Construction Of Simple Metallic Mould

Project and Seminar Material for Chemical Engineering

Construction Of Simple Metallic Mould

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

The equipment mostly used in the industries and manufacturing establishments requires the production of definite shape, pattern, different design, embossments and others, are usually moulds. The ability of moulds to withstand pressure, distortion and corrosion determines the application.

A mould has been defined as a pattern constructed for the production of the same type of the prototype. The constructional material differs from one operation to another. The diversity of the application gives the need for the designing and development of moulds of different materials, compositions, shapes, textures and crossing resistances.

Mould is as old as man, the early days of the blacksmiths were able to construct, design materials of different shapes and sizes using mould.

1.1 Uses Of Moulds In Production Industries.

  1. The metallurgical Industries use mould pattern for different casting operations and diverse application for the productions of metal blocks, building blocks, e.t.c like in the production of both industrial and household plastic wares.
  2. In the manufacturing set –up, the different types of accessories that have different profiles are usually produced using moulds.
  3. In the mechanical engineering set-up, moulds are usually used for the production of different machines parts with intricate shapes that cannot be easily manufactured on a lathe.
  4. The food industry applies for moulds processes for their production. Production of bread is usually a mould patterns process. The still applies to the other foods items like Biscuits, sausage rolls, cakes and others.
  5. In pharmaceutical companies where tablet drugs of different sizes and textures are made, ninety – percent (90%) of the tablet drugs are produced in moulds.
  6. The electrical components – manufacturing industries utilize moulds for the different production of accessories and fittings used in the household and commercial lighting activities
  7. In the candle producing and making industries mould application is for the processes.

This has resulted to the increase of activities in that section. In smaller mould production application, the building industry makes use of mould system in the production of blocks, bricks and others.

Conclusively, the costs of applications of moulds. In the solution of society problems are inexhaustible and very relevant for economic development of any nation.

1.2 Importance Of Mould Manufacturing Industries To The Nation.

The setting up of mould manufacturing industry in the nation has a lot of implications. Thus practice of importing most machine parts from the overseas have really rendered the action of setting up moulds making industries useless.

The economic implications of mould industries are discussed below.

  1. The high foreign exchange cost in the importation of moulds and different machines parts could be saved for the nation.
  2. The mould industry will assit in producing high texture and corrosive resistant mould that would serve effectively rather than importing moulds that are not manufactured in consideration to the tropical kind of Nigeria environment.
  3. In mould industries, the different machines that are usually abandoned due to lack of spare pars are easily moulded and constructed since the material construction is known.
  4. The setting-up of mould factory would assist greatly in harnessing the abundant metallic ore deposition in different parts of our country.
  5. The mould industry would definitely lead to industrial and commercial growth, since the diverse operations that are usually projected by mould formation would begin to thrive.
  6. Conclusively, setting up of mould producing industries will have a positive effect on all facets of projects associated with lack of spare parts and accessories.

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