The Constraints Of Effective Local Government Administration In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Baruten Local Government Area)

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The Constraints Of Effective Local Government Administration In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Baruten Local Government Area)

Chapter One

1.0 General Introduction or Background of the Study

In 1976 the Obas was a powerful entity , he appoints his colonica chief and as a result he was highly respected
Outside were appointed as the supervisor superintending over the various department in the local government such as work, Agric, health and education.

The office of secretary of the local government becomes a political appointment in the regard , therefore the chairman can be among the executive arms of the local government because he was the one that appointed them to power. Since the local government come to existence with arm political power to perform.

1.1 Introduction

A myriad of large, medium and small scale business have untimely collapsed unwillingly as a result of their frivolous action toward training. This business failed to increase mental state of their workers which lead to their sudden death. Training power is the power to configure inefficiency, backwardness ineffectiveness and maladies reaction of an organization.

Without wasting too much time the researcher decide to discuss problems faced by teaching service as them important tools.

Baruten local government is one of the sixteen local government in kwara state with the headquarter at kosubosu. Although which is known as Baruten has been in existence for long in some societies like Yoruba a otherwise as oyo empire as well as a bornu empire.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Financial problem always be an atom in the flesh in the administration of the individual local government. No business can there without aadequate financial resources although the federal government has been giving out statutory allocation to local government has been giving out statutory allocation to local government, but it has not been enough to take care of the financial problem facing the local govenemnt.

In the northern part of Nigeria there were predominately emirate systems with the emirs as the repositories of political authority. The emir’s administered his territory through his appointed distorts and village lead. In the west local government area administration was administered his territory through his appointed distorted and village lead. In the west local government area administration was administered under the leadership of oba’s who assisted him in the administration of the kingdom

Finally, in he eastern part, the traditional political system are based on small units. Made up of families lineage and town local administration was carried out at the family and village level through decision made by the council of elder s called OHAS, ICHLES and the Nzena OZOS as case may be.

The advert of conclusion market a new phase in the development of traditional local authorities following the conquest and subsequent subjugation of the Nigeria societies by the British , there arouse a need to involve or advise a way of establishing effective colonial rule in the amalgamated protectorate of the northern southern Nigeria. Some of the traditional political institutions such as chieftaincy institution have adopted to fashioned out the factor the make each system vital in Nigeria was the death of skilled personal to administer the east area at country.

Indirect rule began to apply the passing of naïve authority ordinance number 14 of 1916. The indirect rule system implied government through traditional local authority with overall supervision by the colonial power.
This system averted some success in centralized and semi centralized northern and western Nigeria political societies respectively and health way three decades.

In the eastern part , it could not successfully as a result of republican status of east by 1950 the system of local government in England was adopted and implanted in form of local ordinance preparatory to the increase religion authority created by (mapherson ) constitution at 11951. the failure of the native authority in the eat, the non inclusion of the educated elite in native administration and increased the number of educated elits led to a search for new form at local government .

The 1946 constitution (Author Richard constitution ) made it first memorable mark in 1949 when it adopted a memorandum in 1950 given rise to a new local government where the elite were selected as councilors through popular election.

It also crated a tree system of local government know as the continent distinct and local councils 1952 the western region introduced the local government system known as the division distinct and local council. In 1954, local government colony was granted the status of the federal capital territory and had been known as Lagos city council.
Furthermore, after the local government reform in the three regions the fourth continue to made investigation into the structure and operation of the naïve administration of the region .

From the first republic to the date seventies (1975) there was much modification on the local govenemnt.
In 1979, the federal military government reforms the local government system throughout the country so as to make for uniformity at the grassroots level. The local government thus because the their tiers of government in country after the date and federal government.

In 1986, revise local government system was introduced and finally on October 1st 1988, the president of the federation general Ibrahim Babangida administration in Nigeria.

1.3 Purpose Objective of the Study

  1. To look the functions and problems of local government administration summarizing and political social and economical faced by the local government and prescribes solution to the problem
  2. To x-rayed the various capital projects undertaking by Baruten local government as case study .

1.4 Significance of the Study

Local governments are the third tier government established to cater for the people grassroots . Infact some of the objective for crating local government are as follow.

  1. To bring the government closer to the people
  2. To make the government more responsible to the public opinion at local level as a means of measuring more equitable distribution of national cake.

In attaining such objective there is need of adequate management and funds to carry out its duties .
This researcher work studies the functions and problems face by local government.

The study would enlighten the reader whether or not local government are faced with problem of administration and whether or not their fund are judiciously used for the purpose of 1/3 creation objectives.

In Nigeria today, there are contacting reports rumination from different quarters on the financial position of the local government . the local government and their subject, these above , confusing situation this research work will help to oath true position of things , and enable interested person to pass objective comments.

The researcher will also explain other researchers to work on the contribution of the local government to the development of Nigeria.

1.5 Research of the Study

There are various methods of research work different techniques of gathering data and information. During the course of the work, researcher has adopted the historical method and both primary and secondary source of data.

1.6 Scope and Limitation of the Study

This research deals with the problem of local government administration of Kwara syate in Nigeria . However baruten local government is selected as a case study among all the sixteen local government in Kwara state. The research will be interested in the function of baruten local government are its system administration difficult encountered or carrying out it duties revenue collection expenditure pattern, achievement of local government and lastly possible solution to this problems.

1.7 Organization of the Study or Plan for the Study Synopsis of Each Chapter

The project is divided into five chapter , chapter one introduced the concept of local government in Nigiera form 1882, when the first native authority ordinance was enacted what celebrated political scientists have already contributed on the issue therefore a view of literature.

Chapter three explains the research methodology the method by which the research work is carried out.

Chapter four, offers the data presentation and analysis on the problems encountered by the local government to ensured effective administration within the system

Finally chapter five is the researches’ summaries and suggestion s on possible ways to overcome these problems ae mode some recommendations.

1.8 Definition of Terms or Operational Terms

Reforms This means to improve faults and form a new system. These are funds of the local government consists of all sums to money or funds lawfully in possession of the local government on the appointed day which simply means the income of the local government for instance taxation , fees fines rents

Expenditure This concern with the spending of money made for the local government on certain items for the benefits of the people in local government .

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Summary of Findings

The research work focused on the constraints effective of local government administration and pattern of revenue and expenditure of the local government in Nigeria making baruten local government as a case study attempt were made to develop five basic chapters in order to explain the sources of revenue expenditure, manpower and power and so on the proved to be course of the problems of local government administration

The first chapter dealt with the introduction describing the background and origin of baruten local government, the history of local government administration.

Chapter two discuss and review appropriate literature related to problem at local government administration that will facilitate appropriate understanding of the topic under review describing the administration five structure of the local government and hypotheiss of the study.

Chapter two discusses and review appropriate literature related to problem at local government that will facilitate appropriate understanding of the topic under review descriging the administraiton five structure of the local government and hypothesis of the study.

Chapter three deals with research design and methodology i.e sample and population of the study, data collection instruments, method of data analysis research problem and administration of the interview

Chapter four adopts the methodology in chapter three and information obtained from the response to the research question and hypothesis testing and interpresentation

The result of the finding reviewed that financial and still manpower are the most controlling problem of local government administration i,e the revenue and expenditure over the period under review shown that the expenditure trend over the period under shown that the expenditure out weight the revenue generated in baruten local government thereby made the local government went into an external borrowing of money to supplement its statutory allocation from both the state and the federal government for the something of its activities in the local government.

Finally, it was established that much money was spend on education and health facilities, the probably when the government released the need to provide education for all maintain healthy citizen. While less funds are admitted to infrastructure development work and housing thus, explaining the reasons for the deplorable condition of a road in the area.

5.2 Recommendations

In view of findings of the study the following are some recommendation are policy prescribed with a view of addressing the state of under development of baruten local area of kwara state.

  1. The local government revenue department should study very well those table area that the loval government can invest infact, the local government should expire other area that generate revenue and operate or pavate free enterprise this is lead to financial efficiency and optimum revenue
  2. The researcher recommends that the structure organization to the local government should be reorganized. The recognition will clearly define the function of the executive of the local government and that of the director of personnel management. It stress his point further, an example is by this structure there have beneficence of bioactive and role. Conflict which in most cases had led government interferences and for the local government authority to realy act as a third her of government, there is ned for federal and state government great atom.
  3. Furthermore, local government should be seen as are important for policy grass has summarized that loan government should be used as a vital instrument for exploiting, mobilization and utilizing local resources by local people for community development
  4. Communication flow should be provided for the local government for necessary information to local people and to the federal and state government
  5. Finally, baruten local government should apply administrative objective principle, this is the process in which the superisor and subordinate. In an organization pointing define the common goals define each individual major areas of responsibility in terms of results expected to them and measures for operating the unit and assessing the contribution of each of its member conclusion

The history of the local government administration in nigerian has been researched and the finding is that in 1996 federal ministry government reformed the local government system through the country so as to make uniformity of the gross not level. Thus, local government because the third tier of government in the country after the state and federal government. On the issue of the status, the researcher can only but conduces that more reforms must be carried out in the institution of local government that more reforms must be carried out in the institution of local government to restore its former glory and make it conveniently on viable government to restore its former glory and make it conveniently on viable functional strong, ethics unit of government.

However, the study revealed that some of the problems encountered by baruten local government were as a result of inadequate funding qualified staffs political interference, uncoordinated administrative system and a host of others.

Moreover, positive suggestion are made by the researcher for the rapid improvement in local government administration.

The researcher seriously beloved that if the suggestion referred to this project are given cognizance and applied the administrative problems of the local government will have redical dynamic change.

Furthermore, having considered the present economic depression in the country one most alters praise the federal government for its effort solar in sustaining the local government in the federation.

Certainly, local government has demonstrated a great property or survival although, this research has been baruten local government of kwara state as case study, findings are to a large extend true of most of local government in Nigeria since the have the same service source of revenue and pattern of expenditure together with headquarter manpower.

Conclusively to solve these problem a number of member. Have been adopted in the prevision and allocation of the essential service to be made available to the problem.

The Constraints Of Effective Local Government Administration In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Baruten Local Government Area)

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The Constraints Of Effective Local Government Administration In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Baruten Local Government Area)


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