Construction Of Soap Cutting Device

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Construction Of Soap Cutting Device


The aim of the project is to construct a soap cutting device capable of size-remaining the soap produced into regular bars and tablets without error in shapes and sizes.

Soap cutting devices are used to size reduce or cut the bulk of soap produced into bars and tablets. Soap cutting devices facilitate the process of cutting the produced soap to a required size that can be handled. It is a kind of modern technical way of size reducing the already produced soap in a modern and easy way.

Hardwood (Mohagany) and wire was selected for the construction of the project. Methodology of the construction involved marketing out operation which involved the dimensioning of the table and cutter (wire) – 760mm, width of the table -570mm, lenfth used as an 250mm etc.

Other operations carried out in the construction process includes, cutting, surface smoothening, grooving, nailing, and wine installation.

Finally a manual soap cutter with table was constructed with the following turbance, resistance to impact load / disturbance and branding force, reliability and accuracy.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of Study

The project entitled construction of soap cutting device is aimed at producing equipment for the size-reduction of manufactured soap into shape, size, design and patterns.

Soap cutting device is the equipment used for cutting or size-reducing of soaps. It is the tool used for cutting, size reducing and slicing bulks of much trial and error, soap catter of various size and shape used in larger production of soaps are being designed, and example is the current professional custom cutter. The cutter has satisfied the needs of many soap makers around the world.

Other soap cutter types includes; electrical embossing and cutting machine, pneumatic chain cutting machine, cutter with wooden tuble cutting mould guided soap cutter, straight blade cutter, wavy blade cutter. (Willow, 1996). All these cutters serve the purpose of soap cutting and packaging in various soap electrical industries . for instance the electrical embossing and cutting machine can be used to emboss and cut all kinds of toilet and laundry soap fast and accurate. In the case of toilet soap production , this machine will cut the soap billets from the plodder into long bars to faced into laundry soap production, a complete set of embossing mechanism can be install at the front so that the machine can emboss and cut the soaps at the same time to produce finished product for down stream packaging.

The pneumatic chain cutting machine type cuts the bar soap from vacuum plodders into specialized length of bar. The cutting machines is fitted with XL 200, XL 280 and XLD 480 cold stamper to cut double soap bars. The cutting moulds types is designed in such a way that their bottom are grooved for cutting completely through the soap. A cutting moulds set can be used to soap from many plain moulds cutting with a wooden table is also a type of soap cutting designed to cutual soap cutting cherries. It is a manual soap cutter designed to cut large blocks of soap within minutes manually. It comes with extra cutting frame, wire and tables for different full size bars and hotel size bars. It is compact in size, curable and easy to clean and operate.

For all the mensiument types of soap cutting device, this work is an effect to develop a simple soap cutter that can serve domestic soap cutting purpose.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

The setting soap into bulky mass nature after production has made the application and uses of soap to be difficult and this calls for the need to size reduce or cult the soap for easy handling and applications

1.3 Purpose / Aim / Objective Of The Study

The purpose of the study is to give expert knowledge and guide on the manufacturing of soap cutting derive that is used in size reduced in small scales industries.

The project or research work is a mined at constructing a simple manned soap cutter with a wooden table that will be used for domestic soap cutting purpose and have the following properties; compact in size, Durable and easy to clean and operate, cutting frames and tables will be early and quickly to interchanged. Above all, be used to create a soap of desired shape, size and easy to handle.

1.4 Scope And Limitation

Although there are many types of cutting device, which includes ; electrical embossing and cutting machine , pneumatic chain cutting, cutting moulds, blade cutters etc. but for the purpose of this researcher we are focusing in the designing / constructing of a simple manual cutter that is applied in small scale soap production.

The research could not meet up with the purpose because of the following challenges and limitations,

Time Factors:

The time that is given for the research on this study is very small and this make it impossible to go for further research.

Limited Resources:

Due to the cost in transportation and other financial demands, it was not possible to get all the information needed for an elaborate work.

Unavailability of the needed information and materials:

As a result of few Engineering firms in the country, it was difficult to get much information for the work.

1.5 Method Of Research

The research method applied is construction and descriptive method the designing assembling and manufacturing of materials.

Descriptive method:- this involves the logical assessment of work carried out. The source of information includes the library internet and already researched word.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

The establishment of soap cutting device manufacturing industries in our country will be of many benefit to a grate extent.

  1. The establishment of such industries will go a long way in providing job opportunities for engineer and the increasing numbers of unemployed citizen thereby reducing the crimerate associated with unemployment
  2. The high foreign exchange cost spent in the importation of soap cutting devices could be saved for other.
  3. It will serve as a source of income for the mation, thereby turning her from importation of soap cutting device to exportation of cutting device exporters.
  4. The construction of soap cutting device will create a comfortable shape, size design and patterns as regard to the desire of the society.

Chapter Five

Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Discussion

In the construction work carried out, there are a lot of important factors to be considered, these factors includes, the choice of material, equipments and sued method construct the table and cutter (cutting device).

The maternal used for the construction work is hardwood (mahogany). The choice of material (hardwood) selected is based on its properties which includes.

  1. Resistance to high temperature corrosion
  2. It is very strong and are hardly attacked by weevils.
  3. Durable and non- porous and as a result resist impact of load and blending.
  4. The hardwood is relatively cheap compared to other constructional materials such as metal, plastic etc
    And for the wire ased, it has high strength and durability.

Moreover, the construction method used are marking out cutting, surface smoothening, grooving, mailing and eire installation. The marking out operation has do with the dimensioning the sizes of the parts of the cutting device to be cutter. For the table, the crimsoning was 76omm height by 570mm width by 1120mm length. After the dimensioning the parts dimensioned was cut, surface smoothened, grooved and then assembled by nailing and installation of the wire (cutter) in a wooder frame.

The project work is the enhance high productivity standard and reduce wastage during size- reduction of soaps in small scale production.

5.2 Conclusion

it is obvious that most construction work are malfunctioned and as a result they cannot serve the purposed they are meant for.

On the other hand, most construction works would serve the purpose they are meant for but would not last
Too long. All these may be either as a result of wrong choice of construction materials or poor method of construction.

For the project, to ensure that it served the purpose for which they are meal for, all the designs peculiar to it was included during construction. The example, it was ensured that all the joints, grooves, real were in place and appropriately in order to obtain a desired result.

Also the properties of the material used, the constructional method, and the equipments used for the construction were considered in order to improver the projects reliability and accuracy. All these will were done in order to have simple soap cutter that is employed in small scale soap productions and industries .

5.3 Recommendation

When a wood is to be used for construction work with respect to the project, hardwood is recommended and it should be treated with chemicals to avoid the attack of weevil and pests.

The equipment constructed should be maintenance by shaping the cutting tools. The waste edges of the cutting tools the waste soap that stacked to the table and cutters after the removal of the desired product should be escaped out with tables knife.

It is recommended that safety relies should be considered in other to avoid accident or death during construction work

Finally, there should be a good selection of material for the construction and should have low cost in other to make profit from it.

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