Branding And Trademark In Marketing Of Soft Drink In Imo State (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company In Owerri)

Project and Seminar Material for Marketing

Branding And Trademark In Marketing Of Soft Drink In Imo State (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company In Owerri)


This project is written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of National Diploma (ND) in Marketing in this prestigious high institution Federal Polytechnic Nekede Imo State.

This research project would be particularly useful to the company, Coca Cola Plc. Owerri and other marketing oriented organization where branding and trademark may play an important role in achieving organization sales objectives. The project will equally be very useful to other research students who may be interested in similar research studies.

It ensured that simple and ambiguous words are severally used and points are detailed and straight forward, and examples are used were necessary to buttress the point raised in the study.
The test books used for this work are both foreign authors. However, the topic discussed was related to Nigerian environment.

Finally, it is believed that this project would throw some light on the application of branding and trademark in Coca-Cola Plc and other manufacturing oriented companies in Imo State.

Table Of Content

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of content

Chapter one

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Brief history of the company
  • 1.2 Statement of problems
  • 1.3 Objective of study
  • 1.4 Research question
  • 1.5 Formulation of hypothesis
  • 1.6 Significance of study
  • 1.7 Limitation of study

Chapter two

2.0 Literature Review

Chapter three

3.0 Research Methodology

  • 3.1 Research design
  • 3.2 Sources of data
  • 3.3 Primary data
  • 3.4 Secondary data
  • 3.5 Population design
  • 3.6 Sample size
  • 3.7 Analysis of techniques
  • 3.8 Method of investigation

Chapter four

4.0 Presentation of Analysis and Interpretation of Data

Chapter five

5.0 Summary of Findings and Conclusion

  • 5.1 Conclusion
  • 5.2 Recommendation
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Questionnaire

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

The subject matter of branding and trademark has been an old phenomena in both the manufacturing and marketing organization.

Branding can be said to be the act of giving name by a manufacturer or supplier to one product or a number of products or services. This name may be special or general as the case may be.

Trademark is a registered brand name or a patent right over the use of identification and which has legal backing sign from unauthorized user.

The branding of a product in recognition of different product with individual preference tasks and motivation. The recognition of the foreign makes a wise marketer to steer a careful course between regarding every individual as a discrete market opportunity and considering all customers as being the same.

The application of branding as a marketing strategy is in line with the application as a marketing concept. Thus, the use of a variety of distinctive feature which must be possessed by those within the group but at same time are absent from those excluded from it.

Branding and trademark has numerous and immense importance in the successful marketing and purchasing of product by both the manufacturer and the customer.

The success and failure of a product in a market to a large extends depends on the rate of customer loyalty to such a product. Hence, with branding consumer loyalty and respect purchase is granted for a good product which has previously enjoyed consumer patronage and product differentiation.

A key function of branding enables proper identification and segregation of a product from others and hence ensures repeat purchase from consumer behavioral point of view. Branding helps in decision making process hence one does not have to undergo the total decision making process before a purchase is done.
In so doing, branding helps to speed pre-supposes that:

  1. Individual who have different taste and preferences.
  2. Individual who cannot consume one brand of their product as a result of taste or preferences can choose from the range of the products which satisfy them.
  3. Total marketing can be broken down based on certain variable and each individual customers can still be satisfied with an alternative brand of the productive hence every individual customer of Coca-Cola bottling company Plc is a multi-national company, which has branches in all the countries of the world. The head office of the company is in Atlanta, USA but it has reached all the countries of the world through franchising.

1.1 Brief History Of The Company

The Nigerian bottling company Plc has been an old name in the Nigeria economy, hence it has been in operation for many years now. The Coca Cola came to Nigeria in 1859 and also starts it production on 1862. It is also a multi-national company which has branches almost in all the countries of the world.
The products of the company are:

  1. Coca-Cola
  2. Fanta orange
  3. Fanta tonic water
  4. Fanta soda water
  5. Sprite
  6. Bitter lemon (Krest)
  7. Krest

The production of the products is that of assembling because the ingredient needed for the production has already been spelt out produced by the parents company and merely send the ingredient in package to be diluted and marketed in the whole world as prescribed. This has ensured the tasks of product to see universally the same every where.

In other words, Coca-Cola operates in the centralized source of raw materials. Coca-Cola is multi-national company. The production of her product in Nigeria is purely through franchising customers utmost needs at a profit to the firm. It is also very pertinent to review the strategy.

Offering of the company carryout innovation and if possible introduce new product apply new. Promotional programme to achieve the corporate objective of the firm. Marketing is a dynamic field. In the former years, the percentage shows to the parents company to the home is shareholders has been 60% to 40% but the recent years, due to nationalization of multi-national companies in the economy the ration, the promotional strategy as well as advertising is also spelt out by the parent company. In fact, the parent company produces more or rather half of the total environments of the company and the contrast over indent firms.

1.2 Statement Of Problems

Every researcher deems it possible to safe some problem of the Nigeria bottling companies. The researcher has observed that the Nigeria bottling companies face a lot of challenges and difficulties usually emulsified form:

  1. Financial difficulties
  2. Technical difficulties
  3. Evaluation problem
  4. Poor communication
  5. Lack of infrastructural facilities
  6. Poor integration and co-ordination of branding and trademark.
  7. Poor blending of the media and its resultant achievement of the promotional objectives.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The marketing environment is an environment where no product hold the customers preference for long time, like the marketing philosophy point out, every marketing oriented firm has the primary of not only making sales for the company but for the identification of customers needs and also plan how to satisfy this needs.

  1. To identify the brand and trademark adopted by bottling companies.
  2. To determine the relative importance of branding and trademark.
  3. To verify whether these firms consider branding and trademark a major determinant of identification on the marketing of their goods.

1.4 Research Question

The basic question which the study will attempt at uncovering will include:

  1. How can the trademark in marketing of soft drink bring a maximum effective production?
  2. Does branding and trade mark make meaning to the customers in purchasing of goods and services of a company?
  3. What are the problem and prospect of professional management in the marketing of soft drink will help brand and trade mark of the product?
  4. Does the branding and trade in the marketing of soft drink create an impact in the development of Nigeria economy?

1.5 Formulation Of Hypothesis

  1. Ho: There is no positive impact played by branding and trademark in the marketing of soft drink in Imo State.
    Hi: There is positive impact played by branding and trademark in the marketing of soft drink in Imo State.
  2. Ho: Branding and trademark in marketing of soft drink does not bring about profit maximization in Imo State.
    Hi: Branding and trademark in marketing of soft drink bring about profit maximization in Imo State.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

This study proves the importance to various categories of people. The groups that stand to benefit from the study include:

  1. The bottling companies actual and potential customers, other researchers, the researcher and students.
  2. The bottling companies, this study will guide the producers of beer in adopting branding and trademark that will not be in conflict with the product lifecycle, market product nature and channel members.
  3. To other researcher, it will serve as a source of secondary data for future researchers in the field of promotional strategies.
  4. To the students, this will serve as a reference point as it will add to the pool of existing work done on this and relate topics.

It is from my believe that the study embarked upon will contribute in no small measure towards the determination for the most cost effective and efficient means of promoting this branding and trademark of companies goods.

1.7 Limitation Of The Study

Carrying out a research of this nature needs courage, hardwork, dedication and enthusiasm. However, there are a lot of uncontrollable researches which tried to militate against this research work.

Lack of enough finance has caused the researcher not to conduct a detailed research on bottling companies. The study is only focused on branding and trademarks in Nigeria bottling company industries.

Lastly, the study is constrained by lack of appropriate time within the limited time available, assignments; lectures and unlocking for examination were carried on side by side with the research work.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary Of Findings And Conclusion

The finding on the subject matter can be put together and then compare the result, with that state in the hypothesis clearly and carefully compared with the statement of purpose so as to see whether this is a perfect co-relation.

5.1 Recommendation

After a thorough elimination of the data gotten during the research work and based on the analysis of the data collected and presented in the following conclusion were drawn.

5.2 Conclusion

Conclusions were drawn and recommendations were made.

  1. Branding as a marketing strategy: In an organization like our under-review is a vital attributing which must be applied with care. The adoption of branding as a strategy pre-suppose that the firm operating should drive a means of mood of information inflow and outflow to enable proper planning on administration of such plan. In a situation about market, competitor, performance own existing brand and even price in the marketing segmentation and targeting became difficult and consequently and new brand introduced into the market risk the possibility of failure.
  2. Higher promotional of expenditure: In the course of analysis of information gotten on the subject matter, the effect of branding and trademark was observed that the use of individual advertising and promote which this result to wastage of much funds, labour and material which would hence see used to product improvement or seven reduction in the goods. It noted that there would not have been better alternative to branding of using different names for each product of the firm.
  3. Little effort in carrying out conventional marketing rather than new product introduction. As than is the recognition of different taste and preferences for each product. The cost meeting their different requirement may be too much a better and chapter. Alternative strategy whereby the different segmentation can be converted o bought together towards the acceptance of given product or one particular product or brand.
  4. Regionalization of sales forces: Even through the application of registration of sales force been contributing toward attaining sales goods for the organization, it helps in effective controlling of sales force and the reduce work in the head office but the firm should structure the sales force geographically or even based on consumer, there could be better grass root reducing the customers.
  5. Finally, it was observed and concluded that branding and trademark contributed to over $1.90 in attaining the sales target to the company. From the analysis, it was gathered that branding is an integral aspect of the company market policy.

Branding And Trademark In Marketing Of Soft Drink In Imo State (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company In Owerri)

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