Consumer Satisfaction As A Key To Industrial Growth And Development (A Case Study Of Dangote Group Of Company Nigeria Plc)

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Consumer Satisfaction As A Key To Industrial Growth And Development (A Case Study Of Dangote Group Of Company Nigeria Plc)


This study researched into consumer satisfaction as a key to industrial growth and development. It examined the significant impact of consumer satisfaction on the industrial growth and development.

Marketing survey was conducted to elicit opinion on porously formulated hypothesis. The study discovered that effective consumer satisfaction improved the growth and development of an industry as opposed to the tentative hypothesis. it was concluded that consumer satisfaction serve as a key to industrial growth and development.


This is a proposal on project topic consumer s satisfactions as a key to industrial growth and development.
This work is a part of requirement for the award of higher national diploma (HND) in marketing of kwara state polytechnic, Ilorin kwara state.

In this project, the research would comment on consumer satisfaction as a key to industrial growth and development.

This research would visit dangote group of company PLC Ilorin for collection of necessary on the project, and for collection of necessary on necessary data to be used, the problem to be finding would be analyzed in the project. The view of many authors the organization itself, manager and the people, involved in the process would also be discussed extensively. Based on the summary of findings and conclusion, the authors reasonable recommendation of how to improve the skill of consumer satisfaction processing in an organization development would be discussed.

  • Chapter one of these projects shows the introduction, statement of of the study, limitation and constraint of the study, significant of the study, historical background of the study, objective of the study scope of the study.
  • Chapter two shows the literature review
  • Chapter three of the project shows the research methodology, justification of research methodology adopted, and method of data collection.
  • Chapter four of this project shows the presentation and analysis of data.
  • Chapter five shows the summary conclusion recommendation and bibliography.

Finally, the researchers hope the write up would not only attract attention of various organization in Nigeria, but would also form an important topic of discussion among business education manage is and industrialist . Therefore, the researcher hope to summarize their findings drew conclusion and suggestion, recommendation, which would be put to valuable uses by the cause study organization and other industrial alike.

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Every business organization aims is to prosper, increase sales and maximize profit, trying by all means to ensure the occurrences of losses are perfectly controlled. More so, they want to make effective use of available resources most profitably so their aims and objectives will be achieved (profit maximization).

Many sellers make the mistake they offer than to the benefit attained form the product of customers. They see themselves as products producers and seller rather than provision of solution to the customers needs.

Means while every consumers intention is to choose the right product and services form reliable producer that on can meet their request and also provide product and serviced that can effectively maximize their satisfaction at a reasonable and affordable prices .

Customer’s satisfaction depends on a products perceived performance in delivery value relative to buyer’s expectations. Consumer which to get the right product of the right quality at the right price, at the right time from the right sources and derive the right maximum satisfaction. They do emphasize on the contraction of price and quality.

That is, they want the cheap price and at the same time, the original product and services.

Consumers can only patronize the producers, and seller’s of the product when the benefit of the goods purchase from them is highly satisfactory and efficient meant for what it is needed.

They also tell others about their good experiences with the product. With these, seller is able to achieve their profit maximization objective as their sale volume increase tremendously.

1.2 Statement of the Problems

The premise for the problems or the question of the study which prompted this research topic is expressed in the following questions.

  1. Why does organization wind up shortly after springing up?
  2. Why do competitors gain more grounds than the innovation?
  3. What are the causes of losses and low profitability even, when much is expected
  4. Why do organizations embark on mass retrenchment programme?
  5. Why do organizations flourish more than others in the same industries?
  6. Why do some individual prefers an outfit to another :
  7. Even when better quality is offered by the rejecte outfits the aforementioned questions gave birth to the study of consumers gave birth to the study of consumer

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aims of this study are to evaluate consumer satisfaction as a key to industrial growth and development.

To achieve this aim, therefore the following objective shall be pursued.

  1. To examine why some organization flourish more than the others.
  2. To identify the causes of loss and low profitability.
  3. To find the rationale behind organization retrenchment program.
  4. To ascertain why organization wind –up shortly after spring up.

1.4 Significant of the Study

The research work is of great significant to the researchers as it helps in winding the researcher’s knowledge via reviewing different literature on the topic.

The study is also relevant to industries particularly dangote group of company plc Ilorin in assisting to its customers behaviour and discovering area of dissatisfaction for necessary amendment to be made to maintain and increase its customers.

It is hopeful that the study will add to the knowledge on the study and useful for future researchers who might want to improve from were we stopped as reference.

Finally the study will enhance the generally appreciation of consumers satisfaction as a necessary key for industrial growth and development.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The study x-rays customer’s satisfaction as a key to industrial growth and envelopment with particular reference of Dangote group of company plc Ilorin

Consumer satisfaction: improving quality and access to services and supports in vulnerable neighborhoods. It was the conscience of the groups that lack of information often leads to low expectations. They further agreed that the process of obtaining a services and the way it is delivered can have major impact on the user’s experience. The quality relationships and staff were central to positive outcomes. Because consumer satisfaction is a highly variable assessment that individual makes based on his/her own I information, expectation, direct contact and interaction, and impact it makes sense to involve and consult consumers satisfaction approaches . The survey covers only the customers of dangote group on company plc Ilorin metropolis.

1.6 Limitation and Constraint of the Study

The researchers have been limited to dangote group of company plc Ilorin.

The findings from this case study will be used to present the organization of manufacturing industries in Nigeria.
The limitation of the study is not an easy filed of human Endeavour, ours is not an explanation, such problems like finance secrecy the size of the establishment and time have all contributed to the narrowed result.

a. Finance:

The researchers did not find it easygoing from school to the case study centre every time , before they could get the title data and because the researchers where running shorts and funds, the visit could not be intensified.

b. Size of the Establishment:

The researchers only covered a Brach of dangote group of company plc Ilorin out of many branches and head office.
This is due to the fact that the head office is located in Lagos cannot keep visiting, due to lack of adequate, funds

c. Time:

The time allocated for this research work is too short and coupled with other academic work which the researcher’s has to face there by reducing the researcher’s has to face there by reducing the researchers work to minimum.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of Report, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary of Findings.

Base on the research conducted on some customer, worker and management of dangote group of company, a lot of fact were revealed.

The notable finding were that the store manager has no force hand in operation until he is giving the other by his manager.

Data receive d also revealed the strength of high patronage of the respondent said because of effective and efficient service and satisfaction derived from the industry’s product. Buying goods of high product in low price is also emphasized on and it was discovered that many customer prefer buying product of standard quality

The quality of the industry product is said to be standard by many customers but at times, there may be mistake
However the prices of its product are said to be moderate and the company is also efficient in delivery of its products to consumers destination.

Finally, 90 percent of the respondents still intend buying from the company because of the effective and efficient services rendered and high satisfaction being derived from its product a moderate prices project good image of the organization.

5.2 Conclusion

This write up has without any doubt presented the true picture of consumer satisfaction as a key to industrial growth and development having as the case study. Dangote group of company plc Ilorin. It is therefore an assertion to improve and satisfy consumers. It must put in place some element which have been mentioned in the recommendation

Also, the recruitment of qualified and experienced staff added to diversification of policy and flexibility of strategies are also viable tools profitability.

In conclusion therefore, the researcher has been able to study the impact of satisfied consumers on the growth and development of Dangote group company pls Ilorin.

5.3 Recommendations

On the basis of this finding, the following suggestion recommended for consideration by the management of Dangote group of company plc Ilorin.

In view of the fact that consumers satisfaction leads to business growth and expansion, hence the management of Dangote group of company plc ilorin should endeavour not only to satisfy but delight customers

However, the management should place emphasis on the following values.

  • Product value
  • Service value
  • Personnel value
  • Image value

However, these are the’4’ secret of success via consumer satisfaction

(A) Product:

Looks at improving quality in store, product arrangement placement, notification and information.

(B) Service Value:

Improving on the quality of service via quick satisfaction service (qss) customers attention, information and general concern for all customers, irrespective of status or caliber.

(C) Personal Value:

Improving the welfare of personnel, job, security, liberty to perform well and acquire still without hindrance

(D) Image Value:

Improving companies image via the employement of marketing promo- tools of advertisement, personnel selling, sale promotion and publicity, which should be geased towards disseminating relevant information and

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