Comparism Of SHA 1, SHA 256, And MD 5 Algorithms

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Comparism Of SHA 1, SHA 256, And MD 5 Algorithms


This paper presents a web based implementation of CRYPTOGRAPHY HASH FUNCTION algorithm as a public-key cryptography method with digital signature as authentication for a safe communication on text files only. This method is based on a combination of algorithms hardware and software to continuously determine and provide the real time position of assets and resources equipped with device designed to operate with the system. This system will take care of vital issues like Cumbersomeness, tedious processes, and tracking protocol in order for the customer to be able to track his/her freight is the basis for which the new system is designed. The current system is properly analyzed during analysis to discover problem area affecting its efficiency and sent for redesigning to improved performance and proper functioning of proposed new system. The fact finding techniques used in the course of this project research work i.e. to find out how the current system works and all criteria required, were obtained through oral interview and record inspection. The researcher discovered that to security track a single parcel, it takes times, false and pirated information are sometimes given to individual, there is a need to design a portable, easy to use for courier service tracking system in a way as to provide quick and easy solution to anyone who wishes to track their freight.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Cryptography is an effective way of protecting sensitive information that is stored on media or transmitted through network communication paths.

Although the ultimate goal of cryptography, and the mechanisms that make it up, is to hide information from unauthorized individuals because most protocols can be broken into and the information can be revealed if the attacker has enough time, desire, and resources. Consequently, a more realistic goal of cryptography is to make obtaining the information too work-intensive to be worthwhile to the attacker and this is done through encryption.

The first encryption methods dated back to four thousand years ago and were considered more of an ancient art. As encryption evolved, it was mainly used to pass messages through hostile environments of war, crisis, and for negotiation processes between conflicting groups of people. Throughout history, individuals and governments have worked to protect communication by encrypting it. As time went on, the encryption algorithms and the devices that used them increased in complexity, new methods and algorithms were continually introduced, and it became an integrated part of the computing world. Smith,A(2004)

While cryptography is the science of securing of data, cryptanalysis is the science of analyzing and breaking secure communication. Cryptology embraces both cryptography and cryptanalysis. In order words, it is the coding of plaintext and at the same time decoding it. (Smith 2004)

Cryptanalysis involves the process of an interesting combination of analytical reasoning, application of mathematical tools, pattern finding, patience, determination and luck. In order words, cryptanalyst are also called attackers.

Data that can be read and understood without any special method is called plaintext or clear text. The method of disguising plaintext in such a way as to hide its substance is encryption. The encrypted plaintext (which is unreadable) is known as the cipher text. The process of converting the cipher text back to the plaintext is decryption.

Cryptography can be strong or weak. The cryptographic strength can be measured in the time and resources it will take to recover the plaintext. (Smith.2004)

Cryptography currently plays a major role in many information technology applications. For example, when engaging in electronic commerce, customers provide their credit cards numbers when purchasing products. If the connection is not secure, an attacker can easily obtain this sensitive data. In order to implement a comprehensive security plan, the following must be provided:

a) Confidentiality:

Information cannot be observed by an unauthorized party. This is accomplished through public key and symmetric key encryption.

b) Data security:

Transmitted data within a given communication session cannot be altered in transit due to error or an unauthorized party. This is accomplished through the use of hash function and message authentication codes(MACs)

c) Message authentication:

Parties within the given communication session must provide certified proof validating the authenticity of a message. This is accomplished through the use of digital signatures. The only communicating party that can generate a digital signature that will successfully verify as belonging to the originator of the message is the originator of the message. This process validates the authenticity of the message (it shows if the acclaimed originator of the message is really the actual originator of the said message)

d) Non repudiation:

In this case neither the sender nor the receiver of the message may deny transmission. This is accomplished through Digital Signatures and third party notary services.

e) Entity authentication:

Establishing the identity of an entity such as person or device.

f) Access control:

Controlling access to data and resources is determined base on the privilege assigned to the data and resources as well as the privilege of the entity attempting to access the data and resources. Schneier Bruce (1996)

1.2 Statement of Problem

Cryptography is all about securing information from a third party and also validating the authenticity of the information. The major problem faced in cryptography is that of key management. This is the numeric value used by an algorithm to change information (encryption) and validate the information (digital signatures) making sure the information is secured and visible only to individuals who have the corresponding key to recover the information and verify the authenticity of the information.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The aim of this project is to create a web based implementation of CRYPTOGRAPHY HASH FUNCTION algorithm

The objectives are as follow:

  1. To implement the HASH FUNCTION algorithm
  2. To implement cryptography using SHA5, MD5 and MD45 algorithm.
  3. To make comparism of SHA5, MD5 and MD45
  4. To create a user friendly application.

1.4 Scope and Limitation

The scope of this study is an examination and implementation of HASH FUNCTION algorithm as a public-key cryptography method with digital signature as authentication for a safe communication on text files only. Other encryption algorithms and authentications are not considered.

1.5 Definition of Terms

Plaintext or Clear Text:

The original message that can be read or understood without any special measures.

Cipher Text:

or the encrypted message algorithm. The method of disguising the plaintext in such a way as to hide its substance is encryption.


Is the method of disguising the plaintext in such a way as to hide its substance is encryption


Is the process of getting the original message back is called decryption. To encipher is to transform data into an unreadable format. To decipher is to transfer data into a readable format


Is the study of cryptography and cryptanalysis.


is the science of securing data,


Is the practice of analyzing and breaking secure communication without a key. A key is the secret sequence of bits and instructions that governs the act of encryption and decryption.

Cryptographic Algorithm:

Is a set of mathematical rules used in encryption and decryption. An application (either a hardware component or programmed code) that provides encryption and decryption is a cryptosystem.


Is the strength of cryptography is determined by the length of the key which is in bits. In order words, plaintext is simply binary data (bits).

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

This project research work is carried out to ascertain the process manual method of encryption and decryption, the research project was carried out and information gathered has shown the manual system that Cryptography Company used. The Cryptography must have equipped its vehicle, parcel or freight with hardware transceiver which has a unique ID. Each of these vehicles, parcel or freight as the case may be, are to be installed a chip so as to make possible for tracking when they are on transit for delivery. It is also important that the Cryptography company be equipped with wireless software device knows as a fleet pro server should also find its place in the companyโ€™s installation setup.

5.2 Conclusion

All Cryptography today has some kind of encryption management software(s) installed for a superior service. There are a few key elements for proper software, some of which are a barcode scanning system, proof of delivery documents, freight management system, a proper billing system and of course a tracking system so that both company and client can be fully aware of the exact location of the packages. Thus, with good software system would be able to minimize its losses and optimize management to run more smoothly. The fact that Computers has been found to be accurate and reliable in handling of categories of data processing operations, hence there can be no better method for handling courier service tracking system than the use of computer and computing. The software for security system is strongly recommended to all ministries, agency and parastatals. This system is designed to be integrated into all Windows Operating System platforms and using a well-known and avoidable backend as Access and SQL booking program. The more user-friendly your encryption software is, the more time and money you save when installing.

5.3 Recommendation

A practical system for encrypting and decrypting mobile document is presented in the project. In some cases cryptography may give us no answer, the wrong answer, or an answer with insufficient accuracy which was one of the main reasons for the limitations of steganography accuracy.

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