Construction Of 2,000 Litres Capacity Water Re-Servoir

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Construction Of 2,000 Litres Capacity Water Re-Servoir


In the construct of 2,000 litres capacity water reservoir galvanized steel sheet forms the tank and an angle iron rod forms the stand. Two full length galvanized sheet were marked out and cut out to the required sizes. The work stated by cutting the it gauges galvanized steel sheets of full length into geometrical dimensions of the cylindrical shape

After cutting, the different of the sized were assembled and joined together by using 12- guage electrode on are holding machine. The complete holding of the parts with the exist piping were ensured.

The top of the tank has a circular shape opening for the entering of water which is covered with the constructed over. in order to provide rigid foundation two angled iron was cast and assembled together which is the constructed support base.

The 2,00 litres capacity water reservoir is designed for effective storage and transfer of water through the tap control which allow the easy flow of water through the tank

Chapter One


Reservoir are ponds or lakes built for the storage of water usually by the construction of a dam across river. The size of reservoir needed is a function the water demands, the natural flows of the rive impounded and the extent of droughts to be removed

In areas of moderate rainfall storage may be required during only few days or weeks in a year. In and or semi and areas, storage capacity may be needed to supplement low stream flow over period of many months even years. In some instance water can be divided by gravity flow or by pumping from one river to a reservoir on another stream. Water supplies can be taken be from the reservoir directly or water may be released from the reservoir to augment river flows past a water supply intake downstream.

Water which is an example of a fluid can occur as underground water and surface water and surface water. And fluid can be described as any substances which consist of particle that move freely among themselves and yield to slightest pressure which can be inform of a or liquid but must not be a solid, rigid o stable substance the volume of the groundwater greatly exceeds that of all fresh water lakes and reservoir combined. In region where the land surface is hilly or some relief, a surface source of water can be developed by damming a river or large stream or by sculpturing a reservoir out of lowlands that receive regular run off.

While in surface water, stream supply most of the water needs of the united status, lakes, ponds, swamps and mashes, the reservoir represent stored steam flow.

Water or finds are stored for preservation, transferable and accessible purposes. In areas where water is usually scarce and not regular, this makes it absolutely necessary that tanks or storage facilities should be the type that would not change the nature of the water or fluid.

Generally, the storage of water was achieved by the indication of constructional materials for storage. The material could be plastics, metallic, ceramics and others.

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