Communication: The Key In Effective Public Relation

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Communication: The Key In Effective Public Relation


Every activity in an organization requires human beings to interact, exchange information and co-ordinate other peoples’ efforts. Such information becomes the basis for decisions affecting product lines, operation planning, marketing strategy, etc. Thus, almost everything managers do to facilitate the attainment of organizational objectives which requires effective communication and without the means and capacity to communicate, every activity will not reach its maximum. The aim of this research project is to examine communication: the key in effective public relationand to ascertain if organization environment affect communication. With this in mind, this research study focused on communication as an indispensable tool for organizational growth and development. To achieve this objective, they researchers developed and administered a questionnaire on sixty (60) employees of five department in DAAR Communication Limited for primary data collections. The primary data collected were analyzed using frequency counts and simple percentage on tables as well as secondary data collected were together analyzed and interpreted and presented for result interpretations. Among the findings were that significant relationship exists between effective communication, organizational operations and co-ordination of the various activities of people in order to achieve the objectives of an organization. The study concluded that effective organizational communication is necessary for managers and all members of an organization to increase efficiency, quality and innovation and gain competitive advantage. Based on the research findings, the researcher was able to identify some of the barriers to effective communication the researcher hereby hence the researcher further recommended the following measures for consideration by the appropriate authorities for necessary changes for efficient and effective organizational performance such as followings: The management staff should be sent on training in the area of communication for them to be aware of the effect of communication as well as the organizational system of communication should be studied in order to have a well-defined communication system.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Nolte (1974), one of the legendary public relation consultant and other said, “That are two requirements for success in the field of public relations. First, the person must have an agreeable, likeable personality.” Secondly the person must be able to communicate. The most charming personable, friendly person in the world will be a complete failure if he cannot communicate,. The ablest communication will be a flop if he has a negative personality.

The beginning of human communication through artificial channels i.e not vocalization or gesture, goes back to ancient care painting, drawn maps and writing. In the last century, a revolution in telecommunication has greatly altered communication by providing new media for a long distance communication. The great transmitter the way radio broadcast occurred in July 25th, 1`920 and led to common communication via analogue and digital media.

  • Analog telecommunication include traditional telephone radio and television broadcast
  • Digital telecommunication and computer network.

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the study is mainly to:

  1. Show the use of communication in an organization
  2. Prove to various readers how communication skills can help individuals to advance in their careers.
  3. Also help show the importance of communication on every aspect of life.

1.3 Scope of the Limitation

This research is limited to the study of communication being the key thing in public relation using DAAR Communications Limited as a case Study.

1.4 Significance of the Study

This research will benefit the researcher as it will broaden her knowledge. It also serves as a means for the research to compose theoretical knowledge with practical application of communication application in public relations.

The research will help organization understand that the lifeline of a company is her public relation officer. It will also enrich other researchers understanding concern communication public relation

1.5 Limitation of the Study

Every good step in line faces great challenges and this is no different. The following were some of the limitations to this study.

  1. No Sufficient time for the Project
  2. Limited materials for efficient complication of article on this research topic.
  3. Limited funds were also a major barrier to the researcher.
  4. Lecture timing also affects project timing.

1.6 Brief History of DAAR Communication Limited

DAAR Communication is a private independent Africa Communication Outfit based in Lagos, Nigeria’s Former capital and the economic nerve center of the West Africa Sub – Region.

DAAR Communication was incorporated in Nigeria in August 1988. It boasts of a successful background in the closely related fields of printing and publishing. DAAR launched its broadcast Service in 1994 with the promotion of Nigeria’s first private independent radio station Ray power 100.5 fm.

The second channel Ray power 2 106.5 fm commenced formal operation in April 1999. Before then, DAAR Communication had launched a 24 hour global television service with the call sign Africa Independent Television (AIT) with thematic philosophy that is geared towards the promotion of Africa values and traditional of black people across the world.

In the last quarter of 1999 DAAR Communication lunched into the information super highway with the commencement of the DAAR Broadband internet services with capacity for Voice, Internet across, video conference, data, telephony and other multi media capabilities. DAAR Internet service complete the circle of DAAR Communication Limited communication. Coverage strategy, DAAR Communication limited with a staff of about 600 people in Africa, Europe, and the united states is worth about 3.5 Billion Naira.

In line with the global trend of the new information age which has achieved a convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication DAAR communication has fully installed and integrated equipment using its international satellite gateway system capable of handling voice, data and video telecommunication to virtually every country in the world.

Technological innovation in digit and fiber optic networks and other areas of communication and broadcasting transmission will redefine the total nature and system of communication in the new millennium. The synergy of voice data and video in an area of intense technological revision.

In appreciation of the fact that the synergetic contribution of computer, telephone, fibre – optic and video will open a chapter in revenue generation across multi – industry frontier in the twenty first century, DAAR communication Limited has property positional itself by installing equipment and facilities capable of handling voice, a data and video telecommunication globally.

DAAR Communication did not start broadcast operation until 1944, six years after incorporation. This was due to legislative restriction in Nigeria broadcast sector. It was until August 24, 1992 about 50 years after the advert of broadcasting in Nigeria that the government promulgated decree No.38, which deregulated the ownership of the electronic media in the country.

Following this piece of legislation, which ushered in a new era of private ownership of radio and television stations, DAAR Communication applied for Radio, television and direct broadcasting by satellite license. The license was subsequently granted. It began full commercial broadcast operation on September 1, 1994 on its high profile radio channel with the cell sign, Ray Power 100.5 The first private independent radio station in federal republic of Nigeria.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of the Study

In this research study it was revealed that communication is the nervous system of any organized group though it suffers a lot of difficulties in the sending and receiving process both internally and externally, but yet it is the only means by which ideas feeling, emotions and all forms of interpersonal relationship can be communicated. It was found out that organizational performance depends on effective communication and also organization environment affect communication. It seems to me that communication is a possibility and a challenge which we all should explore in our various organizations.

5.2 Discussion of Findings and Its Implications

From the research investigation that was conducted on communication as an indispensable tool for effective administration, in the DAAR Communication Limited the following point was drawn.

As a matter of policy, there is a clearly defined system of communication in the organization. The effect of communication was examined with the aid of research instrument with face to face discussion among people. Besides the basic of the findings which was the introduction to the topic on communication, expression was contributed to the organization and the general environment with reference to its origin its purpose, its function its processes and barriers. This finding shows the critical implication of communication as a strategy that can enhance organizational performance.

These have been short listed and includes

  1. It was discovered through investigation that communication interaction between the various departments in the company is adequate and encouraging to employees. The communication system in the organization is not motivating
  2. Control of performance in an organization i.e. identifying observing and correcting standards as well as performance in achieving appropriate courses of action in achieving appropriate courses of action.
  3. The motivation of people towards the use of the various communication models and specific theory was encouraged by activating is energizing plans organization of people and equipment into appropriate courses of actions
  4. Result of findings in the usual method of communication indicated that the company has no particular method of communication it combines both oral and written methods effectively and the combination was proved to be the most appropriate method of communication for the organization use.
  5. Workers are not allowed to participate in decision making in their various departments as a result of which management only come to know about their grievances through emergency meetings with them. And this has led to the development of the informal communication system (grapevine) in the organization.
  6. It should take step to compensate for the fact that some groups are “Isolated” from communication chains.

5.3 Recommendations

The researcher has been able to identify some of the barriers to effective communication in the DAAR Communication Limited. Thus the following recommendation should be consideration by the appropriate authorities to enable them make necessary changes for efficient and effective organizational performance these includes:

  1. The management staff should be sent on training in the area of communication for them to be aware of the effect of communication.
  2. The organizational system of communication should be studied in order to have a welldefined communication system.
  3. Management and workers relationship should be improved but should not be allowed to interfere with authority relationship
  4. Suggestion boxes should be made available to workers in the organization and orientation should be given to employees on it uses and relevance.

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