The Accountability In Agricultural Sector (A Case Study Of Kwara State Agricultural Development Project)

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The Accountability In Agricultural Sector (A Case Study Of Kwara State Agricultural Development Project)

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Government accounting is the process of recording, analyzing, summarizing, communicating and interpreting financial information about government I aggregate and in detail, reflecting all transaction the receipt, transfer and disposition of government funds and property.

This effect is as laid down in the Audit ordinance 1956 and the financial control and management ordinance of 1958. The provisions of these two ordinances have been integrated and additional provisions were made in the constitution of federation of Nigerian (1963).
The purpose of the project however is to determine effectiveness and the appropriateness of the accounting in government establishment in order to support its continued use and hence modify it system as necessary.
To this effect, the accounting system of a typical government establishment (in this case Kwara Agricultural Development Project, Ilorin) has been analyzed in full, for a long period now, less attention has been paid to the government accounting system which makes it almost impossible to notice defects. The study will be a sort of X-ray on the government accounting system so as to notice any deflection from the provision of the ordinance, as well as suggest reasonable improvements on the existing system.

1.2 Problem Of The Study

The devastating nature of the Agricultural sector of the economy was as a result of over dependent on income from crude oil by the government (i.e. mono product economy) which has caused a lot of damage to the economy of the country.

In view of the above plight, the researcher had embarked on this research work to find a dependable solution to the following problems.

  1. Increase in unemployment rate in the country as a result of agricultural sector neglected.
  2. Lack of Accountability and transparency in the disbursement of funds to the Agricultural sector of the economy.
  3. Less attention given to Agricultural sector cause an increase in poverty.
  4. Poor infrastructural facilities as a constraint to the Agricultural development.
  5. Increase in food crises in the country as a result of the Agricultural sector neglected

1.3 Aims and Objectives

The aims of this write up are of five fold or aspects which are:-

  1. To highlight the importance of accounting system in agricultural development.
  2. To emphasis on accounting obligation expected to every government accounting officers and their subordinates.
  3. To appraise the government accounting system in general and that of Agricultural Development projects in particular (A.D.P)
  4. To analysis the problem associated with Agricultural Development project in relation to Accountability and transparency.
  5. To expanciate on the problems enumerated above.

1.4 Research Methodology

The method adopted in conducting this research on “Accounting system” was through personal interview and company records. The research focused on planning section, capital budget section on main finance department.


Interview is a process of asking questions and demanding immediate answers to each question through personal contract system.

Interview method adopted as the foundation for collecting vital information is the purpose of the study, some of the officials in charge of budget preparation in the organization were interviewed as well as the senior officers in some departments.

Personal Observation

Personal observation was involved during this research work. This involves spending some time with the source officer to observe how accounts are being prepared. Also, some documents like Kwara State Agricultural finance system for the year were also examined.

Textbooks / Publications

Books containing information were used with others as subject matter. During the course of this study pieces of information were gathered form books on accounting system, views of different authors were also taken into consideration.

1.5 Organisation of the Study

The study is divided into five chapters and each chapter is subdivided into some parts.

Chapter one contains the introduction, Aims and Objectives, scope and limitation of the study, Research methodology and finally the organization of the study.

Chapter two also contain or reveal all the associated literature while chapter three contains all the data presentation and analysis. While chapter four is purely the methodology research

Finally, chapter four which is the last chapter entails the summary, conclusion and Recommendation.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1. Summary

In the last two chapters, attempts have been made to discuss the accounting system and accounting as practical in KWADP being the basis of the research.

As a summary, the write up has appraised the historical background to Kwara Agricultural Development project, its function documents and records, basis of payment of salaries and allowances and also the weakness of the study.
However, this chapter is designed to necessary recommendation so as to attain the objective of the research.

5.2. Conclusion

No doubt, the assertion held that the urge and opt for ever improving sophisticated budgetary of information system can never be consummated.

In spite of the weakness of the establishment, the accounting project could be said to be okay and with simple modification, the accounting system of the establishing will be sound. The problem with the accounting system of the establishment is not peculiar to Kwara agricultural development project along, infact still remains the government accounting is still developing in this country with the free attitude of access into the preparation to the staff salaries and still make the payment to the staff with little or no supervision and dedication to work. Government accounting is bound to experience reaped development.

In conclusion therefore, accounting system in WKADP year for government to enhance its effectiveness and efficiency and no amount of effort is ever considered prodigious

5.3. Recommendation

It has been concluded that the account system of kwara agricultural development project can still be improved upon, and there is no amount of effort in that direction that is conceded prodigious, the following measures may be taking by the establishment.

  1. It was noted that most of the time when external auditors come to audit the account of the establishment; they perform both the preparation of the financial statement (final account) as well as the auditing of the books. The formal did as a result of non preparation of financial statement by the finance department. To this end, a chartered accountant should be employed to head the financial account department so as to put his professional touch especially in the area of preparation of final account and introducing effective control.
  2. The establishment should rotate the accounting staff especially dose in the salary section. Effort should also be made towards ensuring that the same officers who prepare salaries do not make the payment.
  3. Enough staff should be employed I the internal audit section of the department and also enough facilities especially motor vehicle should be provided when needed for audit tours to the out stations. The staff should also be trained in such away to resist any temptation of being influenced in their audit work.
  4. Computer system (in line with the company’s strength) may introduce to the account department and some other major department.

Finally, as we leave in a dynamic word, there is the need for continuous view of the accounting system of the company. In this light therefore, it is suggested that a review procedure institutionalized into the company’s accounting system, in which case internal auditing may be appropriate.

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