Construction Of Office Table And Chairs

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Construction Of Office Table And Chairs


The aim of this project was to construct one office table and four chairs.

In the course of this project the length of plank used was 12” and we used about 4 number (mahogany) of 1” thickness, ¾ plywood of 1 sheet of 1” thickness, as well as ¼” plywood of ½ and glue 1 tin wenner 1 rod, foam ½ sheet. Fabrics 4 years, spraying materials and 21b of nail were utilized to effect the construction of office table and chairs.

The materials were marked out to the required sizes, cut, folded, fited, assembled, nail, mort iced and then spraying it finally to prevent corrosion attack

There are the necessary constructional procedure steps adopted in the project. The accuracy and precision with which the construction steps and consequently, the assemblage of the component parts greatly enhanced our aim of constructing a suitable equipment for use of one table and four chairs.

The aim of constructing the table and the chair is to enable chemical Engineering department as future Engineer to know and also learn how to construct an office table or chairs and the essence of it. The cost of production of the office table and chairs as at 7th August, 2005 is N21,000.00

Table of Content

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title Page
  • Approval Page
  • Letter Of Tramittal
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table Of Contents

Chapter One

  • 1.1 Introduction

Chapter Two

  • 2.0 Literature Survey
  • 2.1 Definition And Types Of Table And Chairs
  • 2.2 Chemistry And Structure Of Timber And Wood
  • 2.3 Chemical Components Of Wood
  • 2.4 Categories Of Wood
  • 2.5 Categories Of Wood
  • 2.6 Uses Of Wood
  • 2.7 Structure Of Timber
  • 2.8 Wood Pattern Making
  • 2.9 Pattern Makers Tools
    • Materials
    • Dowel Pins
    • Types Of Patterns
    • Core Points And Core Boxes
    • Timber And Wood Carving
    • Toothed Cutting Tools
    • Foaming Or Steel Square.

Chapter Three

  • 3.0 Constructional Procedure
  • 3.1 Cutting List
  • 3.2 Sketching And Drawing
  • 3.3 Cutting
  • 3.4 Assembling
  • 3.5 Sand Papering
  • 3.6 Paderded

Chapter Four

  • 4.0 Discussion
  • 4.1 Conclusion
  • 4.2 Recommendation
  • 4.3 Appendices
  • References

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

A table is a piece of furniture consisting of a flat top supported on one or more legs. There are difference kinds of tables such as laboratory table, office table, dinning table, kitchen table etc. Office tables are mainly used when recording documenting certain events in the office. For instance a lecturer who is taken records of student examination, queeze must make use of office table/chair.

It could be made with different type of material such as wood, steel and some metals. In the construction of this project a mahogany wood as a material were used to construct the office table/chair. Wood as a material of construction has advantage over some metals. It is not attacked by termites or simple chemicals, which last longer than other metals. Since wood cannot be affected, the material kept on it will be saved. Metal are known to be corrode by the effect of a moisture and some chemicals but can be prevented by preventive measure like painting and coating of the table/chair during construction.

Wood used for the construction was hard and resistant to termites and simple like chemicals as dil(HCL) and some base solution. A modern office table of standard sixe could contrain materials like books and some office documents.
A research was done so as to obtain the best design with the desired type of the structural material for the table to maintain its quality for a longer period of time without having any fault or change. Hence it is important to produce materials that will last longer and the quality to be of great importance in the construction of the office table chair. The various parts is arranged and form is such a way that it provides an efficient and economical procedure to the construction problem.

Chapter Four


The office table and chairs is a device used either for the reading and writing of any document. The whole parts these office table and chairs includes the turned legs. The connection nail, the backseat, the top of the table, the foam and the fabris etc. are fixed to effected efficiency in using it.

Generally considering all the material of construction it could be seen that for instance, mathogany and other wood have their individual merits. But point comparision between them will definitely show that in general, mathogamy wood has lots of advantage over other wood. For instance methogamy cannot be attack other woods by these factors while mathogamy wood is suitable to wide range of mechanical stability than the other wood.

So, it can be said that the advantage of first cost cheapness of soft wood over hardwood is of nominal consequence by the disadvantages of softwood.

When considering the case also, the first cost of material is even not taken as a efficient indicator on which to base the selection of construction materials. The following cost among other were considered.

  • Cost of production
  • Instruction cost
  • Maintenance cost
  • Cost replacement (when the need arises)


This table and chairs can be used for both reading and writing of anything’s like writing document and marking student exams etc. Its discussed earlier, that office table and chair will be a more advantage to chemical engineering student and their lectures.

The procedure, by which the construction of the table was made by making a plan view of it by sketching it on a paper. These by costing and estimating the amount of material needed for the construction after which marking out the procedures were carried out where the required dimension were considered. After which we cut it into part and finally nailed it to get our office table and chairs.

We used mahogany and before choosing mahogany for the construction we compared it with other material and found out that the durability of wood (mahogany) can be assured than that of other material because some other woods can be attacked by things like termites and insects. But mahogany is advantaged to this effect as it has a natural resistance over those wood attacking by organism thereby helping to assure it’s durability.


The major advantages of this office table and chairs over other table and chairs is that with the used of these office table and chairs you can do both the office work and school work as well as some document and the writing of anything

We also want to recommend to everybody who wants to construct to use mahogany because of its high advantage over other wood. Like high resistance to termites and its durability.

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