Computer Literacy As An Effective Tool For The Secretaries In The New Millennium (A Case Study Of Secretarial Students)

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Computer Literacy As An Effective Tool For The Secretaries In The New Millennium (A Case Study Of Secretarial Students)


The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of computer literacy as a tool for the secretaries in the new millennium. To revealed the challenges of modern technology to secretaries. The population of this study consists of sixty secretaries out of which twenty were used as the sample.

Data were collected with the use of a questionnaire, which was validated by the supervisor. The researcher also used simple percentage to analyze the data. It was also found that technology made a positive impact on the secretarial profession. It was also discovered that it challenges the secretaries to go for further training in order to cope with the pace of technological advancement

Table Of Contents

  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Certification page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Table of contents
  • List of tables
  • Abstract

Chapter One


  • 1.1 Background of the study
  • 1.2 Statement of the problem
  • 1.3 Purpose of the study
  • 1.4 Significance of the study
  • 1.5 Research question
  • 1.6 Delimitation of the study
  • 1.7 Limitation of the study
  • 1.8 Definition of the terms

Chapter Two

Review Of Related Literature

  • 2.0 Introduction
  • 2.1 Introduction of computer
  • 2.2 origin of computer
  • 2.3 Function of computer
  • 2.4 What is computer literacy
  • 2.5 Computer as an aid to secretaries in the new millennium
  • 2.6 Summary and conclusion of literature review

Chapter Three

Research Methodology

  • 3.0 Introduction
  • 3.1 Research design
  • 3.2 Sources of data
  • 3.2.1 Primary source of data
  • 3.2.2 Secondary sources of data
  • 3.3 Population of the study
  • 3.4 Sampling technique
  • 3.5 Area of the study
  • 3.6 Method of data collection
  • 3.7 Method of data analysis
  • 3.8 Validation of research instrument
  • 3.9 reliability of research instrument

Chapter Four:

Data Analysis Presentation And Interpretation

  • 4.0 Introduction
  • 4.1 Analysis of retrieved questionnaire
  • 4.2 Research question one
  • 4.3 Research question two
  • 4.4 Research question three
  • 4.5 Research question four
  • 4.6 Discussion of the study

Chapter Five:

Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation

  • 5.1 Summary of the findings
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • 5.3 Recommendations
  • 5.4 Suggestion for further research
  • References
  • Appendix 1

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

The world has turned into a global village through the discovering of information technology resources. Indeed information technology has come a long way and the rate of development in the field is very high when you will discover that your best has become obsolete.

The modern world of high technology could not have come about except for the development of the computer. Different types and sizes of computers uses throughout society in the storage and handling of data, from secret government files to banking transaction, to private household account. Computers have opened up a new era in manufacturing through the techniques of automation and they have enhanced modern communication system.

They are essential in almost every field of research and applied to producing a tomorrow wealthier report and their use has itself opened up new area of conjunctive.

According to Ohakwe (2005) technology has been the less hope of the secretary since the world of work is ruled by technology.

Long before now, the activities of secretaries depend on hand written and work is very slow, cumbersome, and lack of accuracy with technology the typewriting machine came into existence. It started solving the problem of slowness of work and hand writing. But the typewriting machine cannot clean and make corrections it does not contain dictionary in case of bad grammar and spelling.

The introduction of computer is very important and it has led to the computerization of most offices in Nigeria both public and private.

Computer and the secretary to carry out most of the activities formally with the use of manual typewriters. In recent times, computerization includes the use of stand alone personal computer workstation and terminal in preparation of document, storage and retrieval of information. As a result of the impact of computer, companies, industries, ministries and various offices have come to appreciate the important of computerization.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

In view of the increasingly rapid changes in the office environment (from traditional to modern office) of today’s business organizations, the secretarial profession is faced with a lot of challenges in the world of work such as.

  1. The few competent one are not computer literate
  2. Teachings of computer education in our institution are.
  3. More theoretical than practical.
  4. Too many secretaries while few are competent.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The purpose of this study is to find out the effect of computer literacy as a tool for the secretary in the few millenniums. Specially, the study is to:

  1. Find out if computer improves the secretary’s work faster.
  2. Know if computer literacy makes a secretary to achieve a higher level of speed and accuracy.
  3. Find out if computer literacy improves secretary’s information.
  4. Find out if secretaries posses some appropriate skills and competencies to perform the office chore effectively.

1.4 Significance Of The Study

  1. It is hoped that the outcome of this study on computer literacy as an effective tool for secretary in the new millennium will be of immense value to:
  2. It will enable them to know the technological skills required of secretaries for the achievement of the organizational goals and objectives.
  3. On the part of the secretaries, there will be smooth transfers from the classroom to the business world because of the basic skills acquired in office automation during their learning.
  4. In the educational sector, it will enable the training institutions to absorb the best methods in order to meet up with the changes facing the business environment and office technology.

1.5 Research Questions

The following question serves as a guide

  1. Does computer improve secretary’s work faster?
  2. Does computer literacy make a secretary’s to achieve higher level of speed and accuracy?
  3. Does computer literacy improve the secretary’s information?
  4. Does secretary posses the appropriate skills and competencies to perform chores effectively.

1.6 Delimitation Of The Study

Though there are classes of secretaries in the world of business, but this study will be delimited to the effectiveness of a computer degree holder in federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri Computer on its own has so many packages. But the ones most relevant to professional secretaries of the new millennium are micro soft word, Excel and Database. Other packages are not under this study.

1.7 Limitation Of The Study

The success of this research work on the topic ”computer literacy as an effective tool for the new millennium secretaries” was not an easy task. The researcher was faced with the following problems;

a) Finance:

There was no enough during the research to sort for materials for world.

b) Time Factor:

This is another problem encountered by the research. The time allocated to the research work was a limited one for the research to really work with.

1.7 Definition Of Terms


Secretary is an assistance to the exclusive who possesses the mastery office skills, who demonstrates ability to assume responsibility without direct supervision, who exercise initiative and judgement who make decision within the scope of assign authority

Computer Literacy:

This is abilities to operate computer technology effectively.


It is an electronic device which accepts data as an input stores data processes the data to generate meaningful result.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation

5.1 Summary Of The Finding

Modern technology (computer) as an improved method of carryout a job made a significant impact on the secretarial profession. It has improved their method of information increased their productivity and also opened them opportunities for advancement.

However, it also posed some challenges to them it requires some high level of speed and accuracy. This calls for proper and adequate computer training of secretaries in order to requisite skills for modern office operations.

Consequence, the indispensability of secretaries in organization remains a fact. Modern technology was found to be a compliment to secretaries rather than a replacement. Computer, however, will remain an aid to the secretaries in their office.

5.1 Conclusion

On the basic of the study, the following conclusions were drawn.

  1. The introduction of modern technology (computer) has made a positive impact on secretarial profession. It has made the secretaries more efficient, competent, attractive and versatile for excellent performance.
  2. Also, computer does not eliminate secretary’s job nor render them redundant, rather, it changes their method of operation.
  3. Computer, however, is of great aid to the secretaries in the world of business.

5.3 Recommendation

Based on the findings, summary and conclusion of the study, the following recommendations were made.

  1. Due to the dynamic nature of technology, it is essential that secretaries are adequately trained and retrained to enable them cope with modern technology.
  2. Secretaries should realize that there is no intention of displacing them from their jobs as a result of modern innovations in office equipment. This awareness should make them acknowledge the importance of their position in any organization and this is ready to changes with the new technology introduced.
  3. Organizations should given proper orientation to their secretaries on the use of computer and other newly introduced equipment in order to help them master and use them appropriately and achieve the desired result.
  4. Institution of higher learning should be well equipped with the modern technology (computer) to enable their students learn and practice them. This will enable them to adapt easily to offices when they go out to the labour market. Devotes lectures should be involved in the training of professional secretaries in order to produces competent secretaries for this technology age.

5.4 Suggestions For Further Research

The research admits the limited scope of the study and therefore suggests a wider research study on the subject “computer literacy as an effective tool for secretaries in the new millennium,” perhaps, at the national level so that the findings of such a research can be generalized.

Computer Literacy As An Effective Tool For The Secretaries In The New Millennium (A Case Study Of Secretarial Students)

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