Construction Of Industrial Wheel Barrow

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Construction Of Industrial Wheel Barrow


Wheel barrow can be defined as a simple machine used in transferring heavy loads materials from one place to another by pushing. It can be used or serve as farm equipment, industrial equipment and for other purpose.

How ever, mateials used for the cnstruction of wheelbarrow are bought in standard sizes either in long bare eg for the handle or in standard sheets eg for the bowel.

Depending on the type to be constructed, the materials are then reduced to smaller and more convenient sizes. The shapes and forms are changed by the following operatins ie filing, drilling, reaming, taping broaching, folding, bending etc also depending on the size of workshop, some of these operation may be carried out by using manual or mechanized processes.

In addition the serial procedures involved in constructing a locally made wheel barrow are

  1. Marking out operation
  2. Pattern/sample development
  3. Cutting operation
  4. Folding and bending operation
  5. Drilling and boring operations
  6. Fitting operation joiing and fiddling
  7. Protection [painting] operation.

Equipment Used [Tools And Machines]

  1. Metal rude
  2. Scriber for marking out operation
  3. Metal tape
  4. Center punch
  5. Halk saw
  6. Hand and electric files for cutting operations
  7. Hand sharer
  8. Guletin
  9. Folding machine for folding and bending operation
  10. Bending mechine
  11. Drilling machine
  12. Late machine for drilling and boring operations
  13. Milling
  14. Bolts, nuts, screw driver fitting operations
  15. Pair, vices
  16. Paints
  17. Brush painting operating
  18. Rollers
  19. Container

The required equipments were sued to construct the wheel barrow in two good days.

The cost of standard wheel barrow construction includes

  1. Labour cost
  2. Material cost and
  3. Miscellaneous expenses.

The wheel barrow was testes with a fixed amount of heavy materials to know the ability in motion, this handle moves freely and smoothly after the handle was lifted.

Chapter One


This is a hand pushed simple machine consisting of a ā€œVā€ shape body supported on two shafts, that arranged in a ā€œVā€ shpae with handles at the end and a wheel and axle at the point. the wheel barrow is a level of the second class with the fulcrum at the axle, than the force applied at the handles and loads or resistance between the two in the body. It is also used by farmers, loads that is too heavy or bulky to be carried by hand and is similar to hand truckds used by warehouse men and industrial workers, except that the latter have two wheels. Moderns wheel barrows are made of a light metal, such as aluminum, and have a rubber five on the wheel. A two wheel machine for carrying garden materials is more property called garden cart.

The purpose of the production of this machine is to reduce, alleviate and probably eliminate the sufferins, time money, wastage of man power and more especially the need for technological break through and self reliance, which has been a major concern of the federal government.

Therefore, carrying of head pans of sand, grovel, concrete and heavy load on human heads has been a tiring problem in the society, from time immemorial especially towards our loco-parenthesis. To help eradicate those problems, this project at hand has delved into simplicities and the construction of this machine that can be used to carry different types of heavy load to any distance.

Origin And History

The origin and development of the barrow hold on important place in the history of invention, not because in itself it represent a major technological innovation, but because it clearly illustrates a phenomenon known as independent invention.

Thus, the wheel barrow has more than a single source of origin and was developed for different purposes.

The earliest form of wheel barrow was developed in china shortly before AD 200 and traditionally its design is attributed to a general in the imperial army, although this is probably more enough to suggest how it originated. The single wheel is large often three or four feet in diameter and usually has a dozen or more spokes. It is set between the shafts at a considerable distance from the front end of the barrow, while a boxing or wooden frame is built up form the shaft to encase the upper half of wheel.

Platform projected from the shaft on both sides.

The goods to be carried are loaded on these platforsm and on the upper surface of the boxing.

If the burden are correctly placed not only would it weight balances on both sides of the wheel barrow but it would also balance before and after the exile of the wheel. The weight of the load is hence almost supported by the wheel and the man pushing the barrow could used his energy solely for moving it and maintaining its balance.

This kind of barrow appears to have been developed from a two wheeled hand ccart in which, with modification, the pair of wheel wet, rice growing, area, field boundaries are often no more than narrow embracement, the tops barrow, therefore seem to be on adoption of the hand cert designed to allow it to more along narrow paths. Indeed early illustration of Chinese wheel barrow and formed placing apart from pushing and balancing has to left a large parts of the burden. It was totally unsuitable for shifting goods over long distances.

Until the seventh century when direct contact where made between European and China, as a result of trade, each area had it own distinct form of wheel barrow, although by this time both were frequently modified to serve other needs than those for which they were designed.

Chapter Six


The following recommendation were made for the completion of this project

  1. The workshop should be supplied with new and modern tools because most tools obtained were worn-out and obsolete.
  2. Frequent power failure is another factor that affects student project and should be considered.
  3. Necessary tools for working should be made available for student in the workshop when needed.
  4. Student were also left to provide materials needed for this project.

The school should supplement for students effort therefore we wish to recommend that the management look into the above listed observation and recommendation in order to avoid or repeat in future and to increase the efficiency and safety of student in the workshop.


We are passing through economic predication and reformation in the world presently.

However, we forward for a better tomorrow when this nation Nigeria will completely favour the rest of the welding technological advancement. Government should encourage technical education and should also try to produce our locally made mechanical machines.

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