Design And Construct Microcontroller Based Digital Clock For The Real Time Dissemination

Project and Seminar Material For Electrical Electronics Engineering EEE

Design And Construct Microcontroller Based Digital Clock For The Real Time Dissemination

Chapter One


The world as it stands now can be said to be digitalised in every ramification and as such this project is aimed at looking for the way to change the way the time of the day is computed and displayed to the end user. In this method a microcontroller PIC16F877A is being used and this will calculated the time based on the number of the internal instruction is has executed and reflect the result in digitalized form on a series of matrix seven segment display.

Infra red signal will be the line of communication between the digital clock and the end user through which the digital clockโ€™s time can be modify/set.

Operating basically on the mains power supply, a backup battery power supply will be inculcated to provide power supply to the entire power system in the absence of mains power supply.

Aim of the Project

To design and construct microcontroller based digital clock for the real time dissemination.


  1. To be able to calculate the time using microcontroller (16F877A)
  2. To be able to interface a microcontroller to sharp remote control
  3. To be able to display the date and time in a digitized form on a matrix 7 segment display

Scope of Study

This project work is to cover the following area:

  1. Demonstrate the principle of scanning in television system as applied to an electronic notice board.
  2. Demonstrate the principle of multiplexing in data communication as applied to an electronic notice board.
  3. Demonstrate the coding system of a bitmap image used in graphic work as applied to an electronic notice board.
  4. Description of a computer system embedded on a single chip.
  5. Features and limitations of such a computer system on a single chip.
  6. Covers the assembly language understood by the microcontrollers.
  7. Application of software compilers to microcontrollers.
  8. Interfacing microcontroller with infra red remote control.
  9. Effecting/controlling hardware with software and software with hardware-interfacing.

Method of Study

The compilation of this project is as a result of research carried out using library for consultation of various textbooks, magazines and journals to source for useful information. Several internet websites were visited to get relevant information on the project topic. The amendment and testing of circuit as well as the construction of the whole project was done in the laboratory. The valuable and constructive guidelines, advices and instructions as provided by my project supervisor also helped achieved the set target.

Chapter Five

Conclusion, Limitation and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

This particular project has taken one through some of the acts of engineering practice which involve; design, construction and testing. The project demonstrates that through the use of devices such as PIC16F877, 7805 voltage regulator and other components used, electrical power usage can be monitored and controlled.

5.2 Limitation

This project has the following limitations:

  • The maximum allowable time input is ninety-nine minutes.
  • It only supports 13-amp socket.
  • The input can only be set in the minute scale.
  • The buzzer continues to buzz until the system is attended to. This can weaken the backup battery if allowed to buzz for a long period of time.

5.3 Recommendation

The following are recommended for future improvement:

  • The buzzer should be programmed to buzz for maximum of ten (10) seconds.
  • Set input of more than ninety-nine minutes.
  • Set input in โ€˜secondsโ€™ scale.

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