Adult Education Programmes As A Strategy For Poverty Alleviation

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Adult Education Programmes As A Strategy For Poverty Alleviation


This study was aimed at investigating poverty alleviation strategies through the use of adult education programmes in Ughelli North L.G.A. of Delta State. In this regard, the study sought to find out if adult education poverty alleviation programmes have impacted positively on the community dwellers. The population of the study is the youths and adults participating in adult education poverty alleviation programmes.

Findings of the study revealed that tailoring, hair dressing, barbing, catering are popular in Ughelli as poverty alleviation strategies. The study also revealed that there is no relationship between perception of adult education and impact of poverty alleviation programmes. The study sample was made up of one hundred and sixty participants.

The questionnaire was used for collecting relevant data, while analysis of data collected involves using descriptive statistics comprising of frequency count, simple percentage and mean score analyses. Based on the findings, it was therefore recommended that adult education programmes should be given recognition by creating more awareness on the location of the centre. Due to its inherent benefit to the people, adult education programmes should be sustained.

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Problem

Adult education refers to all education that takes place outside the formal constraints of formal schooling. It is for people who are biologically (at least fifteen years of age) and socially (can take responsibilities in the family or in the community) recognized as adult. Such a people may have missed the opportunity for initial education while they were young and, this reason, need some form of compensation, they may need to extend their knowledge or learn a trade, a recreational or leisure time activity or just required more knowledge for its own sake (Indabawa and mpofu 2006 : 82).

Some of the programmes offered through adult education are integrated community based adult education (ICBAE), complementary basic education in Nigeria, open and distance learning (ODL), agriculture extension programme which assist women engaged in farming and other agricultural work who can benefit from new ideas, information, innovations, techniques and equipments. Functional literacy programme which provide an opportunity for the acquisition of the skills of reading, writing and numeracy at basic levels (3Rs), in a particular language, local or foreign. This basic literacy is delivered within six to nine months (Indabawa 2006:83).

Supporting to this idea, Mushi (2009) viewed functional literacy as seen by the government as having a socio- economic and political impact, particularly in rural areas where agricultural production was considered essential for liberation of people from constraints. Also adult education offers computer programme which assist people to interact with others through internet and modern cell phone. This enables people to be empowered as a means of connecting and sharing information.

Education for a large number of people in rural areas is crucial for achieving sustainable development (UNESCO, 2002). As the majority of the world’s poor illiterate and undernourished live in rural areas, it is a major challenge to ensure their access to quality education.

The lack of learning opportunities is both a cause and an effect of rural poverty. Hence education and training strategies need to be integrated within all aspects of sustainable rural development through plans of action that are interdisciplinary (Gomes and Camera 2004).

1.2 Statement of the Problems

In an attempt to tackle the problem of poverty in Delta State, succeeding government has established various poverty alleviation programmes that set out specific objectives to be achieved as mentioned. However, the level of poverty in Delta State with specific reference to Ughelli north Local Government Area shows that, the government poverty alleviation programmes have not fully achieved the set objectives. To improve the situation, education, especially adult education have been identified as one of the tools capable of improving the level of achievement of the objectives of government poverty alleviation programme in Delta State. This work has expose how far adult Education has impacted the achievement of objective of Government poverty alleviation programmes in Delta State.

1.3 Research Objectives

  1. To Identify programmes of adult education designed for poverty alleviation in Ughelli north Local Government Areas of Delta State.
  2. To determine the extent adult education has provided skill training for the achievement of the objectives of government poverty alleviation programmes in Ughelli north Local Government Areas in DeltaState.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. What are the programmes of adult education designed for poverty alleviation in Ughelli north Local Government Areas of Delta State.
  2. Determine the extent which adult education has provided skill training for the achievement of the objectives of government poverty alleviation programmes in Ughelli north Local Government Areas in DeltaState?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

Significance of the study is when the researcher points out the solutions to the problem or the answer to the question that can or will influence educational theory or practice (Omari, 2011). This study is beneficial to the field of research and other researchers. It will be a point of reference on studies concerning adult education and poverty alleviation. The study also enlightened the importance of people attending education through adult education programmes in various distance learning mode of delivery, for which those who cannot attend regular classes can be handled. Moreover, the study had put the importance of establishment of adult learning institutions in marginalized parts of the country as there are high illiteracy rates in those areas.

1.6 Delimitation Of The Study

The research took place only at Ughelli north L.G.A. Delta state, in which the sample of sixty four (64) target population involved.

1.7 Limitations Of The Study

Limitation means lack of abilities or strength that control what a person or researcher can table to do. In this study, the researcher encounter the constraints emanated from research methods, research design, samples and sampling strategies, uncontrolled variables, faulty instrumentations, and other compromises to internal and external validity (Omari, 2011). The following are the limitations faced by the researcher during the data collection;

The researcher encountered problem since Ughelli L.G.A. is located at the remote area, this makes it difficult to reach within a short time. The climatic condition was unfavourable since the researcher collected data during the wet season whereby farmers participate in agricultural activities, this hinders researcher to collect data in a simple way since farmers who were respondents came back home at late hours (evening).

Therefore the data were collected at the late hours although the respondents were tired but they assisted to respond to questions asked. During the data collection process some respondents were not cooperative, for instance some questionnaires given to respondents did not returned to the researcher. The same to the village education officer who was busy to be interviewed and directed researcher to see the district adult education officer for more information about the issue of adult education programme.

Chapter Five

Conclusions And Recommendations

5.1 Recommendations

Based on the findings the following recommendations were made:

Adults should be properly oriented with the functionality and benefits of adult education programmes towards the achievement of objectives of government poverty alleviation programmes in Imo State, this will positively enhance their attitudes towards participation in adult education programmes.

Agencies for adult education should be well equipped in the planning, implementation, and coordination of adult education programmes with the necessary materials needed to achieve the desired results in the achievement of objectives of government poverty alleviation programmes in Imo State.

Organizers of poverty alleviation programme in Imo State need to integrate their programmes into the activities of agency in adult education as these will enable adults to understand the objectives of government poverty alleviation in the State.

Beneficiaries of Imo State poverty alleviation programmes should endeavour to participate in community development programmes to showcase the basic skills for development acquired towards achievement of objectives of government poverty alleviation in Imo State.

Agencies of Government in Imo State should endeavour to work together as a team as these efforts will enhance achievement of objective of government poverty alleviation programmes in the State.

5.2 Conclusions

Based on the findings of this study, it was concluded that poorattitudes of adults to adult education programmes is a hindrance to usage of adult education as a tool for poverty alleviation.

Planning, implementation and coordination of adult education programmes lacks focus on government poverty alleviation programme.

The government to ensure that there are enough budgets to pay honoraria facilitators of adult education programme.

Also government to construct farms in Ughelli so as to ensure availability of water and retain Ughelli tribe from moving one place to another looking for pasture and water, this will make ease provision of adult education programme for them.

To educate community members on how to get Loans from financial institution by using their own resources like land.

Facilitators of adult education programme to set time table for teaching adult education programme which do not contradict with family responsibilities or activities.

Furthermore, the education facilitators of adult education programmes should provide relevant skills to women basing on the environment they live like agricultural skills, fish processing. This could help them be active in various economic activities to their entire environment.

Adult Education Programmes As A Strategy For Poverty Alleviation

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