An Assessment Of Impact Of Broken Homes On Pupils Academic Achievement

Project and Seminar Material for Education

Project and Seminar Material for Education


This research study is based on the effects of broken homes on pupils’ academic achievement in some primary schools in Ayetoro township of Ogun State. This research study also examined the problems faced by pupils that come from broken homes and how they are to cope with their school works. To achieve these objectives ten primary schools were selected in Ayetoro township questionnaires were prepared for the pupils and the percentages were applied to analyse the data.

According to the Blackhan and Silverman (2001) says broken home is a break up of a marriage. When home is broken, it is going to affect the children both morally and academically. In conclusion, broken home has a lot impacts on pupils academic. In view of this, the couple should try their possible best to abstain from what can bring their separation.

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Marriage is the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife. The coming together of a man and a woman makes them to form a home.

Marriage is the foundation upon which a family is built. Family is one of the social institution which is so vital to survival of any society.

Family is a group of person united by ties of marriage, blood or adoption constituting a single household, interacting and communicating with each other in their respective social roles. The family image of a particular child will definitely reflect in his or her physically emotionally or mentally.

In this sense, the support the family gives to a child goes a long way in determining the type of home which the child hailed from. The most important contact in socialization that process is between the child and his or her parent substitutes, when the biological parent are not available.

Nowadays, we see that broken homes is increasing on daily basis due to lack of understanding, financial problems, low level of maturity, bad behaviour such as smoking, drinking. Also unruly behaviours in children when they feel that they can not be controlled by their parent. All these leads to broken homes.

This is the reasons for carrying out this study is to analyse the various effects that broken homes may cause on the academic performance of primary school pupils.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The concept of broken homes is one of the issues that affect primary school children in their academic performance.

In our society, children are sometimes exposed at an early age to all sort of dangers arising from malnutrition, diseases and various and temptation of surviving due to absence of one or both of their parents. Children’s life in broken homes is observed to be associated with emotional stress that can impair intellectual development, there by giving way of such children to grow up without being trained properly.

However absence of one or both parents deprives young children of the stable love, care security and total support they have accustomed to and tend to make children different in the eyes of the peer group.

1.3 Research Questions

This research work is aimed at finding answers to the following questions.

  1. What causes broken homes?
  2. Does a broken home have any effect on primary schools pupils’ academic performance?
  3. What are the problems caused by broken homes?
  4. In what ways can these problems to solved?
  5. What are the problems causes by the children of broken homes?

1.4 Research Hypothesis

These are the research hypothesis.

  1. The homes play a very significant role in child upbringing.
  2. The socialization process of a child from a good home is been influenced to greater extent.
  3. Broken homes result from lack of understanding, insecurity and lack of caring as well as provision of basic amenities for the family.
  4. There will be no significance between the performances of sciences students from broken homes and stable homes.
  5. The socialization at home will influence the prosperity of science students education.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The significance of the study are:

  1. Both the pupils parent and the society at large will be able to benefit from this study. It will enable people to know the various evils that broken homes can cause on pupils academic performance which determine the type of citizens they will become in future.
  2. It also offers useful recommendations or suggestions on broken homes and how it can be prevented by parents children and the nation as a whole.
  3. It will enlight our knowledge on how broken homes can be prevented.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The study covers some selected primary school in Ayetoro North Local Government Area. It examines the effects of broken homes on students of primary three to six, it suggests how the problem can be solved and how to cope with their studies.

1.7 Definition of Terms

For the purpose of clarity, some of the terms used in this study are hereby defined operationally.


Not whole not continuous disturbed or interrupted.


Place where one lives with one’s family.


Change produced by an action or outcome of something.


Things which produce an effect event, what make something to happen.


Attributes of teaching and learning in school.


Action of achievement.


Someone who studies especially at primary school.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of a broken home on academic performance?

The effects of a broken home on academic performance that is discussed below are applicable to secondary school students and primary school pupils. At every developmental level, a child needs the two parents to be part of the process and once a parent is missing it affects some crucial aspect of the child.

What are the objectives of the broken home study?

The objectives of the study were to: identify the causes broken home, find out how broken home affect children, ascertain the impact of broken homes on the academic achievement of female students and valuate measures would the government take in reducing cases of broken homes.

How does a broken home affect a child in school?

Such abnormal conditions of the home are likely to have a detrimental effect on school performance of the child. Life in a broken home or single parent family can be stressful for both the child and the parent. Such families are faced with challenges of inadequate financial resources (children defense find 2004).

What are the aspects of broken homes?

Broken homes are in various aspects and these include: divorce, separation and death of either of the parents. Broken home is generally associated with increased stress and emotional difficulties among children, several aspects have a mediating effect.

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