are used to deliver advertising and informational messages to students people who are passing by the displays. Unlike LCD monitors used on laptops and smartphones, Digital timetables use clusters of highly efficient, very bright light emitting diodes (LEDs) to display full-color display of information. Depending on regulatory and technical considerations, this content may be a series of static slides, a broadcast-quality video or animation sequence, or a combination of both.

1.1 Background of the Project

Today’s Digital timetables are typically comprised of a series of self-contained modules that house LED lamps, wiring, and electronics in an aluminum or steel enclosure. Each module, which can be square or rectangular (typically 2-3 feet on a side), weighs around 100-150 lbs. So, a digital timetables comparable in size to a standard 14×48′ roadside display will weigh several thousand pounds when installed.

In the past, LED-based Digital timetables were frequently custom-built to a customer’s exact specifications. But the modular nature of today’s LED Digital timetables systems means that standard-sized modules can be pre-built ahead of time, kept in inventory, and then stacked together in different shapes and configurations to meet the specific requirements of a customer’s Digital timetable project. This standardized approach translates to lower costs and faster delivery times, and makes it easier for customers to choose the exact shape and size of their Digital timetables.

As new display technologies continue to lower the cost and improve the visual impact of Digital timetables and signs, it is likely that these displays will begin to replace various types of static signs and Digital timetable, both in roadside and other applications. Considering the geographically dispersed nature of most billboard deployments, an electronic Digital timetable solution should include remote scheduling software that makes it easy to change content on one digital timetable, a group of Digital timetable, or the entire network simultaneously.

1.2 Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this work is to design digital displaying device displays information that are changed by a computer every few seconds. Digital timetables are primarily used for reminding and passing information to people, but they can also serve public service purposes.

1.3 Objective of the Project

Digital timetables are designed to catch a person’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it. They have to be readable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at high speeds. The objective of this work is on a Digital timetables can be used to display time of activities in the school.

1.4 Significance of the Project

Some of the most prominent digital timetables are alongside class rooms; since passing students typically have little to occupy their attention; the impact of the timetable is greater. Digital timetables are often drivers’ primary method of finding lecture time, exam time etc.

  • Keep students updated in real time with flexible messaging options.
  • Change copy within minutes without any printing or installation costs.

1.5 Limitation of the Project

Businesses evaluating use of digital timetables as part of a information strategy should weigh not only the significance but the limitation of this method of displaying or advertising. Some residents fear this new advertising technology may result in driver distraction, and the Federal Highway Administration is reevaluating legislation and regulations for controlling outdoor advertising due to this concern.

Costs for displaying using this medium may also be significantly more than other established forms of timetable.

1.6 Application of the Project


Many signs advertise local restaurants and shops in the coming miles, and are crucial to drawing business in small towns. Some signs were placed at great distances. Digital timetables is placed in high way to communicate with passerby and drivers.


Digital timetables in underground stations, especially, is perhaps a place where they find a greater degree of acceptability and may assist in maintaining a neat, vibrant and safe atmosphere if not too distracting.

In School:

Digital timetables are used to display to students time and date for their daily, weekly or monthly activities.

1.7 Project Idea

Digital timetable is primary thing in any institution or organization or public utility places like bus stations, railway stations and parks. But sticking various notices day-to-day is a difficult process. A separate person is required to take care of this notices display. This project deals about an advanced Digital timetable. The project is built around a micro controller which provides all the functionality of the display and wireless control. Display is obtained on LED The advantage of this project being low cost and low power consumption.

1.8 Project Work Organisation

The various stages involved in the development of this project have been properly put into five chapters to enhance comprehensive and concise reading. In this project thesis, the project is organized sequentially as follows:

  • Chapter one of this work is on the introduction to a digital time table. In this chapter, the background, significance, objective limitation and problem of a digital time table were discussed.
  • Chapter two is on literature review of a digital time table. In this chapter, all the literature pertaining to this work was reviewed.
  • Chapter three is on design methodology. In this chapter all the method involved during the design and construction were discussed.
  • Chapter four is on testing analysis. All testing that result accurate functionality was analyzed.
  • Chapter five is on conclusion, recommendation and references.

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