Design And Construction Of An Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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Design And Construction Of An Automatic Voltage Stabilizer


In the world today, the use of power supply in electronics equipment and gadgets has increased and it is still increasing. These power supplies are not stable as required by these electronics.

This arise the need for the power stabilization as to overcome this problem

This project handles this problem very well. Some recommendations were also made on this topic and student and users of electronics equipment will find them useful.

Chapter One


In Nigeria and some other parts of the world today, the electricity power supply to consumers (at homes and industries) are not maintained at a stipulated voltage say 240 volts. But the electronics gadgets and some other power operated machines, that we use in our homes, offices and industries requires power with constant or nearly constant voltage for their efficiency, and to avoid damage by the voltage.

Voltage stabilizer is an electronic control circuit or device that is capable of providing a constant or nearly constant output voltage even when there is variation in load or input voltage as low as 90 volt can be boast up to 240 volt by stabilizer at output stage without any voltage fluctuation.

Chapter Five

5.0 Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Discussion

The design and construction of this automatic voltage stabilizer is a very interesting project and a useful one. It involves a lot of interesting stages with interesting processes. But these does not mean that some difficulties were not encountered during the construction.

Some of the significant problems encountered are t he problem of faulty components. Some of the component like relay that you cannot detect the faulty ones until you power it, gave much problem in the construction. But we over come this by using a suitable transformer (12 v) to check the switching before putting it into the circuit. Other faulty components were indicated with the aid of testing instruments. Another problem was unavailability of some of exact value of the required components, we overcome this by references made to data book and some other texts and get the equivalent values.

5.2 Conclusion

The production of this voltage stabilizer was successfully done and it gives constant voltage to the equipment powered via it. The capacity of this stabilizer can be altered by the change of some component values and sizes.

A certain minimal load can be powered via this equipment without fluctuation. The output voltage is constant within certain range for a particular load connected via it. We therefore recommend this equipment for users.

Because the losses suffered by the users as a result of fluctuation in voltage supply has been drastically reduced by the stabilizer.

Some faults which may occur to this equipment include the failure of the zener diode, transistors, the relay, and diodes.

This circuit is packed in a casing to make it portable and safe for use. Water should not be allowed to enter the container and the equipment must not be used with the cover left open to avoid electrocution.

5.3 Recommendation

The realization of this project, apart from being a sinequanon for the award of National Diploma Certificate in ELECTRICAL/ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING, will further serve as an indispensable guide to anybody who wants to embark on such project in future by giving a first hand information on the principles of operations, design and construction of an automatic voltage stabilizer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an automatic voltage regulator stabilizer do?

This cut off is implemented in the stabilizers as a protection to your equipment. What is Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR)? It’s a control system. As its name suggests, It is not possible to operate manually. It stabilises the output voltage of generator. It divides the reactive load between the generators in parallel operation.

Is voltage stabilizer required for an AC?

Yes, a stabilizer is required to run an inverter air conditioner. A voltage stabilizer will prevent any irreparable damage from being caused to your inverter air conditioner. 1. Can We Connect AC Without A Stabilizer? If your AC has an S-UTR compressor, you can connect it without a stabilizer.

Does ups work as a voltage stabilizer?

Yes ups does stabilize the output voltage but between 180 to 260 V only. If the voltage goes below then you will have to use some servo stabilizer servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer, sine wave inverter exporter, isolation transformer supplier, automatic voltage controller, new delhi, India, dealer, distributor, oem 1.2K views

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