The Appraisal Of Man Power Training And Development Programme

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The Appraisal Of Man Power Training And Development Programme


The need for an organization to ensure that its workers /staff are sent periodically for appropriate training cannot be over employ sized.

The success of an organization depends on its workers whose skills and attitude contribute immensely. The aim of this study therefore is to bring to notice of employers the importance of periodical training of its staff.

In undertaking this project, the researcher has provided as clearly as possible all explanations definitional and functions required for understanding of the topic and titled treated herein. This project will be beneficial to the Enugu State motor Manufacturing company (ANAMMCO) and also to other Business organization government co-operation and Para stables.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The term man power training and development programmes refers to the need of a staff development and training organization. It is when individual in the organization grow that organization itself grows through such steps taking by themselves to improve their knowledge and skill.

Also after the employee has been employed, the next step naturally is his /her training. All types of office jobs, even the simple one e.g dispatch of letters, the handling of the telephone etc. required some training for their efficient performance.

Even the old employees need some training at various stages of their career. The basic purpose of training is to guide and direct the learning of employees so that they may perform their duties as efficiently as possible. The importance and urgency of training arises because of the rapidly champing technology in industries. The growth and complexities of present day enterprise the rising educational levies, new educational processes and changes in our social systems and cultural patterns .

According to Denyer J.C. (1975) he defines training as the adoption or moulding of a perform to increase his fitness fir a specific activity or it could be seen as teaching of technical skill to non-management staff. In order words training and development is a necessary prerequisite for organization and development in these areas such as job rotation, on the job training, role playing, courses and correspondence course, vestibule training apprenticeship programmes etc.

Problems Associated With the Subject Matter

The problem encountered in a man power training and development programmes are as follows

In many occasicens in respect to industrial training huge amount of money is invested for the training alone. But as soon as a workers is trained, there is likely to be highly training staff that is occupationally more mobile.

According to decree no 47 of 1971, it says that industrial training fund help in training of staff/ personnel which is an aim of federal ministry of industries, it is mandatory for a firm to invest have deviated away their from investing in the training programmes. It is obvious that during the economic depression, workers in the name of declining productivity or they were entrenched.

1.2 Problems That The Study Will be Concerned With

Since we have seen the problem of project study and concludes by bringing out the aim of research. It is important to show the specific objectives which the work intend to achieve we have stages in training, first the main objective ir, it develop an efficient work force at all levels to ensure that co-operate objective can be meet.

Normally, the means obtaining maximum efficiency at minimum cost, but in certain kinds or work these two criteria might be naturally would not be justified. That is to say, training will help to ensure better and more cost effective performance.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. What type of training programmes is available to workers in ANAMMCO?
  2. How often is development programmes mounted for workers in ANAMMCO?
  3. What are the impacts of training and development programmes on the productivity of the workers?

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The main objective of this is to assess the training and development programme provided to the workers in ANAMMCO manufacturing company in Enugu, Enugu State of Nigeria. Specifically, the study intends to:

  1. Identify the type of training schemes available to the workers in ANAMMCO.
  2. Ascertain how often the development programmes are mounted for workers.
  3. Determine the impact of training and development programmes on the worker’s productivity in the ANAMMCO.

1.5 Statement of Hypotheses

The under listed null hypotheses were tested in this study at 0.05 level of significance.

H01: There is no significance difference between the mean ratings of senior and junior employers regarding the type of training schemes available to workers in ANAMMCO.

H02: There is no significance difference between the mean ratings of experience and inexperience employers in respect of how often the development programmes are mounted for workers in ANAMMCO.

1.6 Signifance of the Study

The focus of the study is primarily on training development of workers in ANAMMCO as they contribute towards the realization of the set objective of the organization and various ways through which training and development were conducted for the workers. How worker a being selected and what factors should be satisfied in order to enable them improve their productivity.

Generally therefore the study focuses on how training and development can help in solving the problem of low productivity.

The importance of the study endeavuor it to highlight or why organization accord much emphases on the training and development and why it is regarded as a vital human resources management system.

This system will be limited to the workers training and development in a organization in general and ANAMMCO in particular.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 Summary

The aim of this study is to determine whether motivation is effective in achieving higher productivity among workers in ANAMMCO, other relevant areas which the study highlighted are: the reaction of the workers towards their duties when motivation is employed by the employer and how the managers can apply motivational theories of management in their attempt to direct the job behaviour of workers towards the goals of their establishment.

The general description of the area of study, which depicted the inevitability of motivation in achieving higher productivity in an organization, was stated. In the course of the study, statement of problem such as; workers leaving the organization due to poor motivation, their unwillingness to perform their duties well and how to motivate them to achieving desired productivity level were pointed out. To ascertain the application of the motivational techniques by the organization concerned and to know the problem inhibiting the success of the workers’ motivation in the organization forms essential part of the objectives of the study. Questions relating to the objectives and problems were also looked at.

The study looked into some review literatures that covered different models and theories on motivation by different scholars, various definitions given by several management scholars, different means of motivating workers or simply type of motivation and the importance of motivation. Various textbooks, journals, articles and other scholarly materials were used to get terms, ideas, concepts and academic as well as professional viewpoints.

The management team of ANAMMCO, together with important officers of the organization were selected as the study population with the use of simple random sampling. Both primary and secondary data were also used for this research work. The primary data was based on questionnaire while the secondary data was based on published and unpublished works. The data collected were processed and analyzed through the use of t-test statistics.

5.2 Conclusion

Human resources (personnel) in any organization remain the most invaluable asset for growth and development, hence training and retraining is essential components of manpower development. Training and personnel development is a mixture of activities aimed at improving the productivity of personnel in organizations for the attainment of continuous improvement in productivity. Training and human development assists workers to learn how to use the resources in an approve way that allows organization to meet its desired output. Staff are required to perform varied competences in their profession that will make then saleable in the labor market. It is the possession of these skills needed by the labour market that will enable them contribute maximally to Manufacturing firm s in Enugu and national development of the Nigerian nation. However, for the organization and government to make training and personnel development to become effective in the service cycle, they have to tackle the challenges of introducing new orientations on training contents, training evaluation, attitudes to training and training utilization.

5.3 Recommendations

The essence of training and development in Manufacturing firms in Enugu cannot be over emphasized. It has been observed that training is very important in every aspect of an organization. It enhances the efficiency of staff, increases output and motivates workers for better productivity.

It has been discovered that training and human development are not isolated from human resources. Even in the advanced countries and in most computerized organization, training and development cannot be overlooked because; human are the ones to operate this equipment.

From the findings, the following recommendations were made:

Organization is seen to be effective and efficient if there is demonstrable increase in productivity, therefore, any training and personnel development must be based on proper analysis of its contribution to the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization. Staff should be expose to regular professional training areas such as foundation, career or development, preservice and off-the-job-pupilage training as to enhance their productivity in the organization. It is also necessary for the staff to be exposed to seminars, conferences and workshops to enable them keep abreast with the challenges posed by modern business offices.

The development programmes of managers should be done on yearly or regular basis; hence training involves systematic, professional and development of skills, knowledge and attitude necessary for performing specific schedule of duties. There should be free flow of information to enable all the staff aware of the training and development programme available both internally and externally.

There should be effective utilization of integration of resources, physical and human will to yield high output or productivity. Also, on-the-job and in-house methods of training should be used extensively by organizations and government, especially in the training of junior staff as they tend to be cheaper and more effective.

ANAMMCO should also introduce reward system for outstanding productivity so as to motivate workers to always put in their best during each training period. This will assist them in identifying those staff that has special skills and talents. ANAMMCO should expose all their staff to training at least once in every year. This will make the workers to meet up with the changes in their services and work processes as may be driven by the competitive environment.

Instead of downsizing those workers with years of experience and recruiting new ones, Manufacturing firms in Enugu should rather invest intraining and development of their experiencedstaff. This will help them to reduce the cost of frequent recruitment and selection.

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