Construction Of Metal Sharpening And Dulling Device

Project and Seminar Material for Mechanical Engineering ME

Project and Seminar Material for Mechanical Engineering ME


As a result of modern development in Science and Technology, most of the large scale industrial used machine were now modernized to simple small and efficient machines. Some of these machines were either operated manually or the aid of electricity.

For this reason, big metal sharpening machine was here reduced to simple term, which can be operated manually such as file and grinding machine for production firms and homes. This machine performs the same functions as the large industrial metal sharpening and dulling device which was reduced, but requires straight and also consumes time.

The simple metal sharpening and dulling device was constructed with a metal steel which is an old engineering materials. The following properties were put into consideration such as long lasting of the metal, its resistance to stresses and the preservation treatment of the metal steel since the efficiency of the machine depends on the strength of the metal steel and the grinding stone.

Table Of Content

  • Title page i
  • Certification page ii
  • Dedication iii
  • Acknowledgement iv
  • Abstract v
  • Table of content

Chapter One

  • 1.0 Introduction
  • 1.1 Background of the Study
  • 1.2 Statement of the Problem
  • 1.3 Aims/Objectives of the Study
  • 1.5 Scope and Limitation of the study

Chapter Two

  • 2.0 Literature Review
  • 2.1 Historical Background
  • 2.2 Types of Metal Sharpening and Dulling
  • 2.3 Dulling Device
  • 2.4 Blade
  • 2.5 Materials used in Making Blade
  • 2.6 Mechanism / Principles of Sharpen and Dulling

Chapter Three

  • 3.1 Construction of a Metal Sharpening

Chapter Four

  • 4.1 Result / Analysis

Chapter Five

  • 5.1 Discussion
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • 5.3 Recommendation

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

A metal sharpening device is a metal working and wood working tool used to cut find amounts of materials from a work piece. It is commonly referred to as a hand tool style which takes the form of a steel bar with a case hardened paralleled teeth.

Sharpening, therefore refers to as the process of heating or refining a sharp edge of appropriate shape on a tool or implement designed for cutting sharpening is done by grinding away material on the implement with an abrasive substance harder than the material of the implement, followed sometimes by processes to polish the sharp surface to increase smoothness and to correct small mechanical deformation without regrinding.

Most metal sharpening tools have a narrow pointed tang at one end to which a handle can be fitted. A similar tool is the rasp. This is an older form with simpler teeth. As they have larger clearance between teeth, these are usually used on soften non-metalic material (Ambrose etal 2007).

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Before the existence of metal sharpening, and dulling device, there has been a lot of difficult which one normally face when making use of metal tools which includes.

Physical Strength: Due to the blunt nature of some sharpening instrument, the use of the metal tools requires great pressure and stress before one could achieve his or her main target. This also cause over labouring of the one making use of the metal tools since it is blunt thereby reducing efficiency. Metal sharpening device enables a metal user to work on the metal with increased ease and efficiency. (Kurtman, 2003).

1.3 Aims / Objectives Of The Study

The aim of this project is to construct a metal sharpening and dully device which would facilitate the use of metal tools which causes a lot of stress since it has not been properly sharpened to the required extent. This enables the sharpening of Chisels, plane and blades. The objectives is to get two perfectly flat surface to end up with a finer grained steel.

Therefore, this construction creates more available materials for sharpening in order to enhance productivity and reduce human stresses due to the blunt nature of their grinding or metal cutting instrument used for various purposes. (Cheryl, 2011).

1.4 Method Of Research

The research was done by sourcing information from the library, internet, textbooks, and from previous projects.

Empirical research was also conducted by performing a standard construction of a sharpening or dulling device in the work shop. The apparatus for the construction was set up and carried out with all the precaution strictly adhered to.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

Construction of metal sharpening has played a significance role to mankind and industries. Metal sharpening increases the productivity of the operators labour due to the increase in the production capacity of the machine tool. The operator is freed of direct participation in the machining process and it becomes feasible for him to carry on several operation within a short period of time.

It reduces the physical effort required by an operators, free him of tediously repeated movements and from monotonous nervous and physical stresses.

One of the main objectives in industry is the integrated automation of manufacturing process. Therefore, the possibility of constructing a metal sharpening tools into an automated production line or automatic transfer machine which is one of the important requirement to be considered in a new metal sharpening and dully devices. For this purpose the layout of the units must be tied in with the handling system of sharpening line as well as with its system of sharpening. (Kurtzman, 2003).

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