Design And Construction Of An Automatic Power-Resumption Alarm

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Design And Construction Of An Automatic Power-Resumption Alarm


Power restoration is a period of time when the electricity supply to a particular building or area is restored, for example because of replacement or servicing damage to the cables or any other reason. Sometimes when power resumes the occupant of the house may not be aware unless if power resumption alarm is used in such home to detect the presence of power supply resumption. Most power-resumption alarm devices produce non-stop alarm when power resumes. To overcome this problem, this automatic circuit that sounds an alarm for a few seconds only after power resumes. Whenever power failure occurs this circuit does not sound any alarm. But when power resumes it produces an alarm sound for about 11 seconds or more.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Service restoration is one of the most mission-critical processes at a utility. When the lights go out, it’s the utility’s top job to restore service. Many utilities create storm response organizations that are activated when a large-scale outage occurs, and utility personnel immediately jump into their role in that organization.

Without a smart grid, the outage response process relies heavily on partial information and incomplete visibility. Moreover, utilities continue to depend heavily on customer calls to report outages – and they lose valuable restoration time waiting for customers to report outages, especially when outages occur in the middle of the night.
Fortunately, with a smart grid, utilities can take advantage of a variety of specific real-time technologies that help address these limitations. AMI meters play a crucial role in speeding service restoration. They deliver immediate last gasp alarms whenever power is lost and service restoration notifications when service is restored.

In modern society, it is impossible to imagine life without electricity. Modern equipment requires a continuous supply of electricity. Not only industry, but also in the household. Take the case of an ordinary refrigerator. If you experience a power off situation, your food will be spoilt. But much more important, what if the power failure “spoils” your business. For example, uninterrupted power supply is needed for your server, which manages your accounting programme or provides uninterrupted operation of your website.

Of course, in most critical applications, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are used, but this is not always the case. Also, these devices cannot provide continuous operation in the event of remote power off. Often you need to take other action according to the situation.

For us to be notified when the power ON condition has occurred a power supply signal device is used. This system indicates when there is power failure through alarm indication. As soon as the system experiences power failure you will receive a signal from an alarm.

1.2 Objective of the Project

The objective of the project is to design a power supply monitoring device that will trigger a buzzer when the mains supply restoration. Once the buzzer sound, one will know that there is a restoration of power supply and actions need to be taken to rectify the situation by providing alternative power supply or relocating the installation.

1.3 Significance of the Project

The power restoration alarm is intended to be installed on a manual transfer panel or generator-ready load center. During a power outage, when the main breaker has been turned off to allow the generator to provide emergency power to the panel, the power outage can be activated and will emit a pulsing 105dB alarm when the power outage ends and utility power is again available.

Power restoration alarm notifies you by alarm when your electrical equipment suffers a power supply. If you have important equipment you want to run and want to know if there has been a power supply so that you power the device, this app can help you by telling you when electric power is supplied.

1.4 Limitation of the Project

It is true that it is said “everything that has advantages also will have disadvantages,” but for the case of this project, the only limitation is that it causes disturbance. When the alarm blows it causes distraction. Even at the middle of the night when there is power restoration/ power supply, the alarm will distract one’s sleep

1.5 Application of Power Restoration Alarm

Typical uses of power restoration alarm includes monitoring:

  • Fridges/freezers;
  • Fish tanks/aquariums;
  • Sump pumps;
  • Computer equipment;
  • Heating systems;
  • Chemical storage;
  • And many other applications.

1.9 Methodology

To achieve the aim and objectives of this work, the following are the steps involved:

  1. Study of the previous work on the project so as to improve it efficiency.
  2. Draw a block diagram.
  3. Test for continuity of components and devices,
  4. Design of the alarm was carried out.
  5. Studying of various component used in circuit.
  6. Construct the circuit.
  7. Finally, the whole device was cased and final test was carried out.

1.6 Project Work Organisation

The various stages involved in the development of this project have been properly put into five chapters to enhance comprehensive and concise reading. In this project thesis, the project is organized sequentially as follows:

  • Chapter one of this work is on the introduction to the power restoration alarm. In this chapter, the background, significance, objective limitation and problem of power restoration alarm were discussed.
  • Chapter two is on literature review of power restoration alarm. In this chapter, all the literature pertaining to this work was reviewed.
  • Chapter three is on design methodology. In this chapter all the method involved during the design and construction were discussed.
  • Chapter four is on testing analysis. All testing that result accurate functionality was analyzed.
  • Chapter five is on conclusion, recommendation and references.

Chapter Five

5.1 Conclusion

At the end of this work, the aim of the construction was achieved which is to design alarm circuit will alert you whenever there’s a power supply in the mains. In some special conditions it becomes imperative to know whether the mains that powers some important system or circuit is present.

5.2 Recommendation

This project is designed to be used in homes and industries and wherever the need for an indication of power upply is needed. And should be used and maintain by a qualified personnel.

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