Dangers Of Cultism Within Student’s Of Tertiary Institutions

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Dangers Of Cultism Within Student’s Of Tertiary Institutions




The largest and most humiliating challenge confronting Nigeria’s higher institutions today is the resurgence of the threat and aggressiveness of cult activity (Ogunade, 2002).

Clearly, cultism is believed to be the mother of all crimes in tertiary institutions, and this issue has harmed the reputation of our institutions, as well as the quality of learning and the integrity of the grandaunts.

According to Ogunade (2002), a secret cult is a closed, structured group of people who have a common goal. It is a closed group with a holy philosophy and a set of ceremonies that revolve around its hidden symbols.

Blood is occasionally included in cult activities. It might be the blood of an animal or that of a person. During rival group battles with the university, colleges, he stated that blood pours, and many lives are lost in the process.

Cultism is described as a secretive ritual practiced by a group of individuals whose membership acceptance, policy, and initiation procedures, as well as their manner of operation, have negative consequences for both members and non-members (Ajayi, 2015).

This research takes a multifaceted look at the hazards of secret cults in Nigerian universities, colleges, and polytechnics.

According to Thomas (2002), when confraternities first appeared in the 1950s, they were not violent. Unfortunately, they were eventually hijacked by military regimes eager to strengthen their grip on university students who may rebel against them. Military officials, for example, saw virulent student unionism as a challenge to their power consolidation.

As a result, covert cults were employed to suppress student unions and their anti-government activities (Thomas, 2002).

This research will investigate the definition of secret cults, as well as the history of secret cults in Nigerian higher education institutions, as well as the reasons why students join secret cults, the manner of recruiting into secret cults, and the danger of cultism and how to combat it. However, attempts will be made to explore the creation of hidden units from the viewpoints of changes occurring both within and outside of institutions.

As of September 2003, 5,000 students and professors have died on Nigerian universities as a result of cult-related violent conflicts, according to Okwu (2006).

The Pirates Confraternity, also known as Sea Lord, was founded as a student protest group at the University of Ibadan in 1952 (Okwu, 2006).


Since independence, with the crises in the west, violence has been a part of our political culture for a long time (Okwu, 2006).

Even during the democratic government of the second republic, the military government contributed to extreme moral decadence in society, where honor and integrity were no longer respected virtues, and university administration became autocratic, encouraging cultism, which was frequently used to settle personal scores, and war in communities, which was traditionally fought at the level of the intelligent and scholarship, was reduced to fighting with stone eyes (Okwu, 2006).

What’s more perplexing is the callousness with which security students utilize advanced weapons of mass devastation among themselves. These issues are the research project’s Lauren. The purpose of this study is to investigate the scope of this threat with the goal of generating beneficial recommendations for improved academic communities in the country, as well as the rise of military rule in Nigeria, which came about as a result of violence. Politicians utilized cult members to establish personal scores and to reverse the situation (Ogunade, 2002).

Cultism is a social crime that is endemic at universities, colleges of education, and polytechnics across the country; it is a social danger that is not limited to just institutions of higher learning, but is a widespread phenomena that affects the whole society; secondary schools are not immune (Ogunade, 2002).

Cultist practices, according to Okwu (2002), are fraught with bloodshed. It might be the blood of an animal or that of a person.


This research seeks:

1. To investigate the link between cultism and violence among tertiary institute audiences.

2. To propose methods for preventing and/or reversing cultist actions and practices in higher education.

3. To determine the dangers of cultism on tertiary institution students and personnel.

4. To determine the factors that contribute to cultist behavior and behaviors.


To lead the inquiry, the following research questions have been established.

1.What is the link between cultism and violence among tertiary institute audiences?

2. What are the methods for preventing and/or reversing cultist actions and practices in higher education?

3. what are the dangers of cultism on tertiary institution students and personnel?

4.What are the factors that contribute to cultist behavior and behaviors?


Cultism and secret cults are terms that are commonly used in today’s Nigerian culture. In practically all of our cities and towns, it is openly used by the elderly, middle-aged, adolescents, and even little children.

Between 1983 and 1984, a former military head of state, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, created the phrase “secret cult.” Prior to this time, these groups were always known as fraternities (Ogunade, 2002).

As a result, this study will be crucial since it is likely to shed more light on the importance of controlling violence and slum cultism in all Nigerian higher institutions. The researcher will also emphasize strategies to safeguard students in the institutions.

Furthermore, this research would be beneficial to all students at all levels of institutions who want to learn why they should avoid violence and reject cultism.


The study’s focus will be limited to the Abeokuta municipality, namely Federal College of Education, Osiele Abeokuta.

The goal of this research is to learn more about the dangers of cultism among Nigerian tertiary students and viable remedies. Due to the fact that our levels of exposure varies from person to person. It’s quite hard to precisely and objectively quantify the quantity of documentation and criminality arising from secret cult activity.

As a result, probable crimes arising from secret cults activities are spread among rape, manslaughter, and other depending on education the number of institutions in Nigeria today the number of cultists cannot be determined.


A. Cultism is a religious belief typically thought to be radical or untrue, with its adherents frequently living in an unorthodox manner under the control of authoritarians, according to Thesaurus Dictionary.

B. Menace: A person or object that causes or may cause significant damage, injury, or danger, according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.

C. Eradication: To completely eradicate or destroy something.

D. Institution: An organization, establishment, foundation, society, or the like that is dedicated to the advancement of a certain cause or purpose, particularly one that is public, educational, or philanthropic.

Dangers Of Cultism Within Student’s Of Tertiary Institutions

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Dangers Of Cultism Within Student’s Of Tertiary Institutions


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of cultism on the education system?

THE EFFECTS CULTISM HAS ON THE Cult activities (which include killing, maiming, STUDENTS raping of fellow students and even lecturers) may disrupt the academic calendar of the nation The attendant effects of cultism on the learning institutions of learning (Ogidefa 2008).

How to curb cultism among students of tertiary institutions?

The study discovered that cultism among the students of tertiary institutions is real and urgent solution is needed to be taken by the government and institution at large to curb it. The parents must work closely with the institutions authority to arrive at a lasting solution.

Are there any female cults in tertiary institutions?

The female cults include, Temple of Eden, Sisterhood, Arcane angels. Hardly is there any tertiary institution which has not suffered the adverse effects of the activities of secret cults which have been characterized by violence. Eberendu (1999), Identify the following as some of the causes of cultism on campuses.

Is the higher education system a cult?

Over the years, institutions of higher learning have come under intense pressure as cultism, which as brewed internal wrangling; frequent students’ unrest and industrial disharmony now characterize the higher education system. 

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