Application Of Marketing Concept In Service Industry

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Application Of Marketing Concept In Service Industry


This study focused on application of marketing concept in service industry (a case study of snow- whit lawn dry and dry cleaning services.

  • To carry out he research work some of the find out the problem faced by the from in marketing their service.
  • To ascertain the possibility of applying the marketing concept in service marketing.
  • To recommend efficient and effective ways of marketing lawn dry and dry cleaning service.
  • Four hypothesis were formulated data were sourced using questionnaire.

Extensive literature review on past work text books, on the area of study were carried out. Top man‘s formula was used to determine the sample size of the customer while a census of the staff was carried out.

The data collected were presented on statistical table analysed and interpreted while chi- square. Based on the analysis the following finding is lack of proper integration that there is lack of proper integration of the marketing concept in the firm.

That most customers chose their cleaning firm because of their service efficiency and I prompt delivery rather than n location.

The firm’s in ability to meet customer’s service needs / requirements through adequate provision of enough collection centre and patrol vans is contributory to customers use of direct visit to firm approach. It therefore deports tack of well panned and good distribution service

Conclusively, this has shown enough that there exist adequate demand for law dry and dry cleaning service which is capable of sustaining cleaning firms and enhancing their growth, his latent demand can only be stimulated into effective demand by the use of appropriate marketing and management strategies.

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Study

The marketing concept is an important management philosophy used in the operation of business today. But before this other business philosophiser such as the production and selling concepts. However with the change of circumstances and prefiguring competition in the business world the marketing concept emerged and came into focus.

As competition between business geared up, it become imperative to turn attention to customers needs and wants. The marketing concept arose to change all other previous concepts. The marketing concept holds than that the key to achieving hunting the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than, competitors.

The; marketing concept is a management philosophy orientation or frame of mind which the marketer work with it is based on a marketing focus, customer orientation co-ordinated marketer works with it is based on ;a market works with orientation co-ordinated marketing and profitability (kotter 1997: 19-23)

Marketing have argent that the marketing concept is the appropriate philosophy for conducting business simply stated he marketing concepts suggest that an organization should satisfy consumer needs and wants in order to make project to implement the marketing concept organizations must understand their consumers and stay close to them to provide service that consumers will purchase and use appropriately (peter and solemn 1996:6)

From what is being seen an real today’s in the society not all business organisation adopt the marketing concept for example, midst of scarcity the customer is not the king. Rather it is the seller that is the king most companies do not relay group or embrace the marketing concept unit they are driven to it by circumstance like sales growth, changing of buying increase in market expenditure there is now force competition in the foundry and dry cleaning service industry in Nigeria.

Fewed with competition it becomes imperative to engage in sustained and appropriate marketing strategy. So laund and dry cleaning service in Nigeria today appreciate the need for marketing their service because they know they cannot survive without using marketing strategies, untaken before when most laundry same did not consider marketing as being necessary department which plan their marketing strategies, customer satisfaction has become he focus of laundry and dry cleaning operations.

Customers are complain that they are not satisfied with the service of there Landry and dry cleaning firms they do not show that they are practising the marketing concept on attaching importance to customer satisfaction with straight comic Landry marketing concept for improved performance.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

For many years, the marketing concept has not been firms in Nigeria especially in the Landry and dry cleaning. Service firms that accentual the marketing concept required that organisation to change it’s marketing concept as a marketing text rather than something in which the entire organisation has been involved.

There is poor implementation of the marketing concept in Nigeria . most consumers of dry cleaning service are not actually satisfied. There has been a lot of complaints ranger from those o in efficiency favouritism , unfriendly attitude of workers considering now whit Landry and dry claming service in Enugu metro is could we say that these criticism and complements are justified? Ha laundry and dry cleaning service failed to implement the marketing concepts? Are customers dissatisfied from there laundry and dry cleaning service these question and other are focus of this study.

1.3 Objective Of The Study

The major objectives of the study is to ascertain if adopt the marketing concept or marketing management philosophy as a corporate policy and whether this concept is being implemented according by laundry personnel
more specifically, the objective f the study includes

  1. To find out if customers of snow white laundry and cleaning service are satisfied with quality of service they receives.
  2. To ascertain if he service behaviour of snow white laundry and dry leaning service is in consonance with the requirements of the marketing concepts
  3. To find if laundry and dry cleaning service gives adequate tanning and instruction to heir staff on the importance and mechanism for implementing the marketing concept.
  4. To find out customers get their washed clothing on time.
  5. To ascertain if the environments of the laundry and dry cleaning service are comfortable and conclusive for customers service and transactions
  6. To determine if customer’s complaints and problem are adequately and effectively addressed.

1.4 Hypothesis Formulation

The following hypothesis were formulatal to give focus this study

  1. Ho laundry and dry cleaning service not consider the needs of their customers in their marketing act unties
    HI snow white laundry an dry cleaning service not consider the needs of their customers in their marketing activities
  2. Ho customers are not satisfied with the marketing activities of snow – white laundry and dry cleaning services.
    Hi customers are satisfied with the marketing activities of snow – white laundry and dry cleaning services.
  3. Ho snow- white laundry and dry cleaning service listen to the complain of their customer
    Hi snow white laundry and dry cleaning service listen to the complain of their customer
  4. Ho snow – white laundry and dry cleaning service practice of marketing concept impacts negatively on the customers patronage
    Hi snow – white laundry and dry cleaning service practice of marketing concept impacts positive
    on the customers patronage

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The most critical factor in satisfaction laundry and dry cleaning service performance is going satisfied to its customers.

This is especially the in recent times where many laundry and dry cleaning service are now operating in the country and competing for customer’s patronage, and here in Enugu state we how many of such laundry and dry cleaning service.

The battle to win customers patronage, survive and grow is predicated in the ability to give the expected or required satisfaction to customers this is why thus study is very crucial and dry cleaning services would know where it actually stand in its ability to give quality and satisfactory service to its customers and then tactical policies to adopt.

A above all, this study will also be of beneficial both the researcher and he reach, as the study will promote an in depth knowledge and understanding in the area which could stir up further study.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

This study is restricted is restricted to Enugu metropolis and surveyed the customers an personnel of the raw dry and dry cleaning services.

The study is focused to determine weather the laundry and dry cleaning service has adopt and are implementing the marketing concept and extent to which the laundry and dry cleaning service is giving satisfactory service to customers.

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