Construction Of Metal Shelf

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Construction Of Metal Shelf


In this construction of metal shelf, mild steel was chosen due to its inherit duties.

The undismountable metal shelf, which has four compartments and four partition was constructed under the following processes. This includes drawing and dimensioning of the proposal metal. Metal shelf, market surveying and procurement of the needed materials, marketing out and cutting of the materials, welding, smoothing and filling of the work then finally the painting. The dimensions are height …… width….. height of one apartment.

Actually, the purpose is to produce fabricated metal shelf that will be economically cheap and at the same time, it will meet up to standard in the market.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

A metal shelf is an invention with comportment and partition where books, files and some chemicals are packed in laboratory, offices, libraries and even homes have shelves. A shelf can be wooden, metal or glass. They could also be dismountable and undismountable,

The one used in the libraries and offices for packing books are called book shelf. In industries, are stored in shelves are referred to as storage facility.

The material selected for the construction of any shelve strongly depends on the material/properties and purpose the shelf will serve, generally considering all the materials of construction, it can be seen that for instance, both point to point comparison between them will definitely show that in general, metals have a lot of advantages over non-metals. For example, while many types of metal are suitable for high temperature operation, non metals such as wood, glass are suitable for lower and limited range of temperatures metal posses a whittler range of chemical stability then non- metal.

1.2 Objective / Scope of the Project

The objective of the project is to construct a metal shelf with the following dimensions.

  • Height = 6 feet thickness of metal =1.5m (guage) =16
  • Width = 4 feet metal type = mild steel
  • Breath =14 inches

The shelf is of 4 partitions constructed with metal which is the best material for the construction of engineering device of this type and in each partition distance the distance =1.5m which brings it to the total 18inches.

The metal which is used to contact the book shelf has good qualities of corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, toughness and it is very hard it is also very much available and has very good cost effectiveness. Other properties including weld ability and formability provided the metal at the best option in the selection of material for the construction of this shelf.

Chapter Four

4.1 Discussion

The construction of book shelf has designed for keeping role in our society, in which it is designed for keeping books and for making research reference and studies if need due to the importance of book shelf it is found in schools and such place like the libraries in this lubrication books are kept in sequential order for easy location.

This construction of book shelf has undergone a lot of process by which some factors are to be considered before the selection of the materials and these factors are as follow, economy, appearance, durability the selection of material has been a big problem in the construction of book shelf. In sense that the construction of book shelf needs a material that is cheap.. the material will not cost much money. In the construction of bookshelf, it is fabricated which has the sharing characteristics and also coated with paint to prevent corrosion. In the selection of material, durability to resist rusting and last for a long period of time, it helps in the building up of the durability. In this construction of book shelf metal has to be chosen because of the cheapness of the material and it availability in the society

4.2 Recommendation

We are recommendation that further designs and modifications of this fabrication should be carried out so as to meet the technological standard and the challenges facing the world at large. We also suggest that for improvement of technology in our country other photo types of our model been inverted with different designs as far as it is possible from our market survey we found that the cost of a standard book shelf rack having five compartment and about twelve partition is approximately N25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand Naira) while our locally constructed one, lost us only 20,000- twenty thousand naira from personal consideration we therefore deem that the locally constructed one should be opted when asked to mask a choice in view of the aforementioned about the locally fabrication one.

4.3 Conclusion

The design and fabrication of the book shelf was carried out by our group all the experimental designs were conducted during the fabrication of this project, before we started the fabrication consultation and research was made on the type of design to be fabricated. The design was there chosen because of its rigidity and its durability.

The capacity was designed to hold large books and with the intention that it can be supplied to the institute of management and technology (IMT) new library or might be kept in the chemical engineering department proposed library.

The completion of this project was due to the joints efforts and dedication of the students involved the whole process was carried out at mechanical workshop institute of management and technology Enugu considering the mode of design and the quality materials used in the fabrication the book shelf is good enough to face the test of time and all that might entail we therefore recommend it for immediate use.

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