Construction Of Panel Door

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Project and Seminar Materials for Civil Engineering CE

Project and Seminar Materials for Civil Engineering CE


To the Glory of Almighty and everlasting God for the inspiration.


I am very grateful to God who gives me knowledge to gather point and write up in my project.

I am indebted to my parents Mr. and Mrs. Boniface Obiefule for their understanding, encouragement and support.

I wish to also thank my aunt Mrs. Sunday Ajah for her valuable contribution towards my vision of been a student today.

I will also want to acknowledge CHEYBELE COMPUTERS for typesetting my work.

List Of Figures

  • FIGURE 1…..Panelled door
  • FIGURE 2…..Side style
  • FIGURE 3…..Solid rail construction
  • FIGURE 4…..Top rail joinery is double secured
  • FIGURE 5…..Expansion and contraction of panels
  • FIGURE ……Panel solid wood
  • FIGURE 7…..Exterior door construction
  • FIGURE 8…..Line of door construction

Table Of Contents

  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • List Of Figures
  • Contents

Chapter One

  • 1.0 Introduction

Chapter Two

  • 2.0 Literature Review
  • 2.1 Wood definition
  • 2.2 Wood types
  • 2.3 Wood as a construction material
  • 2.4 The unique properties of wood as a construction material
  • 2.5 Joints in wood door construction
  • 2.6 Processing of woods
  • 2.7 Preservation of wood
  • 2.8 Method of applying the preservatives

Chapter Three

  • Methodology
  • 3.0 Tools used
  • 3.1 Cutting tools
  • 3.2 Measurement and making tools
  • 3.3 Planning tools
  • 3.4 Boring tools
  • 3.5 Striking tools
  • 3.6 Holding tools
  • 3.7 Other miscellaneous tools
  • 3.8 Materials and method

Chapter Four

  • 4.0 Door Features
  • 4.1 Engineered
  • 4.2 Rails construction
  • 4.3 Joints secured by cope-and stick teron
  • 4.4 Top rail jointery is double secured
  • 4.5 Hidden foam expansion inserts to allow for natural expansion and contraction of panels
  • 4.6 Panels are solid wood no veneer
  • 4.7 Exterior door construction
  • 4.8 Line of doors construction
  • 4.9 Size of door.

Chapter Five

  • Conclusion And Recommendation
  • Reference

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

We have put this knowledge into our method of door construction to ensure quantity manufacturing that combines old wood craftsmanship with current technology.

While our door are truly solid wood (no thin veneer over particle board we have engineered stabilizing attributes into the doors construction. Most of these attributes are based on the fact that the more wood is cut and glued the stronger it becomes, and gluing wood together with mixed/opposing grain patterns make them stronger and less likely to bend and warp.

A door is a framework of wood , steels, glass or combination of these materials. The purpose of door is to give access to the users of the structure. Hence doors should be placed in a way that freedom of movement into and outside the structure is ensured. In general the doors are placed in the corners of the room, they should be in one line, as far as possible i.e. one door shall be just opposite the other. This would provide a good ventilation.

But my project is on wood parallel door, the object of using a parallel door is to obtain a structure in which the tendency to shrinkage is reduce. Also it gives a pleasant appearance to the door. The door may be single paralled,2 parallel and so on. The framing consist of narrow pieces, mortice and tenor to each other and grooved inside of the panels which may be of wood and glass.

The top, middle, intermediate rail and middle rails may also be termed as freezed rail and cock tail respectively. The type of paneled doors. I am writing as is shown in chapter one, the thickness of frame for slutters vary from 60mm-65mm depending upon the size of the door the situation of the door, the thickness, and the size of panels moulding.

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