Deceit And Denial; The Deadly Politics Of Industrial Pollution

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Deceit And Denial; The Deadly Politics Of Industrial Pollution

Chapter One


Deceit and Denial details the attempts by the chemical and lead industries to deceive Americans about the dangers that their deadly products present to workers, the public, and consumers.

Gerald Markowitz and David Rosner pursued evidence steadily and relentlessly, interviewed the important players, investigated untapped sources, and uncovered a bruising story of cynical and cruel disregard for health and human rights. This resulting exposé is full of startling revelations, provocative arguments, and disturbing conclusions–all based on remarkable research and information gleaned from secret industry documents.

This book reveals for the first time the public relations campaign that the lead industry undertook to convince Americans to use its deadly product to paint walls, toys, furniture, and other objects in America’s homes, despite a wealth of information that children were at risk for serious brain damage and death from ingesting this poison. Industrial Pollution This book highlights the immediate dangers ordinary citizens face because of the relentless failure of industrial polluters to warn, inform, and protect their workers and neighbors.

It offers a historical analysis of how corporate control over scientific research has undermined the process of proving the links between toxic chemicals and disease. The authors also describe the wisdom, courage, and determination of workers and community members who continue to voice their concerns despite vicious opposition. Industrial Pollution Readable, ground-breaking, and revelatory, Deceit and Denial provides crucial answers to questions of dangerous environmental degradation, escalating corporate greed, and governmental disregard for its citizens’ safety and health. After eleven years, Markowitz and Rosner update their work with a new epilogue that outlines the attempts these industries have made to undermine and create doubt about the accuracy of the information in this book.

Limitations of the Study

A limitation of this study is the use of survey research. There may be surveys returned that were not filled out truthfully or with responses that do not reflect true intentions. The results will not be generalizable beyond the population or sample used.

Chapter Five


Fighting for environmental justice and equity will be a long, uphill battle. But it is not worthless to fight for. The people in Cancer Alley deserve environmental equity and safe, healthy lives. It is appalling that larger corporations force these petrochemical facilities into the areas where marginalized people dwell and have little say. I propose that environmental justice cannot truly be won over until systemic change has begun. I argue that by making Louisiana have stricter environment environmental legislation as well as policies, this will help lessen the damage that is wreaked upon the environment. Additionally, the concept of NIMBYism should no longer be placing undesirable environmental ills into those who cannot move away from them or fight back against them. The disenfranchisement of the people in cancer alley has put them down for far too long. Fortunately, the social movements that have begun are on their way to making fundamental environmental change. However, this cannot be done with them alone. More communities need to band together to help make a change in our marginalized areas in communities. Because everyone deserves environmental equity and should not have to fear about everyone in their community dying of cancer or other illnesses due to the omnipresence of petrochemical industries in the area in which they live, play, and work. That is simply unfair because poorer people and people of color are overall more disadvantaged as a whole in the entire United States because of the rampant racism that has been going on for decades. This paper has explored the perceptions of a sample of 400 residents living close to Map Ta Phut industrial estate concerning environmental management taking place on the estate. Those perceptions certainly seem to have been shaped significantly by previous episodes of poor management that have taken place and negative feelings are likely to reappear quite swiftly if given reason to do so. The IEAT and Map Ta Phut management teams should give some consideration to what impact this has on their stakeholder management plans. There is a need to repeat this research in some form to determine how people’s opinions change over the course of time and, indeed, with respect to any further incidences of mismanagement. It is also necessary to study the ways in which industrial estate management teams around the world have tackled these issues with a view to determining best practice and distilling the lessons learned for use back in Thailand.

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