The Application Of Statistical Quality Control Techniques In Industry (A Case Study Of 7-Up Bottling Company Plc, Aba)

Project and Seminar Material for Mathematics and Statistics

Project and Seminar Material for Mathematics and Statistics


The level of technical effort devoted to quality control in the industries in Nigeria is quite low, very few firms carry out two control measures in production that is, measurement by which risk international specification of ensuring that the product conforms to the specification.

It was done by taking a sample rejecting the null hypothesis. Today, this is beginning to change in some industry like bottling companies, the research project looked into the taste of a particular 7up bottling company product to find out if there is significant different in taste and sugar mixing irrespective of different location.

The related work done on this project provided some vivid point that can determine impressive bottling company performance, good quality control lab and protection of workers to avoid hazard in the industry. Among the major findings were the uses of statistical quality control in the industry.

The statistical control in industry whether there is significant difference in taste and brix (sugar) mixing. The data was obtained from the quality control department and 7up bottling company production -manual volume one and the data was analyzed using quality control charts.

Table Of Content

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of content

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Historical background
  • 1.2 Statement of problem
  • 1.3 The significant if study
  • 1.4 Aims and objective
  • 1.5 The scope of study and limitation
  • 1.6 Limitation of study
  • 1.7 Research questions
  • 1.8 Statement of hypothesis
  • 1.9 Definition of terms

Chapter Two

2.0 Introduction

  • 2.1 Literature Review

Chapter Three

3.0 Methodology

  • 3.1 data presentation
  • 3.2 method of data collection
  • 3.3 scope and limitation of the study
  • 3.4 Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

4.0 Data analysis and interpretation

  • 4.1 Analysis 1 or Appendix 1
  • 4.2 Analysis

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Findings, Conclusion and recommendation

  • 5.1 Summary findings
  • 5.2 Conclusions
  • 5.3 Recommendations
  • Reference

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Historical Background Of 7Up Bottling Company

The company started bottling beverage in 1926. At about 1948, Mr. Abraham I; a Muslim met with some Hebrews who has franchise or right to bottle 7up, there after the chance to produce the product was bottled in Nigeria on 1st October 1960 (Independence day). It is a Multiplan entity comprising of Nine plant in Nigeria located at Ikeja, Abuja with it’s administrative head quarters located at IJORA Lagos.

However, the Abuja plant was founded in 1989. brand of product: 7up bottling company bottle has following drinks.

  • 7up
  • Soda
  • Team
  • Mirinda orange
  • Pepsi
  • Mirinda soda
  • Mountain dew e.t.c.
  1. The General Manager
  2. Departmental head
  3. Production manager
  1. Account department
  2. Inventory
  3. Marketing department
  4. Sales Manager
  5. Sales officers
  6. Sales supervisors
  7. Sales men and sales assistance.
Quality Control Department
  1. Water treatment sector
  2. Carbon dioxide
  3. Syrup room
  4. Boiler room
  5. Laboratory
  6. Line (production hall)

The seven up bottling company have quality control programmes focused on four view areas of plant operation.

Production Line Testing:

to ensure that the Individual limits such as the bottle washer, Mix processor, carbonator, fullers, cooling system are working efficiently and that the syrups, carbon dioxide and water are being proportional erectly.

Water Testing:

To ensure that the water treatment equipment is operating correctly.

Testing Of Ingredient:

Modification of chemical and packaging materials are received to conform Quality.

The Uses Of Statistics In Industry
Decision Making:

The science of statistics deals with making decision based on observed data in the face of uncertainties, the scientific study and industrial work.

In Management:

Scientific management is basically management on the basis of precise numerical Information without using statistical aid, such Interpretative fail to use one of the major tool for efficient management the complementariness of modern Industrial production and management makes it compulsory that management will be furnished with statistical data as raw material labour sales e.t.c.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

  1. High or low carbon dioxide, gas pressure, Inaccurate Instrument for measuring the quality of drinks, lack of carbon dioxide gas, Improper Adjustment of control leakage and line freezing caused by Improper heating.
  2. High Water Temperature: This Include refrigerator equipment not working properly or other coolant failure to draw cooler water storage tank, carbonator and filler bowl after machine has been in operation for a long period of time.
  3. Dirty Bollting: the effect of Mixing value and water not properly treated air in syrup in or in carbonated water.

1.3 The Significance Of Study

  1. The researcher report will go a long in giving the production department of 7up bottling company necessary (line production hall) guide line maintaining standard will also reach out to review the cause of Inequality process in the Industries
  2. It will help the quality control manager to adopt a suitable solution in a production process.
  3. It protect consumers from accepting a product containing high number of detective.
  4. It will encourage the producer to keep the process in control and full Information about the quality of the goods being produced.

1.4 Aims And Objectives

The purpose of the study of is to determine and identify if there has been significant difference in taste of manufactured product and also to protect producer from having their product containing low number of detective.

1.5 The Scope Of Study And Limitations

This work hopes to cover the following arrears.

  1. To ensure that finished product suit or meet required standard.
  2. To check if the processing system and production line.
  3. To present the consumer with a product that is consistently within standards.
  4. To cover a coordinated programme combining the efforts of the various group quality development such as improvement, quality maintenance e.t.c
  5. To cover an area of quality control programme focus on area of plant operations.

1.6 Limitation

Lack Of Finance:

There was not enough money to finance This work. I find it Very difficult to get through to finance my reports, since it involves gathering information from different sources.

Time Constraint:

There was limited time togather information for this work, due to other academic Responsibilities.

Unavailability Of Materials:

this was a major limitation I encountered in the course of this work, I find it very difficult and fasting to get book materials and make it accurate.

1.7 Research Questions

The research questions gathered in this work includes

  1. What are the reasons of studying a particular case known as quality control of 7up company Aba?
  2. What are the major problems in quality control as to 7up bottling company as a case study
  3. Who is to blame for any problem found in quality control processor?

1.8 Statement Of The Hypothesis

Ho: there is no significant difference in taste and mixing irrespective of different locations.

1.9 Definition Of Terms

From this work, I am to deduce the following terms

1. Statistical Quality Control:

Is defined as an organized system for integrating (co_ordinating) quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement effort of the various groups in an organization to enable production of goods and services at the most economical level which allow full customers satisfaction.

2. Process Control:

Is any employment of material machines and man for the purpose of production. It is an organized procedure for ensuring the desired quality of man, machine and machine operators, spare parts materials and assemblies of various stages of industrial ride.

3. Production Control:

it is the act of observing different attributes of quality specification of a product with the aim of ensuring that the product conforms to specifications.

4. Action Limit:

these are the limits that tell us that the product will soon be out of control. These are the upper control limit or lower control limit, but the product in these limits is in control except if they passes the limits.

5. Warning Limit:

These are the limits that tell the controller that the product will soon enter action limit, the warning limits are upper warning limit and lower warning limit.

Chapter Five

5.0 Findings, Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation

5.1 Findings

The following evidence is valid given to the researcher:

  • The means and ranges of the four samples are within the LCL and UCL, which is limit therefore the production process is under statistical control.
  • There was no significant difference in the taste and mixing of the products, giving the participants from different locations.

5.2 Summary

The researcher has succeeded in suing statistical quality control techniques (SQC) in analyzing the production process of bottling company, Aba plant.

As an analytical tool, control chart was showing usual display of the sampled lot showing the LCL and the UCL.

Also another analytical tool called Anova was used as a parametric test of partition. The total deviation and test for the significant difference among the product taste and mixing score of different locations.

5.3 Conclusion

In view of the solution preferred through this work, the researcher hence says in a nutshell that there is no difference in taste and mixing score of 7up products of various participants. Also the company experienced positive responses to the purchasing of their products due to the fact that their production process is in control.

Also after due consideration, the researcher has been able to conclude that the use of statistical quality control has enhance improvement in industrial sector by enabling the products to conform to specification irrespective of different location.

Finally, the role of statistical quality control in industry made it useful in keeping of all systematic records of quality development and measure of variation in the product quality and the application of theorem of r sampling for the establishment of quality control limit.

5.4 Recommendation

The researcher therefore, recommends the use of Anova in identifying if there is significant difference in taste and sugar mixing irrespective of different location because the researcher discovered that in 7up bottling company plc Aba, they only use quality control chart in presenting and analyzing laboratory result which is not enough because it will only tell if the product conform to the norms or not. Also with the aid of this research work carried out in their research and development centre to improve the product quality of the drinks has being successful.

The researcher also recommend that consumers of product should feel free to buy product because in the research, here found out with the use of analysis of variance and others that there is no significant difference in taste and mixing irrespective of different locations.

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