Computerized Processing Of Students Result And Grading Criteria

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Computerized Processing Of Students Result And Grading Criteria


Computerized processing of students result and grading criteria has become on internal part of modern day activity this is as a result of the availability of computers in all spheres of human endeavour, having considered the manual result computation of the Ds Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic using the computer science department as a case study, it was discovered that the process was time consuming, abounding errors in computation and the whole cast of writing materials. It was against this background that an automotive result processing was suggested considering the advantages and disadvantages of the new (automated) system and its requirement, this use of computer both soft ware and hardware a wise decision has made as regards to system to be adopted.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

The primary objective of any institution of leaning is teaching to be effective; it must be assessed over a period of time.

The results of the assessments which may be quizzes or test or term papers, laboratory work, exhibition or end of semester examination are expected to be published on time so that the students can know their performance.
Academic advisers use results of students of monitor then academic progress and this will guide them in advising them either to change departments or change their study pattern also parents need the results of their wards in order for them to know how well they are performing academically, this will enable them to advice their wards meaningfully in their performance.

In the event of transfer the receiving institution will want to know the institution, the importance of students’ results cannot be over emphases; hence the preparation of such result should be done in the best possible way.
In this time of computerization processing have been found to be at optimum advantage in the processing and storage of results.

This is due to numerous characteristics and advantage with regard to its reliability, versatility processing speed and capacity. Hence with the use of computer system, software can be developed to replace manual processing of result which has already witnesses a lot of computational errors during processing.

This research work therefore attempts to encourage assist and show how results can be processed using computer system in institutions of higher learning. A unique and informative result sheet format will be the product of this project for institutions of higher learning to adopt.

1.2 Aims And Objective Of The Study.

The objective of the study is to provide a standard format for the computerization and processing of students results and how to process them for institution of higher learning (the university) to adopt, computer program necessary for production of such results will also carry a fascinating summary telling us the final grade with which the student leaves the institution.

Aims: –

  1. To ensure accuracy during computation of results
  2. To avoid errors and cost effectiveness
  3. To help facilitates computation of results in institutions

1.3 Scope And Limitation Of The Study

This research work used the department of computer science federal polytechnic nekede Owerri as a case study, method used in the computational process is based on the general and academic regulations of federal polytechnic nekede.

Pascal programming language is used to compute all necessary averages, sorting and grading of students results, the project therefore is limited to the usage of Pascal programming language.

Furthermore, although sample results were gotten form the department of computer science federal polytechnic nekede Owerri, the software can however be extended to other departments running a form of a year programme. This can be done with proper updating of the databases of the software to smooth the department using it.
Again it should be noted that this software is in time the federal polytechnic nekede general and academic regulations. It may not be applicable to other universities who may have their own grading system.

1.4 Significance Of The Study

To bring about awareness that computers can be used to process results in universities instead of the manual processing for accurate calculation and speed in processing.

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Chapter Five


This is obviously demanding; the objective of the implementation is to obtain an operational system full documented. It requires a true knowledge of the design and equally involves the co-ordination of the efforts of the users in getting the new system into operation.

The process of implementation includes program design, program flow chart, source program and then test running of the system so developed.

Program Design

PHP is our programming language of concern here. It is a programming language that offers the following advantages:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Sequence
  3. Easy readability
  4. Structured / modular programming effects.

A unit may be selected to effect the change instead of the entire organization rushing in this helps in minimizing occasions of colossal failures should the case arise.

Procedure For Gaining Access To Turbo PHP Environment Version 1

After booting the system should be in DOS environment, which can equally be selected from the program menu. Then at C:\t6> prompt type CD/1P6, it changes to C:\t6.

The type turbo and press the enter key, this will cause the TURBO PHP integrated development environment to be displayed on your screen (VDU).

The main menu is present at the top of your screen and gives access to all TURBO PHP features.

Change Over Procedure

When an innovation is introduces, it is likely to be a welcome development. The process of appreciating it depends largely on the ways by which same establishment embrace a situation under study. It is usually gradual, step-by-step approach.

A unit may be selection to effect the change instead of the entire organization rushing in, this helps in minimizing occasion of colossal failures should the case arise.

Personnel Training And Re-Training

It is usually the duty of the management to recommend the training of the manpower that will use the new system.

This is very crucial in order that the new set up will function appreciably well.

The training programmes can be done in sections such as the administrative staff, the clerical staff system analysis and so on.

After the initial training, there is still need for refresher course or even retraining. This will greatly ensure a smooth operation of the new system.


This involves the process of noting down every detail about the operations of the new system. This is usually printed and distributed to all concerned within the establishment.

Documentation is defined as the formalized detailed record constraining the designing of the new system. it corrects the problem areas in the existing system as they are described in the problem definition.

Test Run.

Before bringing this package to use, it is necessary that though the program has been written according to specification, it generate the desired output, which is the aim of this project.

Also a program can be running without errors and yet some projects will not be producing the desired results.
This is the essence of test running, in order to achieve the desired aim we test run to ensure that the program developed particularly the data calculation aspects are working well, to achieve this goal, the manual computation were got from the registry and compared with the one got from the system, it was found out that they were the same. This goes to show that the system works well other things being equal. It therefore demands that test running is crucial before ever switching over to it.

Change Over Procedure.

In view of the testing and validation exercise, there is need for a procedural change over from the old (manual) system to the improved (computerized) system.

There are situations where the new system will be embraced immediately, discarding the old one, this is called the direct change over. We have the parallel change over as well.

Direct Change Over

As the name implies, it is immediate change over from the manual (old) system to the computerized (new) system. This however could send some shocks to the staff involved since adjustment is equally immediate. It is wise to look before leaping.

This means running the two systems side-by-side each other for a time until the management having considered and recommends or accepts the better one. This has the advantage of taking time to adjust fully to the new system, noting every vital detail. The major disadvantage lies in the fact that it is very expensive to run the two systems concurrently.


It may seem as this new system will cast fortunes initially but on the long run. This constraint will fizzle out. This is on the part of management. The staff may kick against if for fear of retrenchment.

But I recommended that redundant ones will be reassigned to other areas they will be more useful. I wish to recommend it to the authorities of the institution, it will surely reduce the problems of manual processing of results.

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