An Assessment Of Globalization And Increase Criminal Activities Among Youth In Nigeria

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An Assessment Of Globalization And Increase Criminal Activities Among Youth In Nigeria

Chapter One


Background Of The Study

Many changes have occurred in Nigeria and around the world since the 1970s. The system international unit (S.I.U) and the World Geodetic System (WGS72) were adopted as basic systems for measurement during this period, to name a few. In scientific studies, workshops, forums, and construction science, globalization has become a daily topic of discussion. The concept of globalization encapsulates what might be considered the defining characteristic of our day.

Globalisation is a multifaceted phenomenon that has ideological implications based on which side of the North/South rift one looks at it from. This is reflected in the wide range of interpretations that it has elicited (Saliu and Aremu, 2013).) Globalization, in its broadest sense, refers to the intensification of social, economic, and cultural relations among countries around the world (Saliu andAremu, 2013). It is the transfer of knowledge, ideas, technology, products, services, money, finance, and citizens across national borders to integrate economies and communities (Rangarajan, 2003).. Globalization is responsible for technological breakthroughs such as cell phones, laptops, the telephone, and satellite networks, among others. ICT has had a significant influence on the publishing industry, the health sector, financial institutions, culture, education, the hospitality industry, and social interactions among Nigerians. Globalization has resulted in the reduction of the planet into a global village, a revolution in information technologies, the eradication of barriers between continents, and an increase in the connectivity of all ways of contact. According to Scholte (1997), globalization encourages the elimination of borders between nations around the globe, allowing for unrestricted access to social relationships. Increased capital mobility, lower shipping, computing, and telecom costs are all common features of globalization. Globalization’s main aim is to homogenize societies, trade, and cooperation among countries around the world. Due to the and social, economic, political networks, schooling, knowledge, and communication technologies of various groups of people, globalization exposes the interconnectedness within and through regions of the world. It denotes the degree to which one category of people’s actions have a positive or negative effect on another. The impact of globalization is spreading at a breakneck pace, and no country can afford to fall behind if it wants to sustain its current rate of growth and development. It was also noted that the exponential development of information technology and expanded global trade penetration are having an increasing effect on the world economy (Dani. 1999).


In Nigeria, there is a strong demand for narcotics, firearms, and cybercrime.Every year, criminal companies reap millions of dollars by selling small arms and light guns, cigarettes, counterfeit DVDs, and a variety of other products. Transnational organized crime networks will use globalized transportation, like the intermodal maritime infrastructure, to smuggle massive shipments of stolen goods into freight containers. They hope to take advantage of the fact that the sheer volume of containers transported each year makes inspecting each one physically difficult.Worse than cocaine or stolen products, human smugglers are increasingly using tampered intermodal shipping containers. Globalization also creates new avenues for terrorist networks and transnational organized crime to collide (especially logistically, financially, and operationally). When terrorists collaborate with existing routes established and operated by transnational criminal networks, their capacity to attract and transfer financial capital, arms, and operatives around the world is greatly improved. These days, global Internet access opens up new opportunities for credit card fraud, business data stealing (or identity theft), among other crimes, keeping it hostage for ransom), kidnapping, identity fraud, and a variety of other highly lucrative illegal activities are also possible online. Money laundering schemes of different types will thrive in an unregulated digital ecosystem that is linked to the rest of the world. Globalization facilitates access to the Dark Web’s goods and facilities, ranging from the purchase of bombs or other weapons to the employment of a professional cross-border smuggler, paper forgery specialist, or bomb-maker.

Objective Of The Study

The primary objective of the study is

  1. To assess the relationship between globalization and criminal activities
  2. To investigate how globalization has affected criminal activities among youth in Nigeria

Research Questions

  1. What is the relationship between globalization and criminal activities?
  2. How has globalization affected criminal activities among youth in Nigeria?

Significance Of The Study

The study is of significance to the government as it will aid in putting measures in place to reduce the rate at which globalization increases criminality in the country. It will also be of benefit to researchers, student and scholars who will want to carry out further research on this study

Scope Of The Study

The purpose of this research is to assess globalization and increase in criminal activities among youth in nigeria and the sample respondent of this study will be the resident of abraka in warri local government area

Limitation Of The Study

Finance, time constraint and inadequate research materials were challenges the researcher encountered during the course of this study

Definition Of Terms


Globalization is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide.


A crime is an unlawful act punishable by a state or other authority


Youth is the time of life when one is young, and often means the time between childhood and adulthood (maturity)

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