An Analysis Of The Causes Of Poor Performance In Business Studies In Nigeria Junior Secondary School

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An Analysis Of The Causes Of Poor Performance In Business Studies In Nigeria Junior Secondary School


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Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

During the colonial era education was mostly in the hands of the missionaries who introduced a type of education known as the Latin grammar. The grammar schools offer very little subject based on the types on curriculum specified by colonial masters and by the agency establishing them, which is the introduction of their educational system and also incorporate into their ideas and opinions.

The main objectives of the missionaries were to train men and women for the church as a religions teacher, interpreters to the audience and government as well as to produce those who can read and write so that they can be employed as office clerk, the interpreting the build and the laws of the land and services as interpreter between the foreigners and the natives.

Generally, the content of the grammar schools curriculum consist of Latin, English, history, geography, mathematics. Literature, biology e.t.c with the development of their (colonial masters) economy, there came the need for introduction of commercial or business studies subjects, but instead of widening the scope of grammar school curriculum to include a wide range of business studies subject, the colonial government created two curriculums which are secondary grammar school and the secondary commercial schools.

The secondary grammar schools have no problem of organization because the colonial government financed them roam catholic mission Anglican and the Baptist each propagating their own ideas and the philosophies. The commercial secondary schools were left for the private hands and this did not anger well for the development of the school in Nigeria. However, the Nigerian government introduced the new national policy on education in 1981. A major provision of this policy was the teaching of business studies at the junior secondary school level with emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills, values and knowledge that would enable individuals to live a meaningful life in he society one the reasons for the emphasis laid on business studies is the fact that it is a skilled subjects with would equip its graduates with the needed skills for gainful employment

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

It is true that the teaching of business studies subjects in Nigeria secondary schools. However, the main aim of this researcher is to investigate the causes of poor performance in business studies and also to suggest reasonably answers to such problems as;

  1. How effective is the teaching method teaching facilities and instructional material.
  2. Are there well equipped laboratories for learning type writer and short hand?
  3. Are there qualified teachers handing the subject.
  4. In what way is the government contributing to the causes of poor performance studies in junior secondary certificate examination.
  5. Is there guidance/counseling aids for the students?

Even if they terminate their formal education at the junior secondary school level one basic instrument for the achievement of business studies is the total activity which is planned organized and the evaluated in order to prepare youths to meet the technical and economical of a complex society.

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

In this study, the purpose will be to examine the causes of poor performance in junior secondary school students in business students in business studies and to suggest solutions by using selected junior secondary schools in Benin City, Benin metropolis of Edo state the purpose will there includes.

1.4 Significance Of The Study

This type of study is too significantly at this period of technological advancement, it will be very useful to the educational authorities in Benin metropolis in Nigeria in general.

The causes identified will be useful to the curriculum developers to know the areas in which emphasis should be laid in Benin to yield better result in future.

Infact, it will be equally helpful to the examiners who not only shall modify their style of questions but will also be careful of these factors.

Finally, it is helped that recommendation and suggestion and suggestions made in the study will be considered by the appropriate authority and will help in reducing poor performance in business studies subject.

1.5 Scope Of The Study

  1. The study covers public secondary schools in Benin metropolis of Edo state.
  2. To provide orientation and basic skills which to start a life for those who not have the opportunities to undergo further training.
  3. To enable the students develop the basic skill in office work.
  4. To provide skills for personate use in future.
  5. To relate the knowledge and skills to the national economy.

The researcher aggress with the aims stated above for any education that prepare students for future training and basic skills with which to start up with reliant, with the near national policy on educational emphasis

1.6 Definition Of Terms

Trained Teachers:

Teachers that studies education as a part on whole of their course before they got their certificate e.g. N.C.E, T.C II, B.ED e.t.c.

Untrained Teacher:

Teachers who did not study education as a part or whole of their course Benin getting the certificate they use in teaching e.g. B, sc, HND, OND e.t.c.

Qualified Teachers:

Is a person or teachers that have been field of teaching for particular subject for same years.

Experienced Teachers:

Is a person or teacher that has been in the field of teaching for a particular subject for some years.

Adequate Facilities:

Adequate in this context is fully satisfactory, condition, which could be measured, in the quantitative terms, these facilities include libraries, classroom, and teacher aids (visual and audio visual).

Instructional Materials:

Include equipments like the typewriter system and necessary textbooks for teaching of business studies.

Business Studies:

This will be used in their inter changeably with business education or business study throughout this study means commercial subject offered under groups seven of west African examination council (WAEC) syllabus 1985. it is defined as the total activity which is planned, organized for youths to meet the technical and commercial of act complex society.

Typing pool:

A special room in the school was type writers are kept for day to day work for two or more typist

  • To explain the values of business studies subjects to the country.
  • To pin point some vital problems associated with the poor performance of students in business studies subjects.

An Analysis Of The Causes Of Poor Performance In Business Studies In Nigeria Junior Secondary School

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