Computerization Of Phone Billing System

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering


This project work is based on the use of computer to prepare bills due to the improvement in the industrial world; which has become very necessary because it will help to prevent manual problems. The features of this project are based on how computer can be used in billing system with inspect to Nigeria telecommunication Plc.

Table of Content

  • Title Page
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Background of the Study
  • 1.2 Aims and Objectives of the Study
  • 1.3 Scope of the Study
  • 1.4 Limitation of the Project
  • 1.5 Definition of Terms

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

  • 2.1 Description of Existing System
  • 2.2 Problem of the Existing System
  • 2.3 Solution to the Problem
  • 2.4 Advantages of the Proposed System
  • 2.5 Billing Processing
  • 2.6 Method of Reading Meter

Chapter Three

3.0 System Analysis

  • 3.1 Output Design
  • 3.2 Input design
  • 3.3 File Design
  • 3.4 Access Method
  • 3.5 Processing Mode
  • 3.6 Processing Algorithm

Chapter Four

4.0 System Implementation and Documentation

  • 4.1 Hardware Requirement
  • 4.2 Software Requirement
  • 4.3 Description of the File Created
  • 4.4 Running of the Program
  • 4.5 Limitation of the system

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

  • 5.1 Summary
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • 5.3 Recommendations
  • References

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

In some years back many operation were carried out manually. The method used to prepare bills was manual which possibly give room for fraud.

Recently, computer came into an existence so as to solve many problem that may arise as a result or using manual and reduce the time consuming in handling complex or voluminous tasks.

Computer is used as an extremely versatile way of aiding the understanding of a wide variety of many sector e.g. industrial sector, educational sector (subject).

Computer can be used for a member of application in big industries. For example mining industry., Nigeria Port Plc and NITEL Plc such as installation of lines, keeping customers or subscribers records in such a way that reference could be made to it at any time.

Computer can provide instruction and task question which can be of benefit to the users, this kind of activities is called Computer Aided Learning (CAL) or Computer Aided Instruction (CAI).

1.2 Background of the Study

Nigeria Telecommunication Plc was formed be external telecommunication and the deformed department of the formal postal and telecommunication (P&T).

The Nigeria telecommunication deals mainly with internal and external communication. Therefore, it is expressed as a branch of science that is concerned with the transfer of data over distance by means of communication. Links like radio, telephone e.t.c.

The computing and combination began nearly a century ago. American Airlines established. This date can be transmitted over telephone lines. A measure of data communication system than a very uneven distribution of communication facilities through an world by bridging the missing link. Communication world promote cultural and social awareness, faster global understanding.

1.3 Aim and Objectives of the Project

This project aim to introduce a computerized of preparing bill in Nigeria Telecommunication Plc and other commercial enterprises.

The computerized method of preparing bill as written in the project will be at a great advantages if it is implemented. This project will pattern end to delay which customers do encounter and company in given out bills instead of manual method of preparing bills which is very slow, time consuming and easy of fraud, the computerized method of preparing bills which is very fast, secured and reliable will be in operation.

1.4 Scope of the Project

This study is primarily designed

  1. Give details information about Nigeria Telecommunication Plc’s way of preparing bills.
  2. Highlights the effectives and reliability of using computer in billing process.
  3. Make research on how computer can be applied to billing system in Nigeria telecommunication Plc.
  4. Examine The Possible Problems That Can Arise As A Result Of Using Manual In Billing System.

1.5 Limitation of the Project

The limitation of this new system is highly recommended for the aid of billing customers that are patronizing the NITEL Plc Ibadan for goods and services of bill processing, this system will enhance effective billing system to help the management to achieve their aims and objectives.

1.6 Definition of the Terms

i. Voice Mail:

A telephone number that answer call and serve as message processing centre.

ii. Call Answering Machine:

Call recording machine are the conventional auxiliary equipment that are attached to telephone sets to answer calls and record message.

iii. Pay Phone:

In this case the subscriber pays after the service had been rendered. The credit is pat in other to dial any where.

iv. Private Wives:

These are the wires seen outside the street. They lead from the exchange room to the external world.

v. Telex Facility:

Telex is an international telegraphy service using teleprinters.

vi. Broadcasting:

This allows the program to be seen in all the areas of the world using microwaves.

vii. Direct Inward Dealing Facility (D.D):

This is an inward dialing telephone service that can be connected to PABX or PBX.

viii. Packet Switch D4ata Network:

This is a specialized data transfer service. The dedicated link can be provided national or between two or more countries.

Services Render To The Public By Nigeria Telecommunication

The Nigeria Telecommunication deals mainly with internal and external communication. It provide several other services like:

1. Telephoning:

Telephone is an instrument for speaking to a person at a distance using an electric current which travel along a wire or using radio waves. Telephone call connects two telephone users at different ends.

2. Broadcasting:

This allows the program to be seen in all the area of the world using microwaves. The signal will be transmitted to the external world where by people can have chance to see it. There is carrier room where frequency is allocated of each broadcasting corporation where by broadcasting can be done through microwaves signally system.

3. Pay Phone:

In this case the customer pays after the services had been rendered. The credit card is put to dial anywhere.

4. Private Wire:

These are the wire seen outside the street. They lead from the exchange room to the external world.

5. Telax Facility:

Telex is the international telegraph services using teleprinter.

6. Telegraph:

Telegraph is a system for sending message to a system using wires and electricity. Messages sent by telegraph are usually short, brief and precise.

7. Direct inward Dialing Facility (DID):

This is an inward dialing telephone service that can be connected to PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) or PBX (Private Branch Exchange) only. It facilitates immediate response to telephone calls without any operator’s assistance.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

Since the introduction of the first computer, it has been seen that computer system is a powered tools which can store, retrieve, manipulate and process data, which gives the result in a meaningful form to the user that help them in their personal battle for survival. However, then is no aspect of human endeavour that the use of computer can be ignored, this prompt the researchers to take a look into the computerized billing system for NITEL PLC company Ibadan have many problems or error as a result of manual method of data processing such problem include: lack of adequate data security, in accurate data processing and lost of file and records. However, as a result of all the above listed problems, individual, have access to the database of each worker thereby after a modify the database to suitetheir needs. But in this ear, all the aforementioned obstacles have been sated for thereby reduce the accessibility of workers to the billing sector of the company. A well package was developed which requires password to get access to the main menus, this restrict number of users and at the same time keeps the store data secured.
To crown it all the management of NITEL PLC Ibadan will find the package interacting when embarking on its usage because it provision them with correction of their problems using manual method of data processing.

5.2 Conclusion

The use of computer ion preparing bills, which has been previously discussed in this project. Will enhance accuracy in commercial business such as Nigeria Telecommunication PLC (NITEL) Nigeria Ports Plc. etc. all business or organization that deals with preparation of bills to the customers should try to use computer so as to make it easier, faster and time saved.

The introduction of computer in business organization such as NITEL PLC has brought immensely improvement to the organization of maintaining high level of efficiency in bill preparation for customers in the company.
Finally, the use of computer has minimized the fraudness and inefficiency that can lead to the liquidation of an organization.

5.3 Recommendation

In as much as computer could create job opportunity for people, help to reduce fraud and other. Mal-practices in business organization.

I would recommend that business firms and other organization should engage in use of computer preparing bills and any other operations performed in their establishment because it has an edge over the manual method of preparing bills.

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